New IOI Insider | June 14

Am I hyped? Maybe.


Where can I watch it from


Called it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Inb4 the stream is just Travis and Clemens asleep in bed for an hour and a half.


Hyped for the new season. Can’t wait to see their interpretation of Sloth.
Hoped we would’ve got IOI Insider on update day, but they’ve moved update day to the 15th now (could’ve been a mistake but doubt that).

Will edit my TL;DR into this message!

Yeah, I was kind of hyped that since the season ends on Sunday, we’d be getting the new Season on Monday.

Well, now it turns out there’ll be a mid-season break for a day, (aw :frowning_face:) but at least we can fill that time with cool new announcements and everyone’s favourite community duo in an IOI Stream! (yay :smiley:)

More candid Travis monologues, please. That was some fantastic off-script work last time.

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Yep happy to see them in a stream too, they give the community a valuable insight. I do hope they do a “gotcha” and update on the 14th but that’s wishful thinking.
I’ll be available on Monday for the TL;DR (I’ll edit my first reply with it unless another thread is made by Travis like last time), won’t be available on Tuesday for update day though sadly.

I hope people in Twitch chat aren’t complete dicks again.

And just incase they are, I also hope that Travis has beer on stand-by in a mini-fridge under his desk.


I wonder if Travis is going to set up a questions thread like last time.

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