Nationality of the targets in WoA

All coming from target intel. Can’t promise they are all correct.
Just do it for fun
Only the original one counts. The old moneys are very likely to have a US or UK nationality afterwarz… that do no count.

Kalvin Ritter: Barbadian (Rumor)
Jasper Knight: American
Viktor Novikov: Russian
Dalia Margolis: Israel
Silvio Caruso: Italian
Francesca De Santis: Italian
Reza Zaydan: Marrakech
Claus Hugo Strandberg: Swedish
Jordan Cross: American
Ken Morgan: American
Sean Rose: Australian
Maya Parvati: Sri Lankan
Ezra Burg: Israel
Penelope Graves: not mentioned in the intel. FANDOM says she’s British but don’t know what’s the clue
Erich Soders: not mentioned in the intel. FANDOM says he’s Danish but blabla
Yuki Yamazaki: Japanese
Alma Reynard: Spanish
Serria Knox: American
Robert Knox: American
Rico Delgado: Colombian
Jorge Franco: Chilean
Andrea Martinez: Chilean
Wazir Kale: Indian
Vanya Shah: Indian
Dawood Rangan: Indian
Janus: Soviet(formerly), Russian
Nolan Cassidy: American
Zoe Washington: American
Sophia Washington: American
Athena Savalas: not mentioned in the intel. probably British as a bank client mentioned that she studied in Britain
Tyson Williams: American
Steven Bradley: American
Ljudmila Vetrova: Russian-British
Carl Ingram: American
Marcus Stuyvesant: Dutch/German
Alexa Carlisle: British
Hush: Khandanyangan
Imogen Royce: not mentioned in the intel. probably British as she once worked in Hong Kong
Don Archibald Yates: American
Tamara Vidal: German/Argentine
Arthur Edwarz: Unknown, because he hid his identity well. probably British as his earliest traceable info is in London.


Hmm, beat me to it. Been meaning to do a thread on this topic (for all the targets, bonus missions and ETs included) since Christmas, even have the template ready, but real life duties got in the way and I kinda lost the enthusiasm to post it…

Don´t think it´s a rumour. It´s explicitly said he was Barbadian.

Marrakesh is a city. The nationality is Moroccan.

He´s British.

Her accent and bio (Cambridge graduate, worked at Metropolitan Police Service, aka London PD).

The ´Russian´ is uncertain, though probable…

Accent suggests British, name is Greek, so either her family is of Greek origin or she was born there.

British (sounding) name, British accent, implied to be the daughter of a (most likely) British diplomat in HK.


yeah I forgot it. :rofl:

The target intel said he is a New-Yorker born in Britain, so I thought he might be American.

Cambridge is such a famous and excellent college that people from all over the world could go and study there. And accent… I don’t think accent is reliable in this game, because it’s a “Everyone speak English” world, which is surely not realistic… And I’m not a native to English. I’m from the east exactly. So I’m not so sensitive to accents… :rofl:

Oh I remembered that, Janus didn’t go through the collapse of Soviet. He betrayed before 1991… So hard to tell he is a Russian citizen or not.

So, expert. Have any idea why Soders is said to be a Danish?
And can’t wait to see your version of the nationality status :yum:

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Nah, he just resides/work there, but like the info says, born British (and voiced with a British accent, albeit by an American VA). Also, it´s implied he´s a big football fan, so… :grin:

Oh, sure, this trilogy is complicated when it comes to fitting accents :grin: But Graves is one of the cases where it´s simple and fitting. Her VA is British (same one who voices Vetrova and Royce among others), the accent is British, but it´s the Metro PD info that confirms it. You´re right about Cambridge of course, that´s just a bonus clue :wink:

Oh actually that´s not what I meant. What I meant was that it´s stated in his bio that his origins are a mystery, with known rumours pointing towards Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine. So it´s unknown which of the former Soviet republics to associate him with :grimacing:

I have no bloody clue :joy: Soders is a mystery which I was hoping the forum could help me solve. Like you mention, the wiki says Danish, but I have absolutely no idea what that is supposed to be based on. I think originally it said German-American, and I even bumped into some fandom entry saying South African. His name certainly sounds/is Germanic, but whether it fits a particular country… :man_shrugging: Need more input from other people.

