New IOI Insider | June 14

Am I hyped? Maybe.


Where can I watch it from


Called it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Inb4 the stream is just Travis and Clemens asleep in bed for an hour and a half.


Hyped for the new season. Can’t wait to see their interpretation of Sloth.
Hoped we would’ve got IOI Insider on update day, but they’ve moved update day to the 15th now (could’ve been a mistake but doubt that).

Will edit my TL;DR into this message!

Yeah, I was kind of hyped that since the season ends on Sunday, we’d be getting the new Season on Monday.

Well, now it turns out there’ll be a mid-season break for a day, (aw :frowning_face:) but at least we can fill that time with cool new announcements and everyone’s favourite community duo in an IOI Stream! (yay :smiley:)

More candid Travis monologues, please. That was some fantastic off-script work last time.

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Yep happy to see them in a stream too, they give the community a valuable insight. I do hope they do a “gotcha” and update on the 14th but that’s wishful thinking.

IOI Insider - TLDR

  • Season Reveal

    • Act 3: Sloth (Snail) June 15th - July 19th
      • Escalation - Dartmoor - The Sloth Depletion
        • The Lotophage Suit
        • The Slapdash SMG (Looks to be concealed)
        • Goldbrick Proximity Mine (Sedative AND Sound Distraction)
      • Start of Escalation Revealed
        • Optional objectives exist again
        • Vitality Meter
          • More you move (certain actions too), it counts down, 0% you die
    • Revealed Roadmap Content
      • Trailer will drop at 1300 UTC.
      • More Featured Contracts (sponsored and community)
      • Sloth DLC
      • Hitman 3 Elusive Target
  • Patch Notes (full reveal on update day - tomorrow June 15th)

    • None revealed in stream
  • Featured Contracts

    • Last stream revealed community FCs
    • Hitman 2 - took 20-25 contracts and then picked what ones were fun
    • Hitman 3
      • picking a couple, play them, categorise them.
      • This batch, tried very different categories (Puzzle, Sniper, Story based)
      • Puzzle: By Urben in Dubai (Peak Ingenuity)
        • Caught his eye fast.
        • Quite hard, Urben gave hints on how to do it.
      • Sniper: By ilovewombats2 in Berlin (Daily Exercise 74: Berlin Run)
        • Timed (2:15) - some love, hate or tolerate timed ones
        • Made Clemens feel he completed it in the nick of time
      • Story Based: By SnakeHeis in Dartmoor (Fall of the Carlisles)
        • Extended briefing on HMF - shows thoughts and story behind This
        • Clemens thought it was really really cool, easy to play, hard to master
      • Moving Forward
        • Wont do the picking process alone
          • Developers will help
        • (I think he said this) Video will be released going through why they were picked
    • New Challenge for 40 UNIQUE Featured Contracts (June 15th Patch)
      • ICA 19 F/A Stealth “Ducky” Edition (NO GOLDBALLER? WHY!)
    • Submission Process
      • HMF Thread - Everyone is invited
      • 2 requirements
        • Inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins theme
        • On Hitman 3 locations
    • Next FC Drops
      • Batch coming before community (You can unlock the “Duckyballer”)
      • July 2nd for Community (roughly half way through the season)
      • Not there yet. Will be on there soon. Look for one by Clemens
  • Community Q&A

    • Q: Who voiced the handler in Sloth?

    • A: Doesn’t have the information on hand.

    • Q: Next roadmap?

    • A: Less than 24 hours. Video and image during the update.

    • Q: What will happen tomorrow?

    • A: Patch and roadmap video will go out tomorrow. Maintenance will start around 11am UTC

    • Q: Black Hat Elusive Target

    • A: Contract went live without the location challenge. New players could get it after the fix. If you already completed it, a day or two the suit will appear.

    • Q: How is Project 007 going?

    • A: Not at liberty to say. Talking Hitman 3 here. It’s all good and positive.

    • Q: Why did you feature 3 contracts and not 10?

    • A: Featured contracts have unlocks now. Keeping them scaled down but giving them more love. Keep 3 but more batches. They feel more featured and hand crafted now (custom images).

