NEW CHONGQING (H3 Model Mod: Encloning Chongqing)

As announched before, I made it my task to enclone/declone several Maps to make them more enjoyable. This includes atleast the likes of Dubai, Mendoza and Chongqing, which is what I start with. Here’re some WIP Shots, so keep in mind that all displayed Content is subject to change.


Screen 3 has been updated and 2 new ones where added. I’m mostly done with the City of Chongqing now with the exception of The Block and Underground ICA Facility.


First Version’s out

Here’s a Showcase.


Interesting mod. And TIL you can get into the apartments through a window. Damn, that map is so swiss cheezy.

(About that music at the start, I think I recognize it… I wanna say: that’s from the Adventures of Tintin video game? Though it’s been ages since I’ve heard it.)

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Cant increase more npc? And open stores?:rofl::laughing:

Yes, you’re right. :smiley:

Not yet, so if is possible, I won’t add any NPCs or something like this, just edit the Models even better and the ones I can’t do as of yet like the ICA Facility Staff. For the other things, we’ll see so if it possisble to add NPCs one Day, I’ll defenitly do this in my ET Mods at the very least.

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Hello there mate, i’m the dude from your youtube chanel. Can you tell me is it possible to replace npc model? For example replacing Hush from Chongqing with the constant. If so, please tell me how mate.

Hey :slight_smile:

Okay first you’ll need this Tool: RPKG Tool :: — Glacier Engine 2 - Tools and Resources

If you have it, you’ll need to open a chunk from Runtime, the Constant should be atleast in Carpathian Mountains (chunk 7) and Isle of Sgail (chunk 15).

Use this Lists to find him:

(Since the Constant is a unique Character, you’ll problably only need the second sheet for now.)

Once you’ve found the Constant, you’ll need to copy his Temp Name (found in the second sheet on the far left) and search it in the rpkg Tool. (Make sure that you have the chunk opend up.)

When you’ve found him there aswell, you’ll need extract ALL HASH DEPENDS since you’re using him outside his Normal chunk. In the New All Depends you’ll find another Folder in which multiple Chunk Folders are. You can safely delete everything from chunk0 and chunk1, aswell as chunk2 if you’re planning to use the Model in a H3 Map like Berlin, Dartmoor or Chongqing.

Once you’ve deleted everything, you’ll have to find the Constants Temp in the chunk Folder, which will be in the chunk you’ve taken him from. Then you just rename the Constants TEMP to the TEMP of Hush, so you’ll to make sure that it’s the right one and has the Number, you looked up earlier. Once you have done this, you’ll just have to generate a patch and patch as chunk6patch2 or 3 if you have installed my New Chongqing Mod.

This should be everything, so I hope I didn’t forgot anything.

Thank you mate, i will give it a try

Awkward to say this, but can you make a video for this? It will much more easier for me to do this hehe

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I wouldn’t really know how to record that tbh and especially without commentary (which I don’t do) it problably wouldn’t help you alot. Feel free to ask me or @HMBM47 (who showed me everything) any Questions though.

“You can safely delete everything from chunk0 and chunk1” you mean the chunk files inside the New ALL DEPENDS? or the chunk files in Runtime?

In All Depends of course.

am i doing this right?

how do i generate a path?

Why do you have so many of this Folders? I suggest you start with one Graphic.

With the Generate from Folder Option.

i’m trying to change some other models too hehe

I can see, so I suggest only starting with one Model, because if it crashes, you will have to check every Folder for Mistakes and sometimes there aren’t even any, since a few NPC just resist Model Changing it seems and if you try to replace them, the Game automatically crashes.

damm, looks like it didn’t work, nothing has changed mate. If you can, please make a video how to do it mate, no need commentary, just your action mate