NPC Icons: Full, Minimal or Off

I’d like the NPC Icons setting in Options > Gameplay > HUD to be expanded from just On/Off to three levels such as many of the other settings (Full, Minimal and Off).

  • Full: NPC threat icons will be displayed all the time (default).
  • Minimal: NPC threat icons are only shown in instinct mode (new option).
  • Off: NPC threat icons are disabled.

What do you think?

Personally, I think such an option would allow for less HUD/icons clutter and more immersion when just playing and not using instinct, while still having the option to quickly use instinct to see which NPCs are threats, if needed.

I’d love that minimal option, but it’s something people have wanted since Hitman 2016 and they haven’t done it yet. They finally did cameras though, so you never know…

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What do you mean cameras? Removing the dot or the lines?

Making the camera’s cone of vision only visible in instinct.

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