New future locations

Well, the new game is finally here, and although there’s plenty of time left for a new Hitman game, what 6 new locations do you dream of? I find it hard to choose, I Know… So, mine are:

:ru:Moscow (Russia)

:mexico:Mexico (Something like Dead Carnival)

:belgium:Ghent (Belgium)

l🇮🇱Tel Aviv (Israel)

:australia:Melbourne (Australia)

:kr:Seoul (South Korea)

DLC Location’s:

:jamaica:Kingstown (Jamaica)

:madagascar:Madagascar (Natural Reserve)

Be more creative than me! :sweat_smile:


I’m from Spain, but… It would be so weird for me a level in Spain :joy:

North-Korea or the White House.

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Howdy there, this thread would be at home in the Wishlist category since it’s not about H3; to change just click the pencil icon next to the title :+1:


May Day parade where Agent 47 has to kill his targets on decorated floats such as a large paper mache Donald Duck. Agent 47 must kill his targets on the floats weaving from float to float while taking in mind that the kill opportunities change when floats go under a bridge or turning a corner etc.

I’d really like a mission set in a Southeast Asian location that isn’t that often visited in video games. Indonesia (Surabaya, Makassar, but even Jakarta), the Philippines, Malaysia (we had KL back in 2002, so why not Penang/George Town?)…

Would definitely love a Mexico Day of the Dead level, and while Tel Aviv is not a bad idea, I’d personally prefer the Jerusalem old town.

I’d actually love a Spain level, especially if it was in one of the lesser exposed regions like Andalucía, Galicia or the Basque Country. Portugal/Lisbon would be cool as well.

And last but not least, Tokyo.

Saint Petersburg is much better for game

I would love a mission in Milan. Not only because I live nearby, but it would be perfect for the style of the franchise.

I’d also like Vienna or Budapest, Montecarlo and Amsterdam

Time to poison some Joints.

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Aesthetically I’d love to see a real gritty, falling apart North Korean city. But the ultimate dream is seeing old SA or Contracts locations recreated using Glacier :pray: