Notifications dropdown menu

I’m having a minor problem on my smartphone. When I press on my avatar in the top right corner to show which notifications I had, the dropdown menu is blank when I open it while in a topic.

This problem started yesterday and seems to persist. On my computer I don’t have this problem.

Screenshot of what I’m getting:


Hmm Mine looks fine at the moment. Did you make it an app on your device’s menu or view it via the web browser? I have it installed on my phone as a Google Chrome shortcut. If that’s the same case, maybe reinstall the app would help? Or you could try open another browser tab for the site? :thinking:


@Franz I know making this post is really important and all, but what were you doing at 23:27 with only 4% battery left?


Can you do that? Wow! That sounds great. I’m visiting HMF through Chrome, through a link under “often visited website”.

You know the answer! Waiting for midnight, so that I could get my crucial championship votes in as soon as possible! The battery was drained due to excessive checking of the evolutions within that same championship.

But then I fell asleep anyway, had to get up early today.


Yeah, I think so. Whenever you scroll up, there should be a “…” at the top right corner, yes? Press it, scroll down a bit, and you can see the “Add to homescreen” option. It should work at every website you wish to create a shortcut.

Now the dropdown menu doesn’t load at all anymore on my cellphone.

Between that and my workcomputer not allowing me access on HMF anymore it’s becoming more challenging to follow up on things here :frowning:

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Well that isn’t good, I am studying for an exam currently but I’ll see if I can find what the source of the issue is and if its something I can fix (or something they fix in a patch)


Thank you! Good luck for the exam first of course.


I’d advise:
Installing a new browser onto your phone. You could go with something popular like Chrome, something secure like Brave, and I’m pretty sure there’ll be some low storage ones on the app store.
Try accessing HMF from there instead.

How do you know this is the issue here? I tried to track the issue and did not see something like this, while ofc it is usually a good idea to keep the browser up to date.

I don’t know for sure, however on my old devices (S6 era) I’ve had issues like this on a variety of websites and a better browser helped.
Secondly this looks like an iPhone to me, and from the little I know Safari is the default browser for those (or at least the older ones). I just don’t know how well that browser works, maybe a better one would perform as needed.
I can’t say much more since I’m just talking about my experiences and consumptions. I hope it helps Franz out.

Same thing has been happening to me for about a week now. Can’t get any notifications and also sometimes the page just freezes. Same issue on my tablet as well.

(both my phone & tablet are using the Google Chrome browser)

Edit: Added HMF to my home screen and the same issue.

*Edit: Updated Chrome and it works again. (last update was 2nd Aug)