No more Difficulty Challenges?

There seems to be no individual difficulty challenges for Silent Assassin anymore
Everything can just be done on casual (one skull) and as I noticed you dont even get extra points for finishing a mission on Master Difficulty.
Im sorry but this is a complete downgrade from hitman 2 and completly watered down for people going for the difficulty, now i see no reason at all to play on Master.
Why why whyyyyyyy???


Play on Master if you want to, or Professional / Casual if you don’t. The aim is to be having fun, not to get a certificate for your Git Gud credentials.


Well the reason would be to give yourself more of a challenge surely. I do feel like we’ve lost our ability to just enjoy a game and have fun without the needs for rewards etc. I don’t get why they would downgrade the system either though.


Challenges are incintives to play different ways . You cant tell me how to enjoy my game.


Just enjoy the game and stop complaining.

If you want to play Master SA/SO go for it and that’s it


Wow nice to know where you guys stand on this. Pathetic. Truely.
So I bring up a feature that hitman 1 and 2 perfected now missing from 3 and you guys wanna jump in my throat about it.
Wanting a challenge linked to difficulty is WRONG??


Personally as someone who didn’t like playing on Master difficulty but did end up grinding through the Classics Challenges on Master to get 100% completion, I’m glad to see the back of them - it improves the six new H3 levels for me knowing that I can do an SA SO run on Professional and have that be that, and I don’t need to touch Master unless I want the increased difficulty for its own sake.

Obviously, your mileage may vary… but clearly IOI sensed that some players (like me) are going to be happy with their decision even if some other players aren’t.


Fair enough, see a response like that I can understand.


Count me as someone who wants master challenges as well. :slight_smile:


Developers are never going to be able to please everyone. I guess they decided this decision would please the biggest portion of the playerbase. I guess it makes sense to streamline the challenges and make the game easier to 100% for the less hardcore players.


I miss the Master challenges too.
To me it was about optimizing routes in order to minimize the margin for error
So it wasn’t really about having insane skills and quick improv, but about figuring out the location so well that you make it easy and the Master doable with 1 save.


I think levelling up Mastery was too easy with all different difficulty challenges, but they could have still put it in i guess

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While I agree that a game should always put the fun factor first before anything. The Great Man himself said it best.

With that in mind though there is a level of gratification from pulling off a Colorado SA/SO Loud Sniper Assassin run. Hard to pull off, but you feel good. When I did Dubai Master SA/SO Sniper Assassin I was a little disappointed to not see anything for Master Difficulty in terms of challenges. I do think there is merit to Master Difficulty coinciding with “getting good” since it tests the players knowledge of the map, timing, and NPC Placements.

I know not many people agree with me, but as someone who went for Master Difficulty on all maps in Hitman 2 just for Items it was a experience that only helped me improve with the game since it was all trial and error on a enhanced difficulty.


Doing SASO challenges on master levels up the location faster.

I don’t know, this game feels like one step forward two steps back for IO at points.


that’s their forte…


To be honest, this is very sad new for me, a long time Hitman franchise gamer… Allow me to explain:

I play hitman the “sandbox” style… I start off with a level exploring stuff; like the characters, the surroundings, the backgrounds, the plots etc. I do this, because I wanna get to know the level, and everything about it. All stories… And I grind it, and I love grinding it… BUT - I do this because I’m planning my Master SA/SO run. This is the sole reason I grind everything about the level, the planning for the epitomy of the game; the Master SA/SO run. The planning element, is what makes hitman great. (and the quality of detail in all the stories of a level) To be able to setup a perfect stage, for a run where you can Master SA/SO just makes Hitman the best game ever… And it requires full knowledge about every element of the “sandbox” (each level)… Once thats done, I move on to the next level, the next sandbox.

But this new challenge setup in Hitman 3… Doesnt present me with this option. Essentially I can cruise through all difficulties on Casual, and thats just plain boring…

Im not saying there should be the normal Classics. I’m just saying there should be an individual “golden master” challenge for the Master SA/SO run and the Master SA Sniper. I want these two challenges added… To me, these are the “completing the level” challenges. Everything up until that, is just practice…


My god everything you said is EXACTLY me !!! 100% ! Couldnt add a single thing.
So the whole quit whining and enjoy the game… what this man has written IS HOW I ENJOY THE GAME !!


You can still do them tho

It’s not so much about stop whining but why complain if the mode and the challenge is still there. If “master difficult” would have been completely scrapped i would understand the complaint. The only thing lacking is the tick sound the challenge makes when you get it.

Now, if the complaint is about “everyone can get SASO if there’s no difficulty limit” then… yes, stop whining with such elitism

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Personally, I like the bucket list to progress and keep track of the ones I did or did not, and the occasional attempt to try it straight away from Master and finish Professional and Casual at the same time.

While it’s a feature that I miss and would prefer having, it’s certainly nothing major or that I can’t do just for fun anyways.

Yes, i agree with you in tht one, it was good to keep progress and it was good to have it as a challenge. I don’t understand why IO would make such a change.