Official Community HEAT STROKE Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Contract ID: 3-31-7169888-11
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: TinnedCorn01
Location: Mendoza
Contract title: Gettin’ ready for summer

Briefing: These guys have been dying for that sweet summer tan, why don’t you help them out 47

Brief description: Since the contracts needed to be related to heat, i went and lit 5 people on fire, i then decided to go play hitman and make a silly contract to do with heat.

Featured contract image:

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Aim on Fire

General Information:

Contract ID: 2-11-8833180-10
Platform: Playstation
Submitter Name: Switcher
Location: Miami


In Florida, as you may know, it is hot most of the time, and be sure that every person that has to spend the day outside can not enjoy the day, in fact, half the race audience and workers ended up having a heat stroke, they all figured out that the race must end, if they leave, others would come anyway, the race won’t continue if you kill these 3 necessary Krontadt Mechanics, make sure to burn them up, they should enjoy the heat of the day too.

Brief Description:


A very simple puzzle with 3 targets and one perfect shooter complication, there are more than enough ways to complete this one, considered that in that area there are like 5 fuel barrels and multiple different ways to light them up you can legshot with a striker if you are crazy enough, and its more than interesting trying to find the most efficient way to complete this contract


Contract ID: 1-24-9947322-82

Platform: Steam

Submitter name: Casetros

Contract Title: SUMMER FIRINGS

Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank recently hired three new summer interns to act as tellers. Upon being hired, they intentionally leaked classified information which led to an investigation into the bank. Milton-Fitzpatrick has contracted us to eliminate these three interns and the person responsible for hiring them. Our employer wants them to feel the heat, whether by gunshot or explosion. Good luck, agent.

Brief Description:
Eliminate three bank tellers and one high security guard. I chose these people because there are a few cool wallbangs you can perform to shave off time.

Location: New York



Contract ID: 2-06-5164859-92
Platform: PS5
Submitter name: tryagainlater
Contract Title: Keep Hydrated
Briefing: Heat stroke strikes the citizens of Marrakesh…or maybe there’s something in the water. Either way, make it look like they died of natural causes.

Brief Description: A consumed poison contract for some NPCs that drink water. I added an injected poison target so people have to get 1 of the 2 lethal poisons in the map, i.e. in Zaydan’s office or the underground tunnel. Targets are near different starting locations and exits so a variety of routing is encouraged. Any disguise and no complications.

Location: Marrakesh/ A Gilded Cage
And Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-06-0282505-79

Platform: PC (Epic Games)

Submitter Name: CyberGuy419

Contract Title: Blazing Barrels

Briefing: Good morning, 47. Your contract, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate four poor souls unfortunate enough to get involved in a scandal years ago regarding a business that was subject to anarchy and was burned down.
Coincidentally, all four targets are scheduled to be in one particularly secluded area away from prying eyes.
Elimination through fire is a must. For on this humid, summer day, an “accidental” fire would be the cherry on top for these targets.
Good luck.

Brief Description: A tough silent assassin challenge to eliminate four targets through use of fire, just to add to the heat.

Location: Marrakesh

My own screenshot showing my method of elimination


XBOX ID: 3-04-2535657-83




It’s summer and you want to vacation and enjoy yourself. When it’s hot outside you are limited to the things you can do. If you attempt to much in the heat you might be vulnerable to a “HEAT STROKE”. You have 4 people that have all displayed the same common symptom of a heat stroke. “Nausea” is one of the main symptoms that all of them had in common. And that symptom was a result of being in the Sapienza “hot sun”. Help cool them off the best way you can. Even if it kills them. Good luck

These people are suffering from a “Heat Stroke” help them cool off with any form of water and or hydration that you can.



Wow. These are some HOT entries! :crazy_face:

Here is mine:

Contract ID: 2-05-0957947-98

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: Strongblade

Contract Title: Pyro-Technical Issues


Brief Description:
Retire the saboteurs- 3 Targets in accidents.

Do not retire anyone else.
Accidents don’t look like accidents if you get spotted doing them.
Eliminate any video footage of your presence on set.

Location: Sapienza (The Icon)

And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome)



Okay, full disclaimer, I feel like this contract or something very similar has already been made. I definitely remember messing around with burning up these facility guards some months ago, but I can’t remember if that was created content or if I was just mucking about. Please please let me know if this is intellectual property theft or whatever, and I will remove the submission if that’s what’s appropriate.

Edit: It is very similar to “Brain Melt”, a featured contracted submitted by Matt Bragg of Achievement Hunter.

Contract ID: 2-30-2159068-60

Platform: PS4 / Playstation

Submitter name: Axwage

Contract Title: Fire In The “A” Hole


You are Subject A, the perfect test subject.

The “A” stands for arson.

Fire “A”-way.

