New Contract Mode Variations

Not sure if there’s already a topic covering the subject, so as I couldn’t find one, I just thought I’d make one about possible Map Variations for Contracts Mode (or rather variations I’d like to see).

I’m going in narrative order as I’m not good at ranking things. Hell, I can’t even rank my own Pixel art Heads.

Sapienza - The Deceivers
Most ETs don’t add enough NPCs to varant a Contract Mode Versions, however one of the few exceptions for this would be the Deceivers which adds new NPCs to Caruso Mansion with Trouts Escord, but in particular around the Lawyer Office, which happens to be my favorite area of the map.

Miami - The Undying
There aren’t too many new NPCs on this Map Variation, so an alternative variant of Miami would still be cool for Contracts Mode and I’d prefer The Undying over a the SA.

Mumbai - Illusion of Grandeur
This one actually has a lot more changes to it then just the Skybox and it would be a great addition to Contracts Mode.

WC - A Bitter Pill
Despite not adding a lot of New NPCs and said NPCs only being confined to small space, I still think this Map variation offers more then meets the Eye.

WC - The Serial Killer
The Serial Killer ET is one of my favorite ETs as it adds a ton of new NPCs Models to the Party Area, a few of them also with some small an interesting routes.

Berlin - Egg Hunt
A quite unique take on the original Map for which I wouldn’t mind an inclusion in Contracts Mode with a few changes to accompany for that.

Berlin - The Straightjacket Escalation
Despite the fact that I forgot the name of it, this escalation has something I really love about it which is NPCs near the Gas Station Area. Obviously it makes sense for this area to be empty in the main mission, so I wouldn’t mind some Gameplay happening there on which this escalation at least somewhat delivers.

Berlin - The Drop
Not sure if it’s any noticeable that Berlin is my favorite Map, but it is. In addition I also don’t think there’s really anything I can add that hasn’t yet been set about the Drop.

Romania - Untouchable
While I get why this Map hasn’t made its way to Contracts Mode yet, I still think it certainly had potential with the limited tools and all.

This concludeds my list of Map Variations I’d to see in Contracts Mode for now, so feel free to let me know any ones that could also work.