Official Community HEAT STROKE Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Thanx, glad someone else discovered this gem as well!

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Please find my three submissions, I generally submit one but this time I am not able to decide which two should I reject, so I leave it to the judges, praying one of them make it to top six. Note that the contracts are non-mod, glitch-less and supports the Heat Stroke theme. Mumbai and Haven is selected as they have the least FC (Thanks to the members who contributed to the FC excel file created in this forum). These contracts can be played by casual players, speed runners and basic players.


Contract ID: 2-13-5605780-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: Tuk-Tuk Bang Bang


Namaste 47, four of the Tuk-Tuk vendors are overcharging ruthlessly. They forbid reasonable vendors to come to this area. For this the common people who must walk to work are suffering heat strokes especially the elder ones as they cannot afford their rates.
Thankfully their Tuk-Tuk exploded with them due to the scorching heat, or is it you 47?

Brief Description:

The targets are 4 tuk-tuk vendors scattered in the map on any disguise-any methods kill, with Do not Get Spotted as optional objective. This contract is interesting as each time you eliminate a Tuk-Tuk vendor, you close a way out for that exit, you may collect coins from them for the only available Tuk-tuk exit at the center of the map, but can you take that exit? Find it out yourself. There are multiple ways to take out the Tuk-Tuk vendors, you can use sniper/guns to destroy their Tuk-Tuk and cause explosion accidents. One of them is a tricky one who is in a crowd, you might have to lure him to a lonely place or empty that place. Have a look at the contract and if possible, return their robbed coins to the common people.

Location: Mumbai, India

Image suggestion:

Image suggestion


Contract ID: 2-13-6323181-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: Drugged Train-ing


47, good job taking out the drug maker, however you have been poisoned - your body is overheating and you might have symptoms like confusion – unable to remember exits and hallucinating lookalikes.
I am dispatching a mobile medical unit in one of the wagons, which is scheduled to arrive shortly. Meanwhile take out the remaining targets who has knowledge of making this heat poison drug and make world a better place.

Brief Description:

This contract is interesting as your exit appears only at a scheduled time and for a window of time in that area. I have shared a detailed observation on this in another post in this forum. I am sure the basic and casual players will enjoy this puzzle contract and the speed runners must take a different strategy for their best run. Targets are a lone guard, a guard with his partner, a guard in a crowd and you may push the last one in a fire – all are in the train yard scattered in the perimeter. Beware of the two non-target guards who will keep an eye for any illegal activities. This contract is also inspired from ‘Hunter and Hunted’ level in Hitman Contracts, you have already eliminated a target in the map (goes by the name of drug maker) and poisoned to support the briefing.

Location: Mumbai, India

Image suggestion:

Image suggestion

Crop as per required -


Contract ID: 2-26-2216428-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: Sunburned


47, your targets are three timber mafia from India, Brazil and Indonesia who are responsible for largescale illegal deforestation. Deforestation contributes global warming and a cause of heat stroke illness.

The targets are in the island to change their identity and enjoying the beach. Give them a taste of their deeds - a much heated vacation.

Brief Description:

The 3 targets must be eliminated in heat stroke accidents – well there is no heat stroke accidents, but you can choose any of your accidents – taser on water, coconut drop, pacify on water, push to water, propane explosion. I have kept the first one as any method such that you may try your sniper (or any of your methods) on her. No Disguise Change will add some spice to it as you can use only 4 disguises depending to staring location which pays tradeoff on exit location, enforcers and route. Muffins and burgers play important role if you want to try for SONKO (There is no ‘No Pacification’ complication however). The target location are in three different corners near to exit/entry and hope casual, basic and speedrunners will enjoy this one. Tip: Try shooting their legs when they are on water.

However, I am left with one question - Sea water is salty and hence good conductor of electricity, so why did my taser on the sea water did not work?

Location: Haven Island, Maldives

Image suggestion:

Image suggestion


Contract ID: 1-29-1627606-10
Platform: PC, Epic
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: Hotline Berlin
Hello. This is “Helfried”. I hear you’re the perfect “teacher”. Well, I saw your handywork in action and thought that maybe you could show it off in Berlin.

I have a few…“students”. They have yet to deliver my “allergy pills”. I thought that maybe you could teach them “a lesson”? The location is Club Hölle.

Viel Glück.

Brief Description: 4 bikers as targets who must die in “blazing hot” firefights. The intended method is with a suit. You can go the SA/speedrun way or the “Hotline Miami” way. I tried going for targets that won’t ruin the pace of the contract. The required exit is the motorcycle in the biker hideout.

Location: Berlin
Featured contract image suggestions:

47 calling somebody

47 holding an assault rifle whilst going down the main staircase.


@bgyorok Well, guess it’s time to prepare Hotline Miami soundtrack playlist.
Also, now, I cannot lose that opportunity to say this thing…

Before you go, here’s four questions to ponder.
Question number one: Do you like hurting other people?
Question number two: Who are leaving messages on your answering machine?
Question number three: Where are you right now?
And the final question: Why are we having this conversation?

Hope to see this one officially in Featured, soon.


Nice to see you guys finally worked out a modding policy after over a year now!
So Kevin Rudd should just stop modding and the rest of us continue with no restriction. Great news!


Medical Attention

Contract ID: 3-26-1726127-19
Location: Haven Island
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: How To Hitman

Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is Haven Island, where record temperatures have already led to the death of two individuals. Numerous guests are being treated for heat stroke by a professional doctor by the name of Dr Singh. It just so happens that Dr Singh, along with his patients have been caught tax-evading, and they have fled to Haven Island to escape the authorities. 47, ensure your patients get the medical attention of a true professional.

