Whatever happened to Clera? We must have answers IOI.


Presumably for whatever reason they missed some dialogue during production and Vivienne McKee wasn’t available at short notice, so they got someone else to voice a couple of lines and made it a new character.

Doubt she was ever meant to have any significance whatsoever.


Oh I know. Everytime I play H2:SA, I can’t but help and laugh aloud at the Clera moment.



She sticks out enough in 47’s mind that he wrote “Who is Clera” on his passport lol

I wonder if she was a better handler than Dolores. “My shit for brains agent” this, “Oh don’t you start” that - not to mention she was clearly sloshed. Tsk tsk tsk very unprofessional.


I can’t remember who said this at the old forum, but it made a lot of sense. They said they assumed that players didn’t realise they had to shoot out the glass window to cross the top of the bridge, so a last minute 1 liner was added just to keep players from being confused and Vivian wasn’t available to do the added line.


i said that and if i remember correctly I’ve read it in an interview ages ago.

When I played the mission for the first time I thought the Agency had betrayed me and or Diana, i was so on edge :joy:

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Clera was a substitute handler for Diana, while on a coffee break. Now she a first grade teacher, living a comfortable life with her two dogs Baxter and Hamburger. Sadly she never found love, it turned out talking about Contract Killing on a first date wasn’t the best conversation starter.

In reality we have no idea, it’s likely that she still works for the ICA or where killed during the events of BM. Or that my little fan fiction above could also be true.


She was also fired by the ICA, probably because she thought this was a good thing to say to strangers on a first date.

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In universe I always assumed Diana was either busy with another Hitman (back then I assumed handlers had more than one Hitman), she was sleeping, or even on holiday, and that Clera was the low level intern or even the not so prominent handler who had to cover for her. No one wants to be awake for the Graveyard Shift. Working nights is awful.

I like you fan fiction idea though @Norseman.

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I believe this is due to the sorta cult following she has here at HMF. She came up often enough for the Devs to notice. It’s what gives me hope for a 17 suit one day. Such a simple 1-2. 1) Colour swap tie and 2) add shades to the signature suit with gloves.


It’s surprising how much attention a character with barely a minute of screen time can get. I remember this being the case with the postman from BM.


Imagine if the postman was left alive. We would still be asking about his whereabout even today :laughing:

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Honestly, I’m surprised that one of the deluxe outfits is the, remebered by nobody, Guru Suit instead of the 17 suit.


Yeah but no one cares about Sandy :pensive:

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C47 Sandy > Contracts Sandy > both versions of Lei Ling.

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Travis doing the deep cut. LOL Love it.

Going back to my memories on the first time I encountered Clera, I was just so thrown aback to the moment. My mind just went everywhere: where’s Diana? What happened to her? Why would Diana step away “for a moment” in the middle of a mission as 47’s handler?

It’s a conspiracy!

Obviously someone from the Franchise was trying to start something. So she had to go end it.

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I remember reading this back in 2012ish when Absolution was being released. But according to Diana’s ICA files, it said in 2002 (the same year of H2 Silent Assassin) Diana’s younger sister Emma Lucille Burnwood died. Many believed that this could have been the first time (The Graveyard Shift level) Diana possibly found out about this and “had to step out.” Just speculating…