Need For Speed Series

There are ways to make pursuits interesting without making them infuriatingly unrealistic. Roadblocks, oncoming rams, spike strips, EMPs, all of that can be used instead of a slow car suddenly having a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Plus, if I can actually afford a top car, I should be able to absolutely blow everyone else away and leave them in the dust.


Exactly, plus, the higher your speed, there’s also a trade-off of shorter reaction times, harder to take tight turns, and the many other challenges that come with maneuvering a high-speed car. There’s high chance you’ll run into someone or something eventually, making the cops catch-up.

Its really sucky when you see basic Crown Vic’s keep up with your supercar even at Heat 1 in NFSHeat


A new piece of info has been released. It’s a sneak peak of car customization!

Last Friday they also released two blogposts about game progression and pursuit system. The calendar-based progression, which also has aspects of day and night time racing from NFS: Heat is an interesting take, I think. If you haven’t seen them, go check them out!

So it seems like a pattern taking place, which is releasing a teaser of a certain aspect of the game on each Tuesday, then followed by full-on detailed articles on Friday.

Anyway, the star of today is probably the “Legendary Customs” versions of the cars. The Land Rover looking totally not like its stock counterpart shows how extreme it is. Then there’s also a first look of the Nissan Z Proto, as well as a bosozoku styled 240ZG. You can also check out A$AP Rocky’s Merc in 360 degree view here. More details of customization will arrive on Friday, so stay tuned for that! :smiley:


Damn this look super slick. Basically the wide kits from NFSU2, hopefully also not just one per car.


We got this trailer just now, featuring the Takeover event type, and more footage of the stylised characters in action. I still think it looks really cool.

The mode looks like a gauntlet that’s set-up so you can perform as many stunts as possible to chain them together, earning as many points as possible.

That reminds me A LOT of this old game called Stuntman: Ignition. Where you play as a movie studio stunt driver, and have to perform a bunch of vehicle stunts – and the only way to get 5 stars is to chain as many of them as you can in one go.


This is indeed a fresh take on the Takeover scene, which doesn’t usually involve that much of stunt driving in real life. But by the looks of it, it suits the game’s overall theme pretty well.

That does remind me of another game, Criterion’s own Burnout Paradise. It has a mode known as Stunt Run, which also requires players to chain as many stunts as possible. In order to keep the combo alive and earn high scores, crashes must be avoided too.

Oh and despite the lack of any proper length gameplay footage, I think I will get the Palace edition of the game. So I can play the game on Nov 29th while I am on vacation. Good news is, just like you, @TheChicken, I’ve captured my own unicorn too. So Unbound should be my first proper PS5 game. :sunglasses:


The latest drop is here. It’s about the game’s soundtracks list!

Besides A$AP Rocky himself, the game’s soundtracks do put a emphasis on hip hop songs around the world, which seemingly fits the illicit street racing scene. It’s pretty daring to solely focusing on one genre, which NFS: Heat was often blamed for. I’ve listened to a few and think some of the new songs aren’t that bad. Have a listen here, see if they’re up to your taste:

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I hate being down on a Need for Speed game, but it looks like turning the music off will be one of the first things I do when playing.

The actual game play still looks decent though. :slight_smile:


I know not a single artist of this list. :joy:

I have no Spotify rn to give it a listen, though I liked the Hiphop from the older NFS titles, maybe I am lucky? Though I will miss the more rocky or electronic songs.

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An official blogpost for Unbound’s multiplayer is here! The mode will have separate progression from singleplayer, and up to 16 players can join the same server. Crossplay will be there at launch as well.


Weird and a bit disappointed that Multiplayer is gonna be a seperate mode from Single Player stuff, and progression/vehicles between the two will not be shared, but I am very, very, very glad I did not see the words “Battle Pass” in there.

Also lol this is really unfortunate

  • At launch, Lakeshore Online Free Roam is set to Day time and does not change.
    • However, races in the Meetups’ Race Playlists will have variable weather and time of day.
  • There are no Pinkslip bets or Sidebets in Lakeshore Online at launch.
  • Cops will not be in Lakeshore Online at launch.
  • Takeovers are not present in Lakeshore Online at launch.

