New IOI Insider | June 14

Jokes on you I don’t drive into work, I use a bike. It’s a waste of gas when you live close to where you work.

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The mysterious man blends in on the back seat of the bike, covering himself in a blanket.

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He’s either talking about the OUTBREAK game mode, or HITMAN GOLF!!

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Great news about a new permanent H3 event. That’s the kind of thing I’ve been hoping for.


It’s not quite, but “close” to a bonus mission.


IOI Insider, June 14

  • Season of Sloth

    • available tomorrow until July 19
    • More FCs
    • Act 3: Sloth
    • Unlocks: SMG (dax shaped) - Suit - escalation - snail proximity bomb (sedative)
    • ET on H3 locations.
  • Act 3: Sloth happens in Dartmoor

    • 3 staged escalation
    • The symbol is snail
    • Map changes: It look messy, brighter
    • Inside of the mansion has also changed.
    • Handler of 47 changed.
    • Your movements is timed. You can move for a limited time.

      There is a vitality meter which can reach zero. You can

      regain vitality with special actions.
  • Featured Contracts

    • Another batch in July 2.
    • Another batch before that so you can unlock duckballer and play community FCs
      with it.
    • Changes in picking: They pick, they try, they categorize to keep them different.

      Clemens picks, Clemens and some random developer play them and rest of the procedure.
      This is for the purpose of difference.
    • First one: By Urben in Dubai, Peak Ingenuity. It was picked because of the puzzle

      Second by Ilovewombats2 in Berlin, Daily Exercise 47. Picked because sniper and time limit

      Third one by SnakeHeis in Dartmoor, Fall of the Carlisles. Picked because good briefing and accident kills.
    • Unlocks of FCs: 37 can be played until now.

      There will be a new challenge for reaching 40.

      With Unlock: ICA19 F/A Ducky Edition.
    • How to submit your contracts? Forum Thread.

      Have to be in H3 Locations for now.
    • Why 10 to 3? Not mentioned.
  • IOI Insider Extra

    • More casual, about game development for instance.
    • The last one was about Blood Money’s production.
    • The next one is super exciting, airs mid season(of Sloth).
    • It consists gameplay.
    • It (might?) consist sound makers of the game, to talk about the HOW.


Q= Who is 47’s handler this time?
A= Can’t say now. see it tomorrow.

Q= What happened to suit prize of Black Hat?
A= They were informed and put it for the players that hadn’t played. It will unlock for everyone in a few days after he is gone.

Q= What about x item that I always wanted?
A= Your feedback is seen. Some items from Hitman 2 are unobtainable.

They are working on it. No promises.

Q= Shoulder Swap?
A= Not in the next patch. On the table anyway.

Q= Modding Policy?
A= Nothing to talk about yet. Needs to be formulized.

Q= Hitman 1 and 2 FCs for Duckgun?
A= Yes.

Q= Concept art?
A= They see @Ingvar digging it all. In October they might do some work on it.

Q= Any plans to add sniper maps?
A= NO.

Q= Travis wants IOI to make a football game?
A= Yes he does.

They watch the Euro games and make predictions.

Q= Sarajevo Six?
A= Stays on PS.

Q= Regional pricing for dlc has problem on epic
A= submit a ticket.

Don’t submit a ticket during maintenance.

The game now can show if the disconnection is because maintenance or not.

  • Merch Store

    • T-shirts are designed by them.
    • Give them feedback of what you want.
  • Patch Notes

    • Tuesday. Tomorrow. June 15.
    • Maintenance starts 11am UTC.
  • They are adding support for more languages. Subtitles mostly. They’ll say the countries in a few days. Russian, Chinese and Japanese confirmed. Not for All platforms and regions.

  • New Permanent DLC for everyone (map of H3) will be announced in the next main insider.

  • Not a bonus mission but close.


Amazing notes, in real time!

Should @Hichkas be forced to change his username?

  • Yes, we should rename him “The Minute Man”
  • Yes, we should rename him “The Secretary”
  • No, I don’t think he should be allowed to keep his current name

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Thank you @Hichkas, very cool!


Minute Man… Seems promising. But maybe, as Hichkas is a Farsi name, The equivalent of it in Farsi?
مرد ثانیه ها؟


Cool to see someone else is doing it too. You can see my TLDR, it’s about 5 posts in to the thread.


Glad my class got postponed this morning, so I could attend the stream haha.

Bit sad there’s no patch notes preview, but it’s only 24hrs away :eyes:


I’m curious who will be this patch’s artist? @IndianAgent47? @daiguren? Someone not from the forum?


Thanks for the recap, it helps a lot with forwarding it to others.


hah, as honoured as i would be, i could never! too much pressure for me haha


Not sure if there’ll be a community artist again this time. But, it’s always cool to see. We’ll find out tomorrow.

@Sniff would be a nice contender.


@Daiguren has been a bit more active in the live chat this time (at least to me), possible link?

Imagine if @badeaguard was hired to make life like sculpture replicas of 47, Diana and Grey.


ewww no :unamused:

not my thing honestly. All my works comes from blueprints I pay others to make. :sweat_smile:


ive only been active because i was unable to watch last time lol
but man, ive gotta get on some sloth art asap. suits gonna be a nightmare to draw tho, just looking at the texture is already worrying me haha

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Either 47 in a sloth fursuit or a 47 stick man drawing with 2 sticks as his silverballer.


that is a good idea. means i dont have to bother with actual drawing today i guess
expect the most lazy art youve ever seen (jk, ill draw something properly. see if i can surpass my 6 hours as the longest ive ever spent on an art piece)