Official Community Frivolous Fables Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Once upon a time…

What is the perfect HITMAN fable? Well, now YOU have the scene to create one. On November 24 we’ll feature 6 contracts created by you - the creators. The theme is Frivolous Fables, and we task you to come up with the perfect HITMAN Fable.

As always: However you interpret this fantastic theme is all up to you.

How to get your Contract Featured: It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But bear in mind: They have to be inspired by Frivolous Fables to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, November 14 - 1 PM CET.

Only one thing left to say: Once upon a time there was…



Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44     Stadia44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Frog in the Well CampingCosmo 1-12-9603388-56  Steam
2. Crappy swim coach Fenixsandr 1-31-7684119-29  Epic Games
3. The Tortoise and the Hare jan 1-11-9598521-81  Steam
4. 47’s Adventures in Wonderland Melusca 1-24-2711138-63  Steam
5. Microcontract Fenixsandr 1-27-6151707-29  Epic Games
6. R.I.P. Hans, Christian, Anderson Login_Not_Found 1-06-2102828-82  Epic Games
7. Three Mechanics & a Hitman Phylocode 1-11-4869821-67  Epic Games
8. The Raven and the Well Tetrafish_21 1-04-8555686-21  Epic Games
9. The last song Fenixsandr 1-04-2124678-29  Epic Games
10. The Fox and the Unapproachable Grapes Andrew_Barclay 1-31-1122505-27  Epic Games
11. Night of The Boogeyman :3 1-15-9909155-89  Steam
12. An argument at the shooting range Fenixsandr 1-27-4281082-29  Epic Games
13. The Legend of Diana: A Link to the Blast Pootis.exe 1-31-3299355-93  Steam
14. Lord ye who claimed to be fond of dragons FreedomLee 1-21-0315196-62  Steam
15. Gold axe,silver axe and iron axe Sanic_CHADD 1-03-3777067-63  Steam
16. Time to go to bed Force_Obscure 1-22-5109713-34  Epic Games
17. The Three Little Pigs Druid Forest 1-26-5861727-96  Epic Games
18. THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH Casetros 1-29-8359869-82  Steam
19. The farmer and the snake yo-uquan 1-10-0189433-00  Epic Games
20. Jester’s Rest Story Faiz51 1-03-0590263-05  Epic Games
21. Of Tortoises and Ducks SgtGrumblesIII 1-10-9901613-98  Epic Games
22. The tortoise and the hare Sanic_CHADD 1-22-4993864-63  Steam
23. Dreamers Often Lie linux_penguin 1-07-8747933-43  Steam
24. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Frivolous 1-21-3965698-23  Steam
25. The Boy & The Prey Phylocode 1-29-9614955-67  Epic Games
26. The Mice And The Fox Georgikens 1-30-5249209-89  Epic Games
27. The Fabulists Georgikens 1-28-0573977-89  Epic Games
28. The Wolf and the Shepherd SgtGrumblesIII 1-24-8051669-98  Epic Games
29. The Emperor’s New Clothes Sanic_CHADD 1-29-0908495-63  Steam
30. The Ugly Flamingo BradleyPaine 1-11-5058453-32  Epic Games
31. The Dragon’s Hoard Merch_Andise 1-21-2108681-96  Epic Games
32. Flynn and The Duck Parsime 1-28-4718393-72  Epic Games
33. Hungarian Folk Tales bgyorok 1-31-8498288-10  Epic Games
34. Ugly Duckling Fight Back ! Faiz51 1-31-1013981-05  Epic Games
35. To Mock a Killing Bird Phylocode 1-11-1064120-67  Epic Games



