Netherlands, RENDEZVOUS IN ROTTERDAM (Mission #5) - Discussion Thread

BRIEFING: Hello, 47. We need you to assassinate Rutgert Van Leuven, head of a Rotterdam biker group and international crime syndicate, and Klaas Teller, an undercover operative previously sent in by our client to retrieve a set of photographs that you’ll have to obtain. The operative has either failed or turned and needs to be eliminated either way.

Pictures in question portray the client in a light that could compromise his professional standing. Rutgert Van Leuven has been offering them on the black market to the highest bidder. We’ve learned that a journalist has arranged to purchase the photographs, but we don’t know when the meeting’s supposed to take place. Rutgert Van Leuven has a private room upstairs, where we believe the photos are being kept in a safe. The entire complex is always crawling with armed thugs.


  • Eliminate Klaas Teller
  • Eliminate Rutgert Van Leuven
  • Retrieve the photos
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personal note: i wanted to add all the missions with its dedicated discussion thread as i only see 3 of them in this category, so i’m deciding to post 'em all!

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