Brief Description: I mean it’s obvious innit? I was thinking to myself when coming up with ideas, “where’s the biggest fire in the game?” I was also thinking to myself that Chongqing gets a lot of hate and is so divisive, therefore it will probably not feature in too many submitted contracts — but I love this map and think its vertical labyrinthine level design is beautiful.

Location: Chongqing

Featured Contract Image:


Contract ID: 1-26-8134362-23
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Tsta
Contract Title: Hot Seats
Briefing: Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the busiest time of the year. In anticipation of this, the Haven administration has asked us to take care of some unreliable employees. Goodluck!
Brief Description: Selina is near the grill and is a slacker, James is an alcoholic and wants to quit his job, Surya is the sleeping guard, Mitch is a life guard who refuses to help the client, Jaelyn is talking about identity of one of the Haven clients.
Can be made into shooting contract too by forcing suit for each kill, but i don’t like how it plays.
Thanks to Zebulaus, Zionicle_ and NSDIB for title idea and feedback. :slight_smile:
Location: Haven


And some image suggestions:

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Contract ID:1-26-2612858-62
Submitter name:FreedomLee
Contract title:Christmas In Summer
Briefing:The summer in Haven Island is still very hot,but this will not prevent the arrival of Santa 47.Please bring gifts to the people here.Remember that Santa does not feel hot,so do not take off your bread and hat
Brief description:This is my first attempt to contribute. I think it is very interesting to let 47 incarnate Santa Claus to bring summer relief to haven island. Please try it!
Location:Haven Island

Image suggestion:I am a new user, so I will reply the picture below


Image suggestion

remark:The water disappeared in my HITMANⅢ,epic and steam both have this problem
Finally, thank you again!


Mmm… I love the smell of “A” burning contract.
If it does get featured, I would “A”-bsolutely play it.
I do like Chongqing too, but my contract that got Featured in Rubber Ducks is a bit too “A”-nnoying for people.
Thankfully my two Heat Strokes ones are “A” bit fun when I played them. Even though you’re probably wondering why it relates to “A” theme. Well, I just wanna submit “A” contract that involves Marr-“A”-kesh. And “A” fun contract does have some challenges. So just make them use a weapon and kill them with the weapon. Simple.

Yeah, it’s “A”-lready weird in this post and this thread. I just wanna see how long I can keep making the “A” joke run in “A” post because of your contract briefing. I love it. Don’t change it. I did an “A”+ job on it. :rofl::+1:

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Contract ID : 1-27-9333721-68
Platform : PC (Epic)
Submitter name: Dinozafr
Contract title: Good Sun !
Briefing:In Dubai, there is an AI that controls the sun. However, it is out of order and wants to subdue everything that is in the Art Gallery. And you have to help the AI do that. Otherwise the AI will take over your brain! And the AI asked that the bodies not be found and you not be noticed. And that you leave with the help of the elevator. You still do not live. Good luck in fulfilling orders !
Brief Descraption : Only Accident , Complication : Do Not Gen Spotted , No Bodies Found .
Location : Dubai
Featured Contract Image:

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I’m inspired to make a similar contract to another submission I made. It’ll be Satan’s Little Helper. I’m thinking Fire Ax melee kills. But I don’t know if I’ll have time to make and submit it (mainly due to stress and too many things I need to take care of). I say fire ax since there’s no… Hmm. Maybe there IS a pitchfork of sorts, but is it lethal? :thinking:

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Contract ID: 1-11-3504414-90

Platfrom: PC (Steam)

Submiter name: RedSneakyFox (Steam name: CodeBreaker)

Contract Title:
Undying Summer Vibes


Brief Description :
Fours targets, in two places. Main difficulty is to find a way to move bodies without subduing anyone.
In fact, this is SASO No Knockout.

Im very curious about people trying to speedrun this, because I’m can’t do it faster than 4 minutes.


Image Suggestion:


:sun_with_face: Heat Stroke, AKA None of us are free of sin Haven :sweat:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Brief Description: It’s heat!!! Like in a kitchen!!! Just remember toasting uses the cooking type of radiation not conduction, if you put that as your answer when tested you won’t get that mark like I have done earlier
oh and that complication discourages the sieker, nice nice
Location: Dubai

Image Suggestion

:sun_with_face: :sweat: :sun_with_face: :sweat: :sun_with_face: :sweat: :sun_with_face: :sweat:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: linux_penguin
Brief Description: This is where the passion lies. A nice beatiful routing contract where a casual player can get their quick disguise and break into both places, or they can start on either side of the island to set up an accident, then grab the tricky gym instructor disguise. Also it’s heat stroke because when you exercise you get hot but also I’ve sold my soul to picking a map that’s hot to begin with like haven or marrakesh

Image Suggestion

Khakiasp please don’t have a go at me for making the image suggestion the background the image didn’t upload to xbox live and I don’t have NY/Haven on steam


Sorry I couldnt figure it out. I had Urben make it to a WIKI. So all should be good now

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