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Of Tortoises and the Russian Hare blckmkt_panda 2-22-0107290-12
2. Little Red Riding Suit canonically47 2-30-2052854-24
3. Bloody Gold Axe natnag 2-29-8524277-00
4. The Witches Of Haven Steynkie69 2-26-0171807-09
5. THEY WILL NOT GO TO THE BALL! BriocheBill 2-21-6775862-78
6. The Fantastic Five Steynkie69 2-26-3804288-09
7. The Bald Man and the Fly tryagainlater 2-13-3508771-92
8. The Once And Filthy King mjbsr2008 2-30-0980406-05
9. The Fortune Tellers Jeremy-The-Wise 2-07-5283338-62
10. Flamingo Rivalry ScHiZo_OnY 2-11-4468811-54
11. The Lost Traveller NOREL_XL 2-06-7199109-81
12. Goose and the Golden Egg Perisoning 2-03-1941979-90
13. The Tale from the Turtle and the Rabbit Gamerthron 2-11-3750143-77
14. The Itherael Compendium: Reckoning DeltaCypher10 2-28-1293790-17
15. The Prisoner’s Dilemma Kolnikov 2-06-6388203-55
16. Day Dreamers Switcher 2-03-3884818-10
17. Murder Mystery NOREL_XL 2-33-4562829-81
18. The Wolf Comes to the Creek lukefsje 2-22-9032410-79
19. The Forgotten Axe kingmewtwo03 2-29-1559950-24
20. The Little Red (scare) Riding Hood Ptodesal05 2-22-6589394-84
21. The Dar Discrimination discozombie75 2-27-7498836-44
22. The Big, Bad Hunt discozombie75 2-28-4332333-44
23. The Emperor’s New Clothes zubin47 2-29-4984274-31
24. Grasshopper and Ants zubin47 2-31-0599311-31
25. The Flamingo and the runners DODARKILLEN 2-11-9802110-24
26. The Legend Of The Magical Sunset Yellow_cat 2-04-5619812-84
27. The Sand Mann Yellow_cat 2-20-1094904-84
28. Hansel & Gretel GlogolZ 2-29-2531961-54



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Adventures of Baron Rutherford Franz 3-26-5696446-84
2. Vikram & the Vampire Wigglyweevil211 3-13-7665714-17
3. The lost lore of Boraro Wigglyweevil211 3-12-7880505-17
4. Baldilocks and the 3 Analysts v1deost 3-30-1205602-43
5. The Hitman & The Apricot Wigglyweevil211 3-21-1693108-17
6. The Big Gray Suit DavidG185 3-22-7961152-09
7. Ali 47 & the 40 thieves Wigglyweevil211 3-27-1133250-17
8. Little Bunny Banker STJOLOS88 3-24-9505810-69
9. One day your in… STJOLOS88 3-02-9193480-69
10. Sandman sniper STJOLOS88 3-28-4180487-69
11. The Die Con STJOLOS88 3-05-9460713-69
12. Three little piggies Vincent_O_Malley 3-30-7074093-42
13. Dear Blonde Eckart Wigglyweevil211 3-29-9982340-17
14. The Wolf and the Kid Kesington019 3-22-9233993-19
15. The Lion In Love PrincessKax9882 3-28-3811399-96



Maybe it’s because you are not on mobile like me :man_shrugging: ig it’s different on PC

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First try! :sweat_smile:

Contract ID: 2-22-0107290-12

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: blckmkt_panda

Contract Title: Of Tortoises and the Russian Hare

Briefing: Slow and steady wins the race? Don’t make me laugh! These reptiles won by cheating! Make sure their transgression will reap a reward, they won’t be able to cheat…
Also, dispatch any real competition.

Brief Description: sniping and accident, nothing too fancy but fun (I hope)

Location: Whittleton Creek


Contract ID: 3-26-5696446-84

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Franz

Contract Title: The Adventures of Baron Rutherford

Briefing: Baron Munchausen, under the alias Rutherford, wants to escape on a cannonball. Kill him before he does! His henchmen are there too. The fantastically strong one, the one who sees from great distances, the one who hears everything and the superfast runner. Don’t allow them to help the Baron escape the Angel of Death once again.

