Official Community HEAT STROKE Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

People, I hereby open the HEAT STROKE CFC submissions thread!!

It’s hot, it’s summer (at least on the northern hemisphere) , it’s HITMAN! We’re looking for 6 Heat Stroke inspired contracts to feature. So bring out your summer suit, and get creative :sunny: :tropical_drink: (however you interpret the theme is up to you, but don’t mod Rudd :wink: )

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last time, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by Heat Stroke, to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, June 20, 1 PM CEST.

Let the heat wave stroke.
Good luck :hot_face:



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. One Way To Cool Off UserJoinedYourChannel 1-26-5263587-51 Epic
2. Vacation, all 47 ever wanted mkSolas 1-26-6891288-03 Epic
3. Heat Under The Mask Sanic_CHADD 1-06-7492662-63 Steam
4. Ocean’s Call Mastertino 1-20-8370003-92 Steam
5. Unconsciousness will Always Dinozafr 1-26-843994-68 Epic
6. SUMMER FIRINGS Casetros 1-24-9947322-82 Steam
7. Blazing Barrels CyberGuy419 1-06-0282505-79 Epic
8. Hot Seats Tsta 1-26-8134362-23 Steam
9. Christmas In Summer FreedomLee 1-26-2612858-62 Steam
10. Good Sun ! Dinozafr 1-27-9333721-68 Epic
11. High-altitude Falling EU BWIPO 1-30-2299639-01 Epic
12. The show is over EU BWIPO 1-04-2870714-01 Epic
13. Stay Hydrated piko1311 1-03-1599974-62 Steam
14. Drop-In That Heat Quartz Tan 1-13-0858245-27 Epic
15. The Power Issue mkSolas 1-12-9914677-03 Epic
16. Working Up A Sweat Pootis.exe 1-31-9985372-93 Steam
17. Beat The Heat Georgikens 1-06-5670562-89 Epic
18. Guard’s Summer Vacation AYSyw 1-24-4560843-22 Epic
19. Hotline Berlin Bgyorok 1-29-1627606-10 Epic
20. The Ironic Solution Fight 1-26-4690982-89 Steam
21. Heat Stroke Rampage Dani1o 1-03-2109903-48 (main version) Steam
1-03-4680725-48(non-specific) Steam
22. Have Some Water Zebulaus 1-11-8577726-95 Steam
23. The Axe of Ice and Fire WINNODD 1-21-5348218-99 Epic
24. Raging Fire EU Bwipo 1-30-1422906-01 Epic
25. The Angry sun Parsime 1-02-7407858-72 Epic
26. Cold Knife djsojus 1-29-8346462-62 Epic
27. White icicle Feng Cai 1-31-2342700-17 Epic
28. The Chongqing Luau Tetrafish_21 1-30-8397881-21 Epic
29. Pool Party evan_online 1-20-9487375-07 Epic


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. That fever feeling Jokerj 2-11-3725883-19
2. A Stroke of Genius Steynkie69 2-11-4789670-09
3. Aim on Fire Switcher 2-11-8833180-10
4. Keep Hydrated tryagainlater 2-06-5164859-92
5. Fire In The “A” Hole Axwage 2-30-2159068-60
6. Hot Hot Stroke Play Axwage 2-03-6707927-60
7. Tuk-Tuk Bang Bang zubin47 2-13-5605780-31
8. Drugged Train-ing zubin47 2-13-6323181-31
9. Sunburned zubin47 2-26-2216428-31
10. Pool Shark Steynkie69 2-26-8541944-09
11. There’s Money in the Lemonade Stand GoneFramed 2-33-5552483-54
12. No Cooldown Switcher 2-03-5287436-10
13. Sweating Bankers GrEEK AGENT 2-24-2050192-61
14. Stinking Hot Axwage 2-22-7542241-60
15. Pool Shark Steynkie69 2-26-9521429-09
16. Heat Rises teddyfilmore 2-27-9333642-84
17. Christ’s Heatman Hichkas 2-03-8643808-51
18. BE CAREFUL OF HEAT STROKE natnag 2-28-0948286-00
19. The Surgeon General of Santa Fortuna teddyfilmore 2-12-3354110-84
20. The Surgeon General of Santa Fortuna II teddyfilmore 2-12-8119406-84
21. Hotline Miami Cruxal213 2-11-6508801-44


