No sound in Chongqing Mission

So when I did the mission where you listen in on both targets’ conversation there is no sound. I get the ambient noises but the conversation I’m supposed to listen in on has absolutely no sound. No talking whatsoever from the targets. I heard them the first time I played through the mission months ago, but nothing now. Is there anything I can do?

I think you’re talking about the conversation that is going on between targets after you kill first and then all the drones.
These conversations takes place when you follow the mission story.
Out of mission story you don’t hear them.
I suppose it’s done intentionally not to force players listen to them every single time.
But if you want to listen - activate a mission story and you should be good

Actually I don’t hear them during the mission story either.

There are some issues with sound and music currently since the patch, I guess they address it soon.

Also never hurts posting that in the Bug Report thread.