Brief description:
The mission comes with no complications, no kill conditions, maximum freedom and brings you all over the map.

This contract is inspired by the fantastical tales of Baron von Munchausen, a semi-fictitious baron who was known to tell tall tales of invading enemy castles on a flying cannonball and escaping bears by using frozen pee. Given there’s no yellow icicle in the game, I decided to mainly be inspired by the cannonball thing, as well as his henchmen that were also in the movie: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Berthold, the world’s fastest runner (Steven Bradley); Adolphus, a rifleman with superhuman eyesight (guard near the antenna tower); Gustavus, who possesses extraordinary hearing (guard near big music boxes in mansion) ; and the fantastically strong Albrecht (personal trainer). The Baron himself is personified by the treasure hunting captain.

Location: Haven Island

Image suggestion:

or more cropped:


yo! second time submitting a contract, here we go :smiley:

Contract ID: 2-30-2052854-24

Platform: PS

Submitter name: canonically47

Contract Title: Little Red Riding Suit

Briefing: The Little Red Riding Suit took the train to Chongqing to meet his grandmother and gift her a delicious serving of noodles–but on his way to her apartment, he was knocked out in cold blood by an ICA director, and his food was stolen! After waking up, only one thing was on his mind: killing the Big Bad Wolf and his helpers to get revenge. Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine… And they will know to never mess with The Little Red Riding Suit ever again!

Brief Description: I wanted the contract to revolve around two things: wordplay and food. The wordplay is the easiest thing, I went with ‘Little Red Riding Suit’ immediately because I thought of the famous Grimm tale, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. With the title came the food, and so I placed it on Chongqing because of the restaurant, and immediately identified Mr. Pritchard as the Big Bad Wolf for my tale–I mean… briefing. My own take on the story is the ‘helpers’ of the Wolf, because, in true Hitman style, every guard has some sort of protection, even if not by the most obvious bodyguards.

Location: Chongqing

Featured Contract Image suggestion (I’m thinking something like this, with 47 standing outside the restaurant with the cleaver or poison in his hand):

cheers and i hope you enjoy my contract. :v:t3: - geo


Title: Vikram & the Vampire
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Mumbai, Chasing a Ghost
Contract ID: 3-13-7665714-17
Brief description: You can use at least 5 different viable starting locations to complete thidsmission SASO, players who like to deduce from the briefing how the targets are killed will be glad to know my contact has a good old riddle to leave hearsls scratching! It is based of the old Indian folk lore of Baital Pachisi, go read about it, enjoy!


Image (i prefer the second one):

Title: The lost lore of Boraro
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Santa Fortuna, Three headed Serpent
Contract ID: 3-12-7880505-17
Brief description: This contract is based off the ancient lost lore of Boaro AKA The Pale Ones, the monsters had thick black shaggy fur (the winter suit! As best as i could do!:smiley:) they would either crush you to a pulp alternatively they would poison you with there urine, hence the Poison and Falling Object kills. You can use all of the starting locations to your advantage and do its good for speed running, new players and routes. The poison can be found all over the map, also linking to the routing and starting locations, enjoy!


Image (i prefer the first one) (Thanks @Khakiasp!)


Contract ID: 1-12-9603388-56

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: CampingCosmo

Contract Title: The Frog in the Well

Briefing: An ancient Chinese fable tells us of the frog in the well, who knew nothing of the world beyond its small home. One day, a raven came to visit, and told the frog of the boundless sky.

“That can’t be true,” said the frog. “The sky is small and round, like the stones in my well.”

The raven felt sorry for the frog, and vowed to free it from the confines of the well. Don the black vest of the raven, free these five little frogs from the prison of their lives, and fly away as the bird does.

Brief Description: 5 consumed poison kills in the mansion staff disguise, taking advantage of all the lethal poison scattered around Santa Fortuna in general. No disguise changes or pacifications (in hindsight, I should’ve just removed this one, I think the lack of disguise changes is restricting enough) and only the helicopter exit available.