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Pressure Cooker Canucklehead X 3-08-3853525-69
2. Towering Inferno: Mumbai Meltdown Axwage 3-13-4704832-04
3. Ice whisky with an explosive tang Wigglyweevil211 3-26-5410906-17
4. Sizzling sunset slumber boat Wigglyweevil211 3-31-3769406-17
5. Wet Hot Hokkaido Summer TRON3205 3-10-5062861-81
6. The Kukri Police DavidG185 3-06-7698533-09
7. The Kukri Komposition DavidG185 3-29-3604247-09
8. Gettin’ ready for summer TinnedCorn01 3-31-7169888-11
10. A Crumbling Muffin Empire AshleyJS13 & SecondShaun 3-22-3115778-60
11. Summer suit(able) suntime! Wigglyweevil211 3-08-8868547-17
12. Medical Attention How To Hitman 3-26-1726127-19
13. 'Kkaido Inferno! [:notes:] Kesington019 3-18-7137521-19
14. Too Much Fun in The Sun Mr.Matty 3-33-167924-58
15. We Didn’t Start The Fire V1deost 3-11-6886868-43
16. Factor 50 How To Hitman 3-31-6068013-19


Contract ID: 3-08-3853525-69
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Canucklehead X
Location: Bangkok
Contract Title Pressure Cooker


Chef Tharn Srisai is a world-renowned chef for his creative menus with his Soylent ™ ingredients. His high standards has caused his kitchens to have a high turnover of staff, mainly due to their inability to handle his kitchen and ingredients. A recent health inspection at his restaurant at the Himmapan Hotel has caused him to rethink how his staff are handled while keeping fresh ingredients, and he has reached out to professional cleaners to work in the background unnoticed. Bon appétit.

Brief Description
The kitchen is a stressful place, and I can’t imagine the heat of one in a place like Bangkok.

Image Suggestion
Take your pick, I hear the taste varies person to person.

Edit: D’oh! Forgot the photos.


Edit: Added image suggestion.

Created this on XBOX last week; want to recreate it on PS4 soon but with the first necessary disguise changed to “any”. Not a big deal. Just want to get something out there.

Contract ID: 3-13-4704832-04

Platform: XBOX

Submitter name: Axwage

Contract Title: Towering Inferno: Mumbai Meltdown

Briefing: This heat’s got everyone on edge. Your targets are so not chill. Give them the axe.

Brief Description: Fire-inspired kills in an upwards spiral of puzzle befuddlement. Nixed all complications. A good balance I think for both casual and experienced players. The first target might be trickier than you expect.

Location: Mumbai

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:

and a couple more for funsies, because they’re pretty:


Title: Ice whisky with an explosive tang
Contract ID: 3-26-5410906-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Haven island
Platform: Xbox
Brief description: After a day of relaxation how do you cool off, with a iced whiskey with an explosive tang. To get the drink 47 must eliminate his targets with what he needs for the drink eg a explosive tang is the two explosion accident kills.
Description/ target:

Featured contract image:
Another one
Title: Sizzling sunset slumber boat
Contract ID: 3-31-3769406-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Mendoza
Platform: Xbox
Brief description: The short sharp sentences are all in 47’s head after a long and hot day. He is very tired and is having bad thoughts. He is getting orders to eliminate his targets because of the heat in mendoza messing with his head, like the narrator for the seven deadly sins DLC.
Featured contract image:


I think he’s talking to you!


Contract ID: 3-10-5062861-81

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: TRON3205

Contract Title: Wet Hot Hokkaido Summer

Briefing: 47, it’s time to bring the heat to the eternally-cold Hokkaido. Some like it hot, and our client has requested that your targets really feel the burn. Raise hell (and the temperature) in the sauna, pop some pills for kicks, pack heat, and arm the bomb, because what summer would be complete without some fireworks? However, the dog days aren’t for everyone, so please keep the heat on the targets only. Finally, the client believes this summer fun should stay off of social media, so no recordings!

Brief Description: A collection of heat related kills on the coldest map in the game. I thought it would be interesting to have the juxtaposition of this heat-themed contract on the least summer-y map of the game, and there actually is a surprising amount to work with in terms of temperature based events in Hokkaido.

Location: Hokkaido

Featured Contract Image:

This is my first post here and I can only post one picture, so I’ll just type out the targets. The first two targets are located in the Sauna but I can’t have that as a kill method, so they’re listed as “any method.”