    • Q: What about X item that I want and Hitman 2 items that got removed?

    • A: Feedback is noted and seen. There is a turnaround time for this. Hitman 2 items being brought back: they’re working on solutions right now.

    • Q: Shoulder swap!

    • A: Not in next patch. Constantly on the table and being discussed.

    • Q: Modding policy

    • A: No details to share. Being worked on. Gathering different department’s input, needs to be formal and official.

    • Q: Concept art?

    • A: Ingvar we see you collecting it. IOI Extra stream? Travis has dug some up. Blocktober (blocked out levels). If nothing by October, something will be done.

    • Q: Providence Pins on Merch

    • A: Someone here (IOI Studio) knows about it :eyes:

    • Q: Plans for sniper assassin maps?

    • A: No plans to add more right now.

    • Q: The Sarajevo Six (My Children)

    • A: No plans to move it from PS4 Hitman 2016. Contractual reasons.

  • Travis’ end of show paper

    • Short Term Future of Hitman 3 (Beyond Season of Sloth)
      • More languages support (subtitles)
        • Simplified and Traditional Chinese & Russian subtitles (summer, season after sloth)
      • New permanent event (More info on the next IOI Insider Stream)
        • Purposefully not calling it a bonus mission, but it’s something close
  • Other bits of info

    • Sloth Escalation has reworked Dartmoor a lot. A lot of trash, slightly different time of day, lazy people lying around, quite dark although it’s day
    • IOI Insider Extra
      • Last stream
        • Audio issues of course
        • Blood Money Anniversary stream
          • Insights about different levels and launching/developing a game back then
          • Some questions from the community, ran overtime
      • Extra streams will be mid season-ish
      • Respond to what the players are talking about
      • Some gameplay with sound designers or developers etc
      • Closer look into smaller things about Hitman, down to earth
    • Shout out to the support team for doing a great job.
    • Ingame message for server maintenance has more info
  • Watch the VOD here: Twitch

Think I missed something? Reply to me and let me know!


I hope people in Twitch chat aren’t complete dicks again.

And just incase they are, I also hope that Travis has beer on stand-by in a mini-fridge under his desk.


I wonder if Travis is going to set up a questions thread like last time.

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Stream will start at 3pm CEST.
Converting 3pm CEST to your time


15 minutes :thinking: im curious what the “few surprises” are


IOI Insider #2:

What I’m hoping we’ll get:

  • Shoulder Swap
  • Up to 3 Legacy Escalations
  • 2 New Escalations
  • More Community Contracts
  • New ET
  • Legacy ET: The Warlord
  • Free Unlock?
  • Travis rips and tears into the fandom again :smiling_imp:

What I’m expecting:

  • 2 New Escalations
  • New ET
  • Legacy ET: Food Critic
  • Swap back to sponsored contracts

‘a few surprises’ wild card:

  • a new Hitman movie
  • 47 in Fortnite
  • Contracts Mode changes?

For expecting add a seasonal event. Travis said last IO Insider “upcoming seasonal event”.

Nah, they are probably saving this one for Gluttony,

I predict they will bring back the Chameleon, the dude who sat in his chair and never moved


I’m going to write a TLDR, hope they talk a bit slower this time :stuck_out_tongue: I’m no typist.

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I would be so happy if they announced a few changes to Contract Mode. But don’t expect it. Also they should finally eliminate all those “transparent” walls in Congqing, it’s really annoying that NPCs see in other rooms and discover bodies.

Think it will just be a new ET, 3 new community contracts for the next season, a legacy ET and some bug fixes.

Bonus: @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI are covered in Jam and announce the season of lust!


Strings in trailer theme? :eyes:

Chat doesn’t seem to be improved much :weary:

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It will never change :slight_smile:

New gameplay confirmed – There’s a new Vitality meter for this Sin.

Also, yes, the lighting is different.


Fist few pictures and comments:

New gun (made of a can? like in the train level?)

Screen of the messy Dartmoor:

Vitality-Meter in action:


The mine should be a “sedative proximity”. Not really sure what that means. KO? Or just slowing down?


The Goldbrick proximity mine attracts and sedates people so it actually sounds somewhat useful.