Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to cloud server’ error

Posted in a few of the technical support threads but seeing very few people with this problem so wondering if anyone at all’s managed to get a fix for this.

I’m able to sign in and play online for about 10 seconds before getting the message ‘Connecting to cloud server…’ at which point my game will just restart. By quickly declining the privacy policy I can play offline which runs perfectly so I’m convinced my internet isn’t the issue. Happens every time that I’ve tried without fail since I bought the game ~5 days ago

Video isn’t mine but demonstrates exact problem I have

Appreciate fixes for these things take time but it’s frustrating barely seeing this one mentioned, let alone patched


Haven’t heard a peep about this despite asking several times

Isn’t it a cloud based streaming release, so there is no “play offline” really? Weird their servers would work to stream the game, but not the account based gameplay.

Spoke to @Dennis_IOI about a week ago who actually said they weren’t previously aware of this so it is at least on their radar now

There’s only so many times you can murder the entire population of Berlin without access to xp or challenges :frowning:

Yeah that at least tells me it may hopefully be something easily patched out, tbh I’d be more than happy to sink all my money into buying the trilogy for Switch but not while I can only play half a game

So frustrating because the game itself runs super smooth on my connection with almost no latency, but with so many features disabled in offline mode it’s not worth playing.