Notifications dropdown menu

I’m having a minor problem on my smartphone. When I press on my avatar in the top right corner to show which notifications I had, the dropdown menu is blank when I open it while in a topic.

This problem started yesterday and seems to persist. On my computer I don’t have this problem.

Screenshot of what I’m getting:


Hmm Mine looks fine at the moment. Did you make it an app on your device’s menu or view it via the web browser? I have it installed on my phone as a Google Chrome shortcut. If that’s the same case, maybe reinstall the app would help? Or you could try open another browser tab for the site? :thinking:


@Franz I know making this post is really important and all, but what were you doing at 23:27 with only 4% battery left?


Can you do that? Wow! That sounds great. I’m visiting HMF through Chrome, through a link under “often visited website”.

You know the answer! Waiting for midnight, so that I could get my crucial championship votes in as soon as possible! The battery was drained due to excessive checking of the evolutions within that same championship.

But then I fell asleep anyway, had to get up early today.


Yeah, I think so. Whenever you scroll up, there should be a “…” at the top right corner, yes? Press it, scroll down a bit, and you can see the “Add to homescreen” option. It should work at every website you wish to create a shortcut.