NPC Gun Lure Trick

I have tried time and time again but I am missing something

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@Count.Rushmore made a video about this.


There’s another aspect to it where an NPC/Target will follow you, or rather go to the disguise you were wearing when they started chasing you. For example, if they start after you when you were wearing a guard disguise you can get way ahead of them, change disguises, then double back. You may even pass them but they’ll keep heading towards the abandoned disguise. Maybe they’re next to a cliff, then you can snipe them from a long range and hide their body when they go over the edge, or blow them up with a remote explosive.

If they see anything that panics them - they will give up on following you.

That is for non-guard NPCs. This is an additional tip (maybe you know, maybe not). You can take an illegal placeable item (like a remote explosive, mixtape 47), find a ‘Rat Poison’, place the item on the poison (you must have not picked it up before or it won’t work), then pick up the poison. Carry that around to get the attention of almost any guard. They should follow you to try to retrieve the illegal item, then you can KO or Kill them when they follow you to a place where you won’t be seen.


Earlier today tried this in Miami where it full of crowds and when I dove into crowds, guards stopped follow me, so this trick might not work in certain circumstances.
Would be great to find such a strong and constant analog for guards, if it’s possible at all of course

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What I found last night is I lured a maid, she left to find help, while she counted as my ‘lure’’ my remote detonation block was now invisible to all of the guards and I could place it as I pleased.

That was more exciting than luring an actual guard to me.


thanks a lot!


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There’s a weird… effect? This can be best demonstrated with the Mixtape 47 (due to the sound if you activated it after placing it on the poison). You can carry the illegal item on the rat poison. Then do an action that might make 47 put the poison away. (In this case) The Mixtape 47 will be invisible and floating in the air. You should see a prompt to pick it up. Then you can go to wherever else (and assuming it wasn’t picked up by a guard) you can select the rat poison from your inventory and the (Mixtape 47, or w/e) will teleport to where you are.

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I was doing the lure truck last night, but in VR, everytime I picked up the emetic/item combo, my playable hand/arm spazzes out and you can’t control it. (Imagine the hand being behind your back, so you can’t aim).

What I’m curious to try tonight is trying to attach two items to emetics. Just for kicks.

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this is pretty useful. If 47 is in disguise of a civilian and “hold” a illegal item, then guards would come to 47 trying to pick the illegal. Have a good use of it you can take a guard wherever you go. I used this trick to finish a contract asking to kill Robert Knox’s personal bodyguard by fire (lure him to the oil tank beside Florida Man)


I placed 3 things on the emetic… no difference in luring, but cool to have a Swiss army weapon (flash, emetic,explosion) all in the palm of my hand.

I also put three explosives on one, and it was cool to have a mega bomb I could open carry.

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That happens to my 90% when using the camera and sometimes with items. Funny thing is, items only glitch out when not in “active” mode, but you cannot “activate” the camera so it does not work there

Used the weapon lure to bring Ken Morgan to the band rehearsal room upstairs to meet Jordan Cross, eliminating the need to get the exterminator disguise and ask the manager to clear the suite for inspection.

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Ha! Led Mr. Strandberg right through the mob and nobody even made a move to grab him. They need to fix this so if he meets the mob, they beat him to death and cheer as they do so. The guy speaking to the mob then announces that justice had been served.

Only once, I believe in H1, did I get Strandburg to panic by shooting him through a window, but instead of going through the scripted lockdown routine, he just sprinted out the front of the Consulate, through the crowd and right to the shoe-shop. :laughing:

But yeah. That should be method to kill him if he goes through that crowd. But it might be difficult to code and mocap a crowd fighting one person. Maybe a random NPC stabs him. :smirk:

Awesome find! Gonna try this.

Which should in turn draw General Zaydan out into the open to give a speech declaring martial law. The crowd gets agitated and starts pelting him with fruit so he goes into the consulate to continue his speech right under the moose. At least that’s how it should’ve happened.

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