Now that H3 is released, do you still play H1 or H2?

As the title says, Hitman 3 is now released since two months and brings under “one roof” the H1 and H2 missions, ending the whole trilogy.

Considering that, do you still (after playing H3) play Hitman 1 and Hitman 2? Just to get your points of view, thought or something else.

Personally, I keep installed H1 and H2, and I even sometimes play them depending of what I would do.

Hitman 1:
I played lately Hitman 2016 (I bought it in 2018). When Hitman 2 was released, there were still challenges that I didn’t achieve (like SASO runs). Last year, I finished every challenges to complete it at 100%, because my skills had evolved :slightly_smiling_face:.

Currently, I still play Hitman 1. I like the atmosphere and the light. Moreover, the gameplay is a little different from H3 (47 climbs slower), no suitcase, no SA-free sedative state, no foliage cover…
I achieved different Sniper Assassin runs suit only (obviously not SA) few months ago. I was happy because that’s the kind of feats I wouldn’t be able to perform back then :slightly_smiling_face:.

Pro 2016 mode is also interesting from a certain point of view. NPCs react to sound, a lot of suspicious items… It’s still difficult to me but playing the Showstopper in this mode is something I like.

Additionally, there are still Sarajevo Six missions (for PS4) and escalation contracts that are not implemented in H2. Do you think that legacy escalation will finally be implemented in H3?

Hitman 2:
The gameplay isn’t so different from H3. So the gap between the two games isn’t as much between H1 and H2. It makes H3 more redundant than H1.
But I still play H2 for the electrocution phone. It allows me to get rid of a target and test strategies to get rid of the second target in Master mode (Indeed, I have a save to approach my second target).

Moreover, the seasoned content are still present in H2 (HSF, HH and Mills reverie).

What’re your thought?


I equally play all maps currently, but in the H3 launcher. The huge variety of maps made me even appreciate some weaker maps more as they became unique in their own regard. Kinda paradox but that is how it feels. :slight_smile:


Just yesterday I was playing Hitman 2016 just to recreate a contract for a community competition. While I’m always going to play Hitman 3 based on that it’s the latest game in the series, I still play them just for community stuff. Although I’m still going to keep both H1 and H2 installed for nostalgia purposes, but that rarely ever happens.


When H2 launched, I kept H1 around incase I ever wanted to play Sarajevo Six again since that remained left behind. Never actually ended up replaying S6…

I did actually replay the old H1 beta a few weeks ago out of curiosity to see how much things have changed since then though if that counts as playing H1.


Yeah I’ve launched H1 a few times recently, did a full livestream playthrough of Sarajevo Six as well.

I think H1 is actually different enough from H3 to make it feel like it’s new, especially considering that I haven’t played it in awhile. It also has this really cozy nostalgic feel to it for me. Launched H2 to take some pictures as well. I don’t really like H2, I mean, I love the game and I love the maps but my experience with it wasn’t great. I burned myself out playing it.

So yeah, I do. Also I really like what @Urben says about appreciating the weaker maps all of a sudden, I feel the same way.


I still play H1. For the professional mode, kinda devastated how much the difficulty has been dumbed down in the h3 maps.


they take up way too much space for me to even consider keeping them installed


Only to replay Sarajevo Six

I mostly play Hitman 1 and 2, because I don’t like Hitman 3 that much. Compared to them in my opinion it’s the worst and my motivation to play it is very small.

I don’t have 100% in H1 or 2, that’s why I’m still playing the locations, trying to achieve every challenge. I focus on that, before I will do the same in Hitman 3. It can wait.


I will be playing both Hitman 1 & 2 again, plus as I have the latest Elgato 4K60 S+ capture card, i want to record the gameplay all again in that format as my last recordings for H1 & H2 are all 1080p… Maybe discover some new methods/strategies that I never put time into :slightly_smiling_face:

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I kept H2 installed after the H3 launch for about a month but have since deleted it. If it had any unique stuff I’d keep it around, but H3 and H2 are extremely similar plus GM is gone

I would keep H2016 around for Sarajevo Six but that requires having all maps installed which is just too much space to justify


Hopefully The Sarajevo Six missions come to Xbox. I had them on PS4. Not sure what the exclusive deal was with Sony.

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I think it depends on what you get out of playing Hitman. Personally been enjoying revisiting 2016 quite a lot.

Even though it’s definitely far from perfect, with all of the really cool mechanics that it offers it feels really refreshing to play something that feels so responsive and fluid (to me) compared to H2/H3.

Only things kinda bothering me about 2016 are the headturns and the lack of SA/PIP HUD, but it partially makes up for the latter in consistency. You more or less always know what you’re gonna get. It feels like in the new games I get a different issue each time, with a lot less ability to counter.

And with stuff like legshot punch, insta-detonate, instant exit on accidents, better explosion ranges and hitboxes, shoulder swap … have not once found myself missing/wanting any of the new toys. The better mechanics make up for it in spades. Besides, really think that getting back to basics forces you to be a lot more creative and to think outside the box a lot more. Not to mention how much I prefer the clean visuals/UI.

Can definitely see people not sharing this opinion, which is totally fair. But, for what I personally get out of playing the game, 2016 is more than enough for me. In H2/H3 I mostly played S1 maps anyway, so I’m not losing a whole lot on that front.


I only kept H3 so I play the older levels inside of the new game. I haven’t done a single play through all the way in one sitting yet, but I hope to at some point. That’s like 31 levels with all the bonus stuff… something like that.

Not really, H3 just feels better and has more QOL stuff (bigger text options, lower install size, darker main menu, more suits, running and aiming with instinct, three difficulty modes, faster climbing and killing a target that spotted you to get back SA) that I wouldn’t really consider going back to either of the previous games. 3 also has the best signature suit of the trilogy. The maps themselves I think I prefer the old ones but it’s worth it just to have Dartmoor and Berlin to play right after Haven or Miami.


I’ve uninstalled the actual games, but I think I still play H1 levels more than any of the other new levels since H2 or 3. H2 would be next… Seems like it’s the longer they’ve been out the more comfortable/familiar I am with them, and am more prone to mess-around in them.

I don’t actually. I’m sure I’d have if we still hadn’t gotten acess to the Hitman 2 Maps by now, so since we do, I don’t.

There would be just so many Things, I’d miss, even besides the Maps.


Nope. H1 & H2 are uninstalled. They’re gone.

I only discovered that Hitman 2016 & Hitman 2 existed in August or September of 2019 so I never even owned Hitman (2016) until I got it through Hitman 2. I uninstalled Hitman 2 as soon as I was sure that the progress into Hitman 3 was completed so no, I don’t play either 2016 or 2 anymore. I play the levels from those two games in Hitman 3 though.

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Nah, I’m back to the original Trilogy again :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I just boot Hitman 3 up when theres a ET live or some new content.