Like, it’ll be there one day (hopefully), but such key features of the single-player just won’t be in the other half of the game at launch? Oof

Sounds like this might be a great NFS title to get into. Now that I’m next-gen ready, it’s cool that I can get it – but ooooh games are expensive now, I’ll be waiting for a sale I’m not fully sold on this one.

NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered is on sale on my PS Store for around 5.50$! I already own it on Switch, but haven’t used it much, the stubby joysticks don’t feel very responsive for how fast the game plays. So I might get it due to that

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A PS3 game is not old! Stuntman: Ignition was great though, and the original game for the PS2, Stuntman, was also a great time, if very hard and required near perfect timing.

Please make another Burnout Criterion, I beg of you. Still, nice to see elements of Burnout still survive in these Need for Speed titles.


Haha :smile: well I meant “old” as in an earlier stage of my life, and also it came out 15 years ago!
I owned the game digitally as a PS2 title, the PS3 version wasn’t being sold when I got it.
In fact, I had no idea there was a HD PS3 version until I looked up that video. I was only aware of a lower-end PS2 ver. and a higher-fidelity Xbox 360 version!


And here we are! Just about a week away from the release of the game, we finally got a “rawer”, unedited gameplay footage, featuring 2 game modes: Speed Race and Street Race, A$AP Rocky’s Merc, and a little bit of Police chases!


By the way, notice that there are two bars of nitrous on the UI. It could be that one you can use at anytime for a small bit of boost, and the other one that you can use up full bottle at once to get some edge. That’s uh… pretty much something new and different from Heat, I suppose.

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I don’t think anyone posted it here, but there was a blog post just over a week ago that detailed what game modes there are and what to expect from the gameplay

In it you’ll find the explanation for the “Burst Nitrous Bar” a seperate bar to give you a small burst of speed, built-up by drafting and drifting I think?

Once the race has started, drafting behind the pack will help fill up that Burst Nitrous bar quickly - so get ready to smash on the gas and hit that Burst Nitrous to overtake, or use it as you enter a drift to blast you through the turn and get an edge on your competitors.


A$AP Rocky announcing a Takeover

Takeovers are unique events and they get you a nice payday or maybe even a new set of wheels - if you win. When you jump into a Takeover, you’re competing against the other racers’ scores - but it’s you all by yourself on the closed track. Takeover events are all about steez over speed, drifting through turns, crashing through barrels and barricades, and upping your multiplier while keeping your speed up to push your score higher to take home the win. The more destruction you cause, the more it adds up to your combo, and that matters when it comes to the leaderboards in a Takeover.
Combos increase your score in Takeovers

When you win, you’ll get your payday - but make no mistake, while you were tearing up the track, the cops were on their way. Be ready to run, race, hide, or take out your pursuers as soon as the Takeover ends, because they’re waiting for you.


Car Delivery Jobs - Is This Thing Stolen?

From time to time, you’ll get a call to pick up a ride that got… misplaced. It happens, right? Depending on who calls, your focus will be speed or keeping the car in one piece. For the Low Heat Deliveries, it’s about getting there quickly. You’ll have a set time limit with a fixed point-to-point route, and the faster you go, the higher your payout. For High Heat Deliveries, it’s a bit trickier. You’re not really worried about time as much as the pack of cops in your rearview mirror the moment you climb into the driver’s seat. Get the car to the delivery spot as quickly as possible, but note: you’re rated on how much damage you do/don’t do to the car. The more pristine the car is when it’s dropped off, the more cash for you to Bank. Had a bit of an oopsie and it’s barely driving? Might want to hit a Gas Station to tighten it up before dropping it off. You won’t be able to drop it off during an active chase, but if you’re in Cooldown, slip in and get rid of it.

Passenger Delivery Jobs - Are You A Taxi?

As you’re heading to your next Meetup or Takeover, you may get a call from a fellow racer who is stuck out and needs a lift. Get there as quickly as possible to begin the delivery - you’re on the clock. Avoid getting the attention of the cops as best you can. If they spot you, lose ‘em fast and get the racer to their destination in time to get the biggest payout. If you get busted, they get busted - and nobody gets paid. Get them to the Safe House successfully, and you unlock a new Safe House you can dip into when it gets too hot on the streets.