Justin Speer: Eliminate using any method
Optional Disguise: Handyman

Axel George: Eliminate using any method
Optional Disguise: Handyman

J. Brooke: Optional Eliminate using Consumed poison
Any disguise

Huan Yue Halo: Optional Eliminate using Pistol

Emma Lane: Optional Eliminate using Explosive Device
Any disguise

Complication: No recordings, targets only


Contract ID: 2-11-3725883-19
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: Jokerj
Contract Title: That fever feeling
Briefing: Welcome to the Global Innovation Race 47.
Tensions are high, just like the temperature. Your three targets have taken a suffering to this heat and demands on the medical team are getting colossal. I say we ‘permanently cure’ these three and take some heat off the rest of us.
Good luck, 47.
Brief Description: Heat stroke and being ill, nothing new. Decided to take that into account and make the 3 ‘unwell’ NPCs on Miami targets.
Location: Miami


Contract ID: 1-26-5263587-51

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: UserJoinedYourChannel

Contract Title: One Way To Cool Off

Briefing: The problem is simple, stress. And even more than that, it’s stress on a tropical island. The combination of the stress and weather creates the need for these five to cool off and release tension. And, as we all know, the best way to release tension is the sweet release of death making you go limp. 47 might need to go for a swim to cool off afterwards, however.

Brief Description: A five target consumed poison map, where these targets all have something to stress over. Their relief turns out to be eternal with 47 around.

Location: Haven Island


Targets via descriptions because this is my first post:

Daisy Kuruvilla: Lady with a hat near the restaurant complaining about the shoes and handbags she had been curating. Doesn’t believe in the existence of Sapienza

Leah Cooper: The lady in the server room who stole the USB

Christopher Johnson: CJ, the Snorkel Instructor stressing out over Steven Bradley’s recklessness with the Water Scooter

Jason Portman: We all know Jason Portman. Stressing out about the deal to sell MuchTalk to Haven, along with the phone call he makes with his ex.

Malcolm Roberts: Guy in the purple shirt next to the pool. Stressing out about his company and the idea of faking his death.

Complications: Only One Exit (Snorkel Instructor Exit)


Contract ID: 1-26-6891288-03

Platform: PC (Epic)

Submitter name: mkSolas

Contract Title: Vacation, all 47 ever wanted

Agent 47 after dealing with Arthur Edwards has gone down a path to becoming a freelance assassin with Diana Burnwood to keep the world a better place.

A year later, Agent 47 decided to go on a vacation, but work always comes first as the targets have decided to conveniently be at the same place at the same time.

Brief Description:
Wear Swimwear (because it’s hot), obtain the kitchen knife to throw it at the required target, and kill the reset however.

Location: Haven Island

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

A picture of 47 in Swimwear just relaxing can work too.


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Contract ID:1-06-7492662-63
Submitter name:Sanic_CHADD
Contract Title:Heat Under The Mask
Briefing:Marrakesh is hot in June. The poor prisoner cannot bear the heat. He wants to end it himself . Set him free from the pain , and inherit his will by eliminating Hlida berg and her bodyguard . They involved in Strandberg’s evacuation , the operation caused the death of Laham’s brother. Make them pay for the death. Make sure to put on the prisoner’s clothe,just… for the revenge.Use the sniper rifle.We cannot leave any trace behind.
The clock is ticking 47.Good luck
Brief Description:A three targets map . Wear the prisoner’s clothe(for the revenge,and it’s very hot)any method/any disguise for prisoner and sniper rifle/prsioner for the rest
Featured Contract image:


Contract ID: 1-20-8370003-92
Platform: PC (Steam)
Submitter Name: Mastertino
Contract Title: Ocean’s Call
Briefing: Reynard’s Men have been working day and night. They have been growing hot and exhausted from the endless work. How about we cool them off in the ocean or in Reynard’s pool. I’m sure she won’t mind, after all they have been working all day and deserve some time off. Let’s help them relax.
Brief Description: Reynard’s Men need a break to cool off in the ocean. Let’s help them achieve that goal.
Location: Hawkes Bay
Image Suggestion:


@Clemens_IOI! Nice to hear from you again, and hello from Australia. I’ve been helping out one of the new members - @Charlie_Farmer get familiar with the Hitman Forums and also talked about how to submit contracts. I think it’s nice seeing some new faces on the forums. Who knows, one of the new guys could get their contracts featured. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how these two Community Featured Contracts go. So I’ll stop yabbing and start submitting my contracts. I got a couple of weird contracts in Heat Stroke but it involves around a particular weapon. But apart from that I got some good ones in the next Hot Scope.


