NPC can go onto wall/ledge where I cannot grab his body to hide

PC on Berlin map. Distracted the NPC guard w/ the briefcase. He walks up onto this wall as he is searching for the noise. I knock him out but he is now inaccessible because Agent 47 cannot walk
there too. There’s a lump of steel beams blocking the path.


“That’s ̶X̶C̶O̶M̶ HITMAN, baby.”


That’s wild!! It’s not as easy as in sniper levels, but you could push the body off with gunfire.

One of those insane hitman logic moments :joy:
Why can’t 47 reach him? Why would bullets push the body off the ledge without totally destroying it? Love this game :joy:


I tried that. It would not budge. And I tried the silcenced and since it has a little more power I tried the un-silenced pistol that the guard was holding too. NO effect. DIdn’t even move a millimeter.
And the silenced gun shots resulted in “bullet impact noticed” b/c there are people on the ground right below this area. The mission was Kaput haha so I said fk it and tried the unsilenced pistol. I just restarted the mission after that.


Did you try using explosives?


HA! “four months later”…

No. I don’t think i had any to try.

I’ve stopped play hitman.

I got extremely bored of freelancer. Losing my stuff to game bugs like this is dumb
and IOI knows it. Having to take extreme measures to exit the game is garbage.
I left this forum and discord b/c all of the fan boys who flame anyone that disagrees that
game breaking bugs ARE bugs. Such as seiker just stoppping working when an
NPC is alerted. Come the F on!

Hitman BURN in H.

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