Just like car deliveries, you gotta wait until the chase is over. Get that Cooldown going and get them home.

Drift Zones - Get Sideways

Slippin’ and slidin’, through Lakeshore City we’re ridin’. Drift Zones are throughout the city and start by entering the first gate. As soon as you enter a Drift Zone, you’ll be timed and scored as you follow the course. Objective is to accumulate the most amount of distance while drifting - and get to the finish - before the time is up.

Speed Traps - Radar Enforced

Speed Traps gauge if you truly have a need for speed, or if you’re just cruisin’. Get that speed up as you blast through the Speed Traps to see what star rating you get (based on your speed). The higher the speed, the higher the star rating, the more cash for you to Bank.

Speedruns - Go, go, go!

Speedruns are scattered throughout the city, testing your driving skill and nerve. You’ll pass through the starting marker, beginning the event, then need to hit every marker through the finishing. Keep your top speed up, use your Nitrous and Burst Nitrous, and beat your last best speed to get more stars. Don’t try to go through them the wrong way - it won’t work. We tried.

Jumps - If you had wings, you could fly

We told you Lakeshore City was designed with racers in mind - and you’ll see this evidenced by the amount of Jump ramps throughout the city. Hit the ramp and get airborne - but be ready to hit the ground hard and get control of your ride. (You can adjust the pitch and direction of your car mid-air, but don’t count on this saving you if you hit the ramp at the wrong angle - or with 2 wheels.) The more speed you have when you hit the ramp, the further you’ll fly and the higher you’ll score.

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So I’ve tried a little of NFS HP Remastered on my PS5. Starting the gameplay up, I’m immediately greeted with the same very weighty and weirdly long input lag when controlling the cars.
Part of that is due to the weight that the cars handle in this entry, but still, something was still off just like the Switch version and that worried me.

Thankfully, due to Criterion being smart and the power of next-gen, there’s extra options to the Graphics/Performance modes usually just available for PS4Pro/XOne X.
There’s Performance for high-frame rate, Quality for higher-texture quality, then the made-for-next-gen ‘Maximum’ mode that does both and hits a smooth 4K/60fps rate. I don’t have 4K, but the framerate is super stable, the quality is crisp, and the handling feels a lot better, just from one option toggle! Cool!


Ha! I bought HP Remastered when it was on sale, back when I only had it on PS4. Two races in, and I already couldn’t stand limited framerates, so I went back to play Rivals instead. HP Remastered finally feels super crisp and fun to play when I installed it on PS5. Thank goodness there’s no additional cost to upgrade the game to this version. When you’re free though, Chicken, we should definitely play some cops and robbers together! :grin:

Anyway, some newly released info about Unbound includes its preload and launch time. Keep in mind that if you still haven’t decided to buy the game, there’s also a 10-hour game trial available if you’re an EA Play member. PC minimum and recommended specs were also revealed. I am really looking forward to play it soon!


Hey @YellowZR1, are you familiar with this project?

NFS: Underground 2 on Unreal 5 :exploding_head:


Wow! I actually didn’t know about it. This looks fantastic! :star_struck: It is what a remastered game that runs in an entirely new engine should look like, not the disaster that R* released to insult GTA’s fanbase.

I have to say, usually I ignore graphically modded game video, because most of them is just the same old game engine running with higher quality textures or increased reflection rates. (Besides, most of them gave up modding GTA: SA when they realized the entire San Andreas map is way bigger than just Ganton) People putting such efforts like this project, to remaster a childhood game entirely, should be madly respected. I would definitely want to check out when they finally complete it!

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Ooh very excited to see reviews for this thing.

For whatever reason EA has set no pre-launch embargo date, which is worrying… however! Some people I think have received physical copies early and I’ve seen quite a bit of clips posted to the NFS Subreddit. It looks pretty great, and plenty of fans over there are salivating to get their hands on it.

If the reaction to raw gameplay like this is already so positive, why in the hell didn’t they show us more before launch, or why not have a bit of faith and let reviewers, review it early?? Dang EA.
But if things are looking good, this should definitely be something I should keep on my radar for the future.

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