Location: Santa Fortuna

Image suggestion: I’m having trouble taking and uploading a picture, but a shot of one of the poisonous frogs would be great.


Contract ID:

PlayStation 4

Submitter name:

Contract Title
Bloody Gold Axe

When the man threw the axe into the waterway, God appeared and said.
“Is it this ‘Bloody Gold Batttle Axe’ that you dropped?
Or is it the ‘bloody silver fire axe’?
Or is it the ‘bloody iron old axe’?”
The man said.
“All of them.”

Brief Description:
Defeat three agents with three axes without changing clothes.
I also wanted to add the condition of “throwing the bloody axe into the waterway after the assassination” but it was impossible.


And the contract image suggestion of attention:


Probably limited to Regulars.


Contract ID: 1-31-7684119-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Crappy swim coach

Без имени

Brief Description:

Location: Mendoza
Don’t use “gun lure” trick, please!


Oh damn, never knew that the regular granted me so much power :sunglasses:

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Contract ID: 3-30-1205602-43

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter name: v1deost

Contract Title: Baldilocks and the 3 Analysts

Briefing: Baldilocks needs help to find the most comfortable work station.

Brief Description: Three data analysts are working at three computers inside the ICA data center. There are specific ways to isolate them, and each have an accidental kill method attached. (No drowning kills though, that’s too easy :wink: ). No guns are necessary, all you need is your camera and knowledge of the map!

Location: Chongqing

Featured Contract Image suggestion:




Contract ID: 2-26-0171807-09
Title: The Witches Of Haven
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island
Submitter Name: Steynkie69

Once apon a time, there were 2 witch clans living on an island. One clan had explosive powers, and the other could summon lightning. Over time, their powers corrupted them, and they started killing innocent people. This angered the Gods, who decided to lay down a spell challenge, and the winning clan would rule the island. However, this was a clever trick. During their frantic battles, a lightning bolt hit a magic rock, which caused a chain reaction that wiped out both clans.
The end.

This is a fun little head scratcher, with a unique double explosive kill, (can also be done separately) as well as a triple electrocution, which is quite satisfying. SONKO is optional. No glitches were used, tested it several times with 3 different methods, and I got SA in 3:40 mins.
(PS: The fable is original, no existing fables were used.)

Suggested Image:


Contract ID: 2-21-6775862-78

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: BriocheBill


Briefing: The time has come for the Prince’s masquerade ball and initiates are flocking from all over to earn their place among the crowd. Unfortunately for them, the Washington step-sisters have been granted a wish by the fairy god seven and that can mean only one thing for the initiates… THEY WILL NOT GO TO THE BALL!

Description: A simple yet fun contract where the methods are up to you and there are no complications.

Location: The isle of Sgail.

Image idea



For future submissions please specify what exactly PC store your contract is for.
Now PC has three places to play the game and contracts are not cross-platform.
It’s just will be easy to orientate for those who would like to play your contract


The Tortoise and the Hare

Contract Title: The Tortoise and the Hare
Location: Miami
Submitter name: jan
Platform: Steam
Contract ID: 1-11-9598521-81


The fable of the Tortoise and the Hare tells us, that you don’t have to be the fastest runner to win a race. Sierra Knox knows that she wouldn’t be able to come first legitimately in Miami today and she has also heard of the fable.

Oddly enough, Sierra thinks the famous tale is an invitation to cheat and has asked us to eliminate the competition, so she could win. You will need to take out her rival Moses Lee and some of his mechanics to fulfil Sierra’s wishes.

Good Luck!

Brief Description

The contract has five targets consisting of Moses Lee and four Kowoon mechanics. Two mechanics are in the garage, one is in the paddock, and one roams near the VIP area. All targets need to be eliminated while being disguised as a Kronstadt mechanic. There are no requirements regarding the elimination method, nor are there further restrictions. Have fun!

Image suggestion

Other images