NPC and Guard X-Ray Vision?

PS4 console problems: Why is it when absolutely no one witnesses me do anything illegal, everyone not only sees me, but knows exactly where I am? This superhuman, x-ray, auto-lock-on feature has ruined the stealth aspect of the game. It’s still playable as a shooter, but forget about silent assassin.

Known bug on some maps.


you can turn off lock aim and instinct if what you mean by X ray if its ruining it for you,

That’s called a wall-hack. It happens in some maps in certain areas when an NPC is in just the right position to see through a poorly programmed wall. Like a crack in the wall that the player can’t see through. The NPC’S will then communicate telepathically with others in the vicinity turning everyone orange.

I wouldn’t give up playing for silent assassin because of that though. I’d just keep in mind that the game will cheat you in certain areas sometimes. I just grin and bear it; though sometimes I cut loose and go postal.


I wonder how many people created contracts with a don’t get spotted complication with this bug in mind.

Of the few times it’s happened to me (and, btw, I’ve dubbed it ‘NPC Instinct’ which seems more apt than “wall hacking”) it was when I’ve had a body right next to a wall. There are even times they spot a body from above or below.

And here I thought they had it pretty well taken care of, but it seems to be happening more-so than usual since the most previous major update.


This problem is huge in Haven Island, I feel like every time I play that map I discover a new place where NPCs spot me through walls and it’s very infuriating IOI doesn’t fix it. When I do play it once in a while it’s with lots of tricks, remember to not stand there, do this specifically, avoid having a body in this room etc.

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I’ve noticed recently that a lot of npcs are hearing stuff they shouldn’t, like someone becoming suspicious about me dropping a can across the map or shooting the .22 pistol in my hotel room behind 2 doors. They’ve definitely unintentionally tweaked something

There is also a new bug with pulling out a weapon near npcs (without them actually seeing me) and them going instantly into alert mode, clearly reacting to me when they wouldnt normally notice and without me even being targeted or losing silent assassin status.

…you don’t unintentionally tweak stuff like that.

Yeah… X-Ray Vision has been a problem for all three games. I can laugh about it in the main missions, but in contracts mode, where I have to set things up without any saves, like… oh my god.

To be specific, I have been trying to complete a lot of featured contracts lately. I’m glad that I don’t have to follow the parameters in order to finish them. I tried for SA at first, but eventually turned each of them into a kill-anyone-who-gets-in-my-way instead. I just hate it when instantly, every guard turns orange, races over to me and just start blasting. “We had no idea this random, bald guy with a barcode tattoo on his neck was the suspect… until someone died.”

Just share your pain by creating contracts with NPC wall hacks in mind.

It was pretty bad in H2. Tyson Williams would sometimes see the body of the gal that stole the USB drive. The kill method would be with an explosive device… So you could put a trip-wire or proximity explosive in the stairwell he comes down. Once he’d see her body (that would slip either by banana or removing the wet floor sign and placing down a coin) he’d come running down to her, you could wait by the exit and just wait for him to die.

It wouldn’t even have myself on the leaderboard.

But it’s something really weird. They spot illegal things on huge distances where they normally wouldn’t notice because of distance it if it was an open area.

A good reason to make more seemingly easy contracts with don’t get spotted or no bodies found complications. The key is knowing where the glitch normally takes place.