Heat Stroke? Man, I hope it actually keep me cozy and warm, it’s Winter down here in Australia and it’s awthfully chilly here in Tasmania. Anyways, here are my two contracts for Heat Stroke. Both involving a knife which you need to reach Mastery Level 13 in Dartmoor, yes it’s the Kukri Knife! The contracts are; the brand new - The Kukri Police, and the return of one of my Envy themed contracts - The Kukri Komposition. Yes, I said Heat Stroke is going to get weird, but both kinda do interpret the summer theme either with being in a Hot map or hanging around with a lot of people and electronics. Regardless of how you can say it, this is my Heat Stroke contracts.

Contract Title: The Kukri Police
Contract ID: 3-06-7698533-09 (Xbox)
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco (A Gilded Cage)


(In the style of Dream Police by Cheap Trick) The kukri police, we live in the consulate./ The kukri police, he arrives with the knife./ The kukri police, he’s here to kill us, oh no!/ 47, this song has to stop. Eliminate the 4 Consulate Security Guards with the Kukri Knife, for real. Add insult to injury with this flopped one hit band by wearing their disguise. Take the Consulate Parking Keys and exfiltrate via a car for some style points.

Brief Description:
Eliminate 4 Consulate Security Guards whilst wearing their disguise. They all appear in the Consulate Building at Marrakesh. Your goal is to eliminate them with the Kukri Knife. 2 as a Melee Kill and 2 as a Thrown Weapon. Once done, you only have one exit - the car in the Consulate Parking Garage. Find the keys in the Consulate Building and make your exit. For those that haven’t taken this exit, this contract encourage players to complete the Floor It! Discovery Challenge in Marrakesh. This challenge grants players the hidden Start Location which they can start there instead of any other Start Location to reduce time, making this contract very much suited in replayability.

Featured Contract Image:

Contract Title: The Kukri Komposition
Contract ID: 3-29-3604247-09 (Xbox)
Location: Berlin, Germany (Apex Predator)


The club is living up to be the best ones ever at Club Holle due to our famous DJ Sam. That’s you 47. No-one cannot possibly take you down with the perfect composition mix. Well, turns out some nearby folks don’t really understands why you’re famous and believe that they’re better than you. Secretly they play a video game but never touch an instrument in their life. Why are you getting hated by these ameteur DJs when they should just enjoy the night? Deaths be part of The Kukri Komposition 47.

Brief Description:
Eliminate 3 targets while disguised as a DJ. A Security Guard that needs to be shocked with electricity. A female fan, that needs to have her throat sliced with the Kukri Knife. And a Club Staff that needs to be pushed/dumped twice to fall to its death. That last part is very amusing. Once done, take the Bicycle Exit. You’ll need to bring the Kukri Knife as well as any other weapons/tools into this contract to complete it, otherwise, it’s not really fitting as a “komposition” mix. You are locked to this DJ outfit in this contract and changing disguises fails the contract, so players will need to already have played a fair bit of Berlin to start in this disguise. You ready to find your mix in Berlin, DJ 47? Kill the targets and take the bike. Warm executions and a cool stroll to the exit.

Featured Contract Image:


Contract ID : 1-26-843994-68
Platform : PC (Epic)
Submitter Name : Dinozafr
Contract Title : Unconsciousness will Always
Brifing : Sunstrokes are coming ! Repel the attack by eliminating the five people who work for him. If you don’t, everyone will get a sunstroke !
Brief Description: Eliminate all targets only using Sniper Rifle .Only suit . Only Headshots
Location : Haven Island
Image Suggetion :


Contract Title: A Stroke of Genius
Contract ID: 2-11-4789670-09
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
Submitter Name: Steynkie69

Robert Knox has assigned 3 people in a scheme to make Sierra win the race. Kate will distract the crew, while 2 guards sabotage Moses Lee’s car. This will kill him, so they must be stopped. According to our intel, they will be in the sun for long hours, and if you put something flammable in their sun tan lotion, they will spontaneously combust!
Give them one hell of a HEAT STROKE, 47…

Looking for some “Heat Stroke”, I discovered this little gem in Miami. Kill Kate and the 2 guards with a fire accident. Easy to figure out, and it works like a charm. The first TRIPLE FIRE KILL in Hitman history! SA can be achieved in 2 mins.

Suggested Image:


Contract ID: 3-31-7169888-11
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: TinnedCorn01
Location: Mendoza
Contract title: Gettin’ ready for summer

Briefing: These guys have been dying for that sweet summer tan, why don’t you help them out 47

Brief description: Since the contracts needed to be related to heat, i went and lit 5 people on fire, i then decided to go play hitman and make a silly contract to do with heat.

Featured contract image:

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