November roadmap on xbox missing?

I can’t find #player-support in the category list but hopefully someone here can help.

The November content is still not available to me. I’ve still got the October featured content and the October roadmap in my news. Nothing new in the separate escalation or arcade tabs. The November roadmap article is not in the news widget (I’ve only seen it on twitter and youtube).

I’m on xbox series x with a linked IOI profile and I’m online/connected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled hitman 3 and all DLC.

I would appreciate any advice for how to fix.

maybe because of the elusive target is still actived the apprasier thats what im thinking

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or the new escaltion might hit this thursday maybe they put it out there

According to the roadmap the new arcade contracts to unlock the nitroglycerine were supposed to be available from the 3rd November. But there’s nothing new in the arcade tab.

I’ve waited a couple of days in case its a time zone thing before reinstalling in case its an update problem but the fact I can’t see a load of other xbox users online shouting makes me think it might be my account?

I’m on Xbox, and I completed the new arcade contracts just this afternoon. Might be worth seeing if there is some update, or as a last resort, uninstalling and reinstalling.

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probably. it’s also the same for me.

Thanks all. Another uninstall and reinstall has done it (or the timing was coincidental and I just had to wait). Hope this was just a one off thing as waiting for 76gb to reinstall is just painful :smiley:

I’ve just completed the elusive arcade and can see the new elusive target is ‘coming soon’. The featured contracts are still the halloween ones and I still can’t see the November roadmap announcement but that’s less interesting stuff anyway.