Npcs can see through walls/floors

Through walls i’ve been spotted by cameras and npcs which ruins silent assassin a lot!

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I’ve had this happen once. It happened on Haven Island in Tyson William’s bedroom. The guard, doctor and Tyson himself were entering the bedroom for Tyson’s checkup. I was hiding behind the wall next to the door. As the guard entered the room, he saw me through the wall and ruined my Silent Assassin run. -_-

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Happened once to me to in China mission I was doing a challenge I hid the body in the room next to the break room and the target saw the body through the wall io please fix this


It’s an old bug from HITMAN 2016 which safely migrates from game to game.
Right now in HITMAN 3 Tyson Williams (on Haven Island) has god powers regarding this bug.
He sees bodies wherever down in the dungeon while he’s using staircase to go down on his route in the mansion, so be warned.

Edit: seems not only Williams.
NPCs, especially guards, can pretty much see illegal actions/bodies all across the mansion, no matter how much walls or floors between them.
I call Haven Island mansion is completely broken


Isn’t there a mirror there?


Ahhh. Yeah, you might be right about that. Damn, the game outsmarted me. :eyes:


Exact same thing just happened to me

Got 12 hour reset in ETA over this glitch. All exits were covered by enforcers and when I tried to hide in a container to wait out the alert I got caught. I quit on the spot and accepted my defeat without dignity due to how stupidly I lost. Currently the glitched room is in the Swedish Consulate upstairs, specifically where the janitor disguise is located.