New campaigns for Hitman 3

Hi all, I am Mike and I successfully finished all the campains in Hitman 3 (steam). The arcade missions I dont like very much. Which addon can I buy to get more missions. There are so many addons that I cant see through. Thank you very much.

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I only find HITMAN 3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection

I am assuming that you have already installed the Hitman (2016) and the Hitman 2 passes. The only additions since 7DS are Ambrose Island (which you most likely already have if your game is up-to-date and playing online) and the forthcoming Freelancer Mode in Jan 2023.


thank you. no the 2 passes I don’t have. I thought the graphics will be not as good as in Hitman 3. But if that’s not the case I will buy them.

Also there is a free Dartmoor Garden Show is available under Dartmoor destination


Yes, I know but I was more answer the question about additional missions to buy and overlooked this one.

Graphics in H3 are improved also for the previous games so the difference in quality is minimal. And to me the best locations are still Paris and Sapienza, which are for Hitman 2016.

Not to mention you have Freelancer arriving in Jan 2023.

Thank you all. Very good answers.