New escalations

IOI: are there plans for new escalations, or at least plans to bring old ones back?

Sure we have contracts but theres nothing like the crescendo of 3, sometimes 5 tiers and also the crazy conditions coded within that we have to jump through such as suddenly being trespassing in some public zones, or not being allowed through doors, etc…

Id be willing to pay for them although I think they should be free, especially i purchased most other extra such as haven island and 7 sins.

Forum users: what are your thoughts and do you have a favorite/worse one in mind?


I seriously doubt that. Seems like Escalations is not a favorite mode of the community, besides the life cycle of the game is close to its finish.
And we do have almost all old Escalations in HITMAN 3 already.

But I’m always open to surprises like this new Elusive Target.

As for me personally, I’m not a fan of Escalation Mode.
Though most of them are okay, there are few which are worse than terrible in my opinion.
Don’t ask the names - I don’t want to play them again to remember :slight_smile:

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Yes, potentially one.

Potentially is key though. Understand that it was fluid from the get go, and that some of the plans already changed (the Drop has thrown a wrench in the end of year ET releases)

From the Spring Roadmap, in the “the road ahead” section where the tentative plans for the year were discussed :

We’re just getting started, look forward to more Year 3 versions of Elusive Targets, as well as a chance to catch up on any Years 2 targets you may have missed. In addition, we will be introducing new unlocks, challenges, and a fresh escalation for you to sink your teeth into.


Here’s my obligatory post of “I wish they’d bring back the 38 escalations from 2016 that were cut from 2 and 3”. I think I’ve gone through my reasoning for this enough times to write it all out again.

I do wish that they at least made a new escalation for Ambrose Island so every location will have gotten one.


Gosh no, try launching hitman 2016 standalone (as opposed to from within hitman 3) and you’ll see how many escalations less we have, especially in paris and also the infamous Mallory Misfortune.


Right Luke !?!

He knows :slight_smile:


I’d always say yes to more content though after having a break from the game for a bit I’ve still got some escalations to play - either fully or partially.

I just played the deluxe escalation on the Carpathian Mountains level & i enjoyed the contrast of a guns blazing objective & a sneakier objective.

It felt less like a traditional building on the previous level escalation & more of a ‘here’s a few ways to play the level.’ So maybe more like that.


I wish they’d bring back new escalations combined with making some old ones from 2016 available. a quick 20 minutes on an old map with a new objective wasa good time back in Hitman 2’s days and i want more. New York, Haven, Chongqing, Hawke’s Bay, Hokkaido, Sgail, Dubai, Mendoza and Ambrose have lots of ways they can be reinterpreted that they just havent been because the maps get abandoned once they’re “too old”. Barring Freelancer which is excellent. Bonus missions and new ETs would be the gold standard because that’s technically new but the roadmaps of Hitman 3 have felt empty since people bitched and moaned about “Enter a World of Escalations hurr durr”.


I’d say it depends on the type of Escalation. If it’s something like the Dartmoor Garden Show that even has Contracts Mode and is basically like a Bonus Mission without the Story, then the answer is 100 times yes and also something I’d happily pay for.

I also enjoyed some parts of 7 Deadly Sins in particular the Wrath Termination which I played more timed then I can remember always setting myself New Challenges like not allowing a single Enemy to get to the Top Floor.

If we however talk about the types of escalations that just make you kill the same Targets 3 to 5 Times with minimal changes then I’m not really intrested in seeing more of those as we already have Contracts Mode and Freelancer to make us think outside of the Box.


Oh yea definitely. If we cant get bonus missions due to resources like voice acting or new assets being limited I think that Escalations with Contracts Mode would be a great place to go. Hell there’s some escalations that SHOULD have Contracts mode already:

  • Sloth Depletion has a new skybox, new NPCs and new props
  • Gluttony Gobble has new NPCs, new props and includes new ways to interact with the enviroment like added fuse boxes that distract the old NPCs and fills up areas like the streets with more to do
  • Lust completely redoes the bottom floor of the nightclub
  • Dexter discordance has a new starting location, new NPCs and new item placements
  • Mills reverie has a new starting location, a revamped location and multiple exits

I think that since we already have skyboxes for locations like Mumbai, Colorado Dartmoor and Mendoza new escalations could be made that prioritize contracts mode. I also think it’d be a good way of giving old locations different ways to experience them. If you can’t do a bonus mission for New York, Chongqing or Ambrose make an escalation but with a new skybox. I dont think The Vector, Illusions of Grandeur, Wrath Termination or Envy Contention make for good contracts mode locations as-is, but mixing some of the props and visuals with the vanilla location and then adding a little bit more onto it would be buyable as a new mission


That one would actually be great Contracts Mode as there would be a few good new potential targets, even outside of the chawls such as the Artist who leans against the Wall where you can enter the Construction Site via the Pipe in the Main Mission or The Kashmirian who’s inside the Crows Hideout which is heavily guarded and of course the Skybox is gorgeous.


I disagree with these two not making your cut.
Obviously that’s your opinion :sweat_smile:

If they added some starting and exit locations to these two and obviously changed the way the NPCs behave on The Wrath Termination (if that’s not too much of a stretch to allow it) i think they both could be amazing contract mode maps

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I think that Wrath Termination would be a little bit better for contracts mode if its skybox and props were used for a new mission or were just used for the main mission so you could choose between Death in the Family, or nighttime DitF with new weapons hidden in the secret rooms. I still long for a Beldingford Manor style Bonus Mission for Dartmoor :frowning:

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