New Game Mode Idea: Ongoing Missions

Not sure, if this was ever brought up here, but playing Freelancer I just thought about a new Game Mode, that could be fun (and shouldn’t be to hard to add): Ongoing Missions.

You choose a level as usual and get one random target at the beginning. As soon as you eliminate that target, you emediately get a new random target on the map and after that elimination the next target. And so on. Not sure, how far this could go. Maybe around 10 or 20 targets overall.

The idea is, that like in Freelancer you can’t really prepare exactly for the mission, since you don’t know your targets… But additionally, with every target you eliminate, you might change the behaviour of NPCs on the map, making next targets harder to eliminate. Like having panicked NPCs or are suspicious in some areas you have to go back to later and so on.

And since you can’t bring more load out on a mission than usual, your ressources will get less and less with every kill. So you have to depend on the surroundings and items in the map and get more creative with later targets. Like, you can bring a Tranquilizer, but you don’t have more than the usual ammo. Or just have one lethal poison, but 10 or more targets.

Since you can’t plan ahead for the next targets, you never know, if you should spare your ressources or not. It would be a new challenge with every new target on the map.

The idea is not completely thought through, but I think, there could be a fun new Game Mode in it. What do you think?