No-Target Contracts in Hitman 3?

Is it possible at all to create No-Target Contracts in Hitman 3? Contracts like “Grand Theft Bosco”?

I know for Hitman 2, you could either spam the target selection on and off a few times or mark two targets then unmark them.

I had an idea for a No-Target contract in Hitman 3. I tried both of the above approaches, which allowed me to exit the mission and get to the final screen to toggle objectives. But from there, I can’t Save & Publish the contract - I just get an error message when I try.

Has IOI just blocked all no-target contracts from being created?


Yeah, it would appear so.

It’s probably a good thing, even Kevin was struggling to think of actually interesting no-target contracts. And they pretty much drained that well. For the most part they’re just very boring run from A to B contracts, plus IO clearly didn’t intend for the mode to be played like that

Thankfully we still have Kevin’s no-target featured contract :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (I think, haven’t checked)


Please no.
Contracts creation already has gone out of hands, like of the members said these days.
Don’t make this worse

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True, the few interesting no-target contracts that could be made would be far outweighed by a bunch of dumb “run to the exit” contracts.

Still, I’ll have to ask @Kevin_Rudd if he’s found a different way to create them in Hitman 3 if he comes back to the forum in May after whatever he did to get a 3-month ban. He had a few interesting ones in Hitman 2 besides “Grand Theft Bosco” (which is still among the Featured Contracts).

I had an idea for one in Berlin that could be mildly interesting, inspired by “The Impossible Contract” originally made by @Pootis.exe, to steal the delivery man’s scooter without killing or pacifying anyone.

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Kevin specifically tried not to share the method to avoid loads of people making a bunch of low effort gimmick contracts. Then lo-and-behold when people did find out they did exactly that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: so I reckon if Kevin finds another way to do it they’ll wisely keep it to themselves


they clearly didn’t intend for much with the mode tbh. even if a lot of the no target contracts were gimmicky I think limiting contract creation tools even further is really not something they should be considering

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I still have the opinion from back then that in the flood of bad contracts, 1% of them not even having targets is not making things worse. If that means one or two contracts can pop up that are good, it is a positive outcome at the bottom line. Kevin got alot of hate for closing the gate, making the method to make these contracts spread even more by other users. (Streisand effect)

However as there really would just one or two good contracts come from that I don’t really look forward to them. I wish we would get proper mode upgrades.


Please, we’re trying to have a realistic conversation here. Take your wild fantasies elsewhere


It’s a shame I had an idea for a tactical wetsuit contract but couldn’t save it. It was sort of made redundant when I realised how easy it is to just start at the shrine. I hope for proper contracts mode upgrades so we can make no target contracts with instead objectives. I also hope for a way of searching for contracts that are favourited a lot rather than played a lot.