Well now I´m especially lazy to do a duplicate thread :joy:

Then why not just add some details in this one :joy:
As you see, I didn’t make many research. What I did is just read the target intel and search it on FANDOM :joy: And as non-native I’m not good at judging by accents or names.
According to that “bloody”, I suppose you’re British? :rofl: Might not be correct. But this could be a way to tell one’s nationality, which I don’t handle well enough…

Scott Sarno: French
Gary Lunn: Canadian
Walter Menard: German
John Stubbs: British
Patrick Morgan: American
Taheiji Koyama: Japanese
Dino Bosco: Italian
Kong Tuo-Kwang: Chinese
Matthieu Mendola: French
Marco Abiatti: Italian
Harry “Smokey” Bagnato: American
Marv “Slick” Gonif: American
Dmitri Fedorov: Russian
Oybek Nabazov: Uzbek
Sister Yulduz: Uzbek
Craig Black: British
Brother Akram: Uzbek (supposedly, since he knew Nabazov a long time)
Bradley Paine: British
Owen Cage: British
Klaus Liebleid: German or Chinese (German name, Chinese appearance and worked in Shanghai)
Blair Reddington: American
Basil Carnaby: British, or possibly Indian
Ajit “AJ” Krish: Indian
Galen Vholes: American
Dorian Lang: British
Guillaume Maison: French
Doris Lee: American
Lhom Kwai: Khandangyangan
Re Thak: Khandangyangan
Jin Noo: Khandangyangan
Roman Khabko: Ukrainian (according to rumour)
Vitaly Reznikov: Russian
Sergei Larin: French
Anthony L. Troutt: American
Jonathan Smythe: Unknown, probably American or British
Vito Đurić: Unknown, possibly Serbian
Dylan Narváez: Unknown, probably American and/or Spanish
Gary Busey: American, or most likely invincible robot man
Howard Moxon: British
Owen Wagner: Unknwon, probably American or British
Nila Torvik: Unknown, possibly Norwegian
Xander Haverfoek: Thai-Dutch
Brendan Conner: Unknown, probably American
Richard Ekwensi: ex-leader of unnamed fictional country possibly based on the Congo, or possibly French
Inez Ekwensi: Unknown fictional country, possibly based on the Congo
Gabriel Santos: Argentinian
Etta Davis: British
Richard J. Magee: American
Wen Ts’ai: Unknown Eastern country, possibly Chinese
Richard M. Foreman: American
Walter Williams: Unknown, probably British
Adeze Oijofor: Unknown, possibly South African
Pavel Frydel: Unknown, probably Polish
Akane Akenawa: Unknown, probably Japanese
Pertti Järnefelt: Finnish
Kieran Hudson: Unknown, probably Irish
Bartholomew Argus: Unknown, probably British
Ji-Hu: Unknown, possibly Khandangyangan
Philip Giggles: Unknown, probably French
Mark Faba: British
Vicente Murillo: Unknown, probably Bolivian
Miranda Jamison: British
Barbara Keating: British-New-Zealander
The Censor: Unknown, probably American
Jimmy Chen: Unknown, probably Hongkonger
Kody Haynes: British
Joanne Bayswater: British
Terrence Chesterfield: British
Philo Newcombe: Unknown, probably American
Jack Roe: American
Robert Burk: Unknown, probably British
Allison Moretta: Unknown, possibly Canadian
Sully “The Crusher” Bowden: American, and also possibly Irish


When one is from Israel they are called an Israeli.

I don’t know. I do all this by Google Translation :joy:

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I had no idea Alma Reynard was Spanish, the more you know.

Except for Guillaume Maison, the few french targets have names that don’t sound french. It’s funny.

Isn’t Dylan Narvèaz Chinese?

He lives in China, but no indication that he’s actually Chinese. Suppose he could be by blood, but was born abroad in country with predominantly Spanish language and so was given such a name, or perhaps one parent was Chinese and the other of some Hispanic heritage and so was given the name.

Honestly, since they were never mentioned by name and were simply acknowledged as twins, I thought he and Gonzalez were Silvio Caruso’s long-lost twin brothers, having become successful after leaving home. Then I learned that they already had them as cut ETs, so I dropped that theory.