New player looking for keybind suggestions

I am new to playing the Hitman series as well as new to transitioning to Keyboard and Mouse. I used to play Rocket League a lot and people shared their camera settings and preferred bindings freely. I have looked around online for a little while and have have not had much luck in reference to Hitman. Any help would be appreciated as the default setup is far from optimized. Thanks so much in advance.

I have everything Default Except Inventory and Unpack are on my Mouse buttons


Thank you, someone else messaged this so I thought I would share it

• Rebinding shift to mouse 4 - Hitman requires you to hold the run key all the time and it will destroy your hand to hold shift that much.
• Rebinding inventory to mouse 5 - Opening / switching inventory quickly helps for speedruns + and you need to be able to press inventory + g quickly to instant-exit levels and save a second.

This was another bit of information I found I will explore as well as yours from another forum.

  • It is highly recommended to rebind the drop/crouch/unpack buttons (perhaps as secondary keybinds), to facillitate fast unpack. Suggestions: have these three actions bound to 1/2/3 or Z/X/C so that all three buttons are right next to each other.

Thank you!
So hard to find any recommendations for this game (surprising, considering the default binds feel so bad).
Much appreciated.

Yeah I had to search around and inquire with quite a few sources. Most of this information was acquired from a few helpful people, but mostly from the speed running community. So credit goes to those guys as I suspect a lot of people choose to play hitman with a controller. Up until recently I have been playing games for 36 years as I am in my early 40s. Just learning keyboard playing and I love it. It has so many advantages to controller play for some games. Even though it was quite the learning curve. There is no better way to head shot 5 oncoming enforcers :smiley: