Not able to play Hitman 2016 on PS5?

Hi all,

I own a digital copy of Hitman 2016 GOTY edition for PS4
Also own a physical copy of Hitman 2 for PS4 and also additional levels (Haven Island, New York, the snipper challenge levels and extra costumes and weapons)

I Installed both games on my PS5 but the levels for Hitman 2016 appear grayed out (red in Hitman 2016), levels for Hitman 2 appear just fine and are playable.

The install for Hitman 2016 is about 30 gb but only the training levels are playable, what else do I need to do? The interface of WoA is confusing me.

I’d appreciate any help

Upgrade to hitman world of assassination then it will solve the issue.

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Unlike WoA, H1’s base game consists of just the ICA Facility. There is data you need to download for each location that was released over time back in 2016.

So on the PS5 main menu, highlight the tile for H1 and push the Option button on your DualSense, then there should be an option labeled something along the lines of “Manage game content” (I can’t remember the exact wording of it). In here you will be able to download the DLC that you own that relates to H1.