NEW CHONGQING (H3 Model Mod: Encloning Chongqing)

I can’t, like I said above, sorry.

Have you tested all Models individually?

am i doing this right?

I’m taking you want to extract a Model, so Yes. Now you select one of those and on the Right Hand Side, you’ll see the Option “Exract Hash Depends”. You click this and select All Depends.

and where do i put them?

Whereever you want for now.

Can put chinese music in restaurant and in the level?

I have no idea about Sound Modding, Sorry

“Once you’ve deleted everything, you’ll have to find the Constants Temp in the chunk Folder, which will be in the chunk you’ve taken him from. Then you just rename the Constants TEMP to the TEMP of Hush, so you’ll to make sure that it’s the right one and has the Number, you looked up earlier. Once you have done this, you’ll just have to generate a patch and patch as chunk6patch2 or 3 if you have installed my New Chongqing Mod.”
It seems like i don’t understand this mate

I had a Question for the Future of this Mod:

Would you like me to keep the Formal ICA Agents and expand on them, even though there Disguises don’t match what 47 will be wearing or should I return to the Normal Ones and edit those?

I don’t mind the vanilla look of them just I don’t see why they have those radios if they trying to be undercover.
Soo to answer your question I would prefer keeping the standard and editing them.

Okay, noted and I agree so I wouldn’t edit those, just there Faces and selected Parts of there Equiment if possible.

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One thing that I saw when looking through the files there’s I think one unused street guard model he has a pink or purple shirt.

Huh, okay. There are unused Models everywhere so those are rarely Guards for some reason. I look into it when returning to the Mod.

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@DrMekar I followed your description and was able to replace a model in a level. Do you know a way to change the voice lines, if the NPC’s gender changes? I changed a female to a male model, and the NPC still speaks in a female voice.

I don’t know anything about Sound Stuff, sorry. So, a Model is just a Model, not more, not less. I mean a Guard doesn’t become a Civillian if you use a Civillian Model.

You’ll have to edit the .brick and find that particular NPC and then change RequiredVoiceVariation. If it isn’t there then it means they use a default voice and you’ll have to use more tools to extract, convert, manually add in voice selection, convert back, then patch back into the game

Thanks for your reply.
I seem to be on the right track but missing a crucial piece of the puzzle:
Changing the voice variations did not change the gender specific voice. There seems to be a “isFemale” property missing in some outfits.
Is there a way to add a new property to the TEMP file? (see screenshot)

If you check out the Opulent_GenericGuest_F_ file, you will see an isFemale flag beneath the e_ActorType.
If I “Generate TEMP JSON Files” it becomes obvious that this gender property is set only for some characters and missing on others. I can add it to the JSON file, but how can I convert the JSON file back to the TEMP file?

I wouldn’t touch that, that will affect all NPCs of that type, but you’re just replacing a single NPC, right? So you have to go into the mission.brick and find the NPC

I see. Ok I will try that.
But is it theoretically possible to add new properties to an entity within the brick editor?
If there was an option to re-import the edited JSON files into the brick, it would be enough.
I guess that will have to be a feature request for the Editor Tool, right?