New weapon types IO!

Weapons ideas we can unlock and start with

Pistol crossbow (sen x ar6 steambow with the magazine) this would be sick

Snub nose revolver
Nagant revolver that can be silenced
Concealable Sawn off double barrel shotgun
Air rifle
Plastic bag
Bow and arrow
Ballistic knife
Use brief case as a shield
Briefcase gun fmg 9
Foldable phone pistol ic380
Keltec sub 2k
Boot knife (kicking animation)

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No problem new to all of this

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Pepper gun: makes any npc stop what they do to cough (Npcs will stand still, Guards stop shooting)

Less lethal Guns : same as above but Guards drop their weapons

Scar-H with silencer and scope

Taser: Knocks down Npcs (You carry 5 Darts)
Non frisk detectable
Will Kill Npcs if you shoot 2 or more times
NPCs will stand up after 10 seconds


I’m a cook in real life. Maybe in kitchen areas you can have more cooking utensils available.


  • meat tenderizer mallet (can be lethal or non-lethal
  • cheese grater (can be lethal or non-lethal)
  • a large spoon (non-lethal)
  • sheet tray (non-lethal)

you’re sick i love it

I would love a big ass scythe. I thought the ice axe would cater that need but I just unlocked it and it’s tiny.

It can be a foldable one, as seen in Grim Fandango. That way 47 can keep it next to where his heart never was.

Would love roaming Hawkes’s Bay in my Arkian tuxedo and a scythe. I am Tobias “Grim” Rieper, and I’m here to collect your soul.