NPC can go onto wall/ledge where I cannot grab his body to hide

PC on Berlin map. Distracted the NPC guard w/ the briefcase. He walks up onto this wall as he is searching for the noise. I knock him out but he is now inaccessible because Agent 47 cannot walk
there too. There’s a lump of steel beams blocking the path.


“That’s ̶X̶C̶O̶M̶ HITMAN, baby.”

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That’s wild!! It’s not as easy as in sniper levels, but you could push the body off with gunfire.

One of those insane hitman logic moments :joy:
Why can’t 47 reach him? Why would bullets push the body off the ledge without totally destroying it? Love this game :joy:


I tried that. It would not budge. And I tried the silcenced and since it has a little more power I tried the un-silenced pistol that the guard was holding too. NO effect. DIdn’t even move a millimeter.
And the silenced gun shots resulted in “bullet impact noticed” b/c there are people on the ground right below this area. The mission was Kaput haha so I said fk it and tried the unsilenced pistol. I just restarted the mission after that.