Need some players to help recreate contracts on PC (Epic & Steam), PlayStation & Switch

Hey assassins, owner of a community here. I am making a campaign and I need some help getting my contracts to everyone. Please contact me on Discord at “Dark.#5141” and DM me with what console/device you are on. Many thanks to you amazing peeps!

Have you tried setting up HCCE? If you can generate a JSON it’ll be a lot easier to get it across to other platform!

If you can’t get it working then I’ll help you set up a Switch one if you like.

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Unfortunately, I am on Xbox so this is not an option. Thank you for the tip! More information will be provided soon, it’s great that you are offering to help.


You can absolutely still use it as all you need is the IOI account information to link to Xbox.

I am on Switch and can connect!

  1. The Infiltrator: 3-21-6306801-17

  2. The Checkmate: 3-24-8995322-17

3.The Blue Bird: 3-12-0271017-17

  1. The Spanner: 3-11-9677682-17
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Those are no good if you need me to recreate it. Can you take screenshots of the details and maybe a map showing where the targets are?

I got them off of Charlie, ya know? Him (I am talking about Charlie Farmer). He told me to send them, sorry about this I will get what you need when he is on.

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The Exit is the Vault truck

Will try and get it done tonight for ya :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait really?!

The More You Know I guess…

I always thought to use it (on PC) you needed a PC copy to connect to…


The Infiltrator: 4-21-1756497-48
The Checkmate: 4-24-7192264-48
The Blue Bird: 4-12-4460941-48
The Spanner: 4-11-0506972-48

Thanks! These are for switch?

Yep, it’s the switch codes