Brief Description:
The aim of this contract is to use the Doctor’s disguise whilst eliminating your targets. The first elimination can be completed using any method. The kills requiring a fibre wire, in this case, the stethoscope, require a little bit of planning as there are guards around the map who may spot you. Finally, the falling kill requires you to think outside the box. An obvious choice would be to dump the body on a ledge. However, there are a few faster and easier ways which you will need to figure out. So, this contract can be played in many ways. It is suitable for casuals and speedrunners, and no emetics are required to complete the kills. I hope you enjoy playing it!


Image Suggestions


Missed opportunity of calling it shark tank

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English sucks

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SO TRUE KING, kon ik maar de hele tijd in mn eigen taal praten terwijl iedereen me kon verstaan (translation: i agree with your statement, also you put up a nice contract man)


Who needs the Maldives when you can climb up Mt. Fuji for a summer break?
Contract ID: 3-18-7137521-19
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Kesington019
Contract Title: 'Kkaido Inferno!

Briefing: Dr Klaus Liebleid, PhD, Official Virological Report 23/06/22.
Subject: Chimerical Hypothermia.
It is clear now that the chilliness symptoms exhibited by my colleagues is a state of delirium: our fascinating little friend here not only acts with grand physical prowess, but accentuates mild discomforts, to the point where pyromania is inevitable where snow falls. Further research pending…
Brief Description: Everyone’s dying for a break to somewhere warm and sandy, so much so they decided to test the fires before making the trip! Do what you can to warm people’s hearts with your flaming passion for compassion! (Note: the bodyguard disguise requirement for the sauna buddies was accidental, my face is red-hot with rage towards myself; man I’m such a bad comedian.)
Location: Hokkaido (Patient Zero)
Image Suggestion:

Hope you have fun!


Contract ID: 1-26-4690982-89

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: Fight

Contract Title: The Ironic Solution

Good Evening, 47.

Haven Island needs to cut costs and is currently laying off staff. The lifeguards are next on the chopping board, but work contracts make the departure expensive with the lifeguards being unwilling to budge.

The client wants to get rid of the problematic lifeguards, in an apparently ironic way, if possible.

Brief Description: This contract will force you to be creative and either drown all targets in the sea, or find a way to kill them by an accident fall.

Location: Haven Island

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Screenshot: Not possible to upload more than one attatchment.

Lol thanks

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Outstandingly made! I love the idea of something health related and haven should definitely be featured, but you haven’t gone over the top either. My compliments to your contract!

Thank you, I’d love to get featured for the first time so hopefully this is the one!


Contract ID: 1-03-2109903-48 (main version) / 1-03-4680725-48 (stock creator; no specific wire and sniper)

Platform: PC/Steam

Submitter name: Dani1o

Contract Title: Heat Stroke Rampage


Mysterious carnage in Sapienza was caused by a heat stroke?

Five people in Sapienza were thrown off a cliff, shot, poisoned, strangled and hacked to death within 5 minutes. Main suspect claims the last thing he remembers was a car accident, after which he woke up naked next to a dead man. Nevertheless, witnesses claim they saw him running from a crash site:
“Weirdo in a tight suit? First he jogged past us to the left, towards Araldo’s butcher shop. Five minutes later see him again, waving his hands like a maniac, showed us a delivery guy with a hatchet in his skull. Poor fella was still warm, god rest his soul”, - Carlo and Edoardo, front gate security at Villa Caruso.

The hatchet was identified by gardeners Masiello brothers. According to them, it disappeared from their shed right before the murder. The other alleged murder weapon were high quality earphones found on the suspect. Main version of the police is a violent outburst caused by a heat stroke.

Brief Description: The contract is a puzzle with (likely) one correct route to get SA. Optional time limit was added to make you figure it out, but it’s loose enough to not make you speedrun. No glitches/advanced tricks are meant to be used.

Just in case made an alternative version which is gameplay-wise identical, but created within stock creator functionality and doesn’t require earphones from H2 Expansion.

Walkthrough (Spoiler)

Location: Sapienza / World of Tomorrow

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Contract ID: 1-11-8577726-95
Platform: Steam (PC)
Submitter Name: Zebulaus
Contract Title: Have Some Water
Briefing: 'Welcome to Miami 47. It’s a scorching 47 degrees Celsius out causing several individuals to act erratic and potentially…dangerous. Eliminate these hot-headed targets and help them ‘cool down’ from the summer heat. Perhaps they could all use some water. Good luck Agent.

Made in collaboration with lukedotpng.’

Location: Miami



No Cooldown

General Information:

Contract ID: 2-03-5287436-10
Platform: PS
Submitter Name: Switcher
Location: Sapienza


Every day it gets hotter, half the town had already been through heat strokes, you can’t sit in your sports car, you can’t sit on your motorcycle, can not use your lawn mower and at this point can not even cook with a single stove, if your machine can be dangerously heated, well, it might explode quite easily.

Use it in order to eliminate your targets.

Brief Description:

4 Explosion Accidents in Sapienza, the point of this contract is that each target can be eliminated with an environmental explosion (Vehicles, etc…), and that they are all located on the same floor, and there is a single propane on that floor, but, if you’d rather kill them all with propanes, your only option is to take them all from the attic of the villa, it’s your own choice how to play this one.

Edit: This is the 47th contract submitted, now it must be chosen :stuck_out_tongue:


Contract ID: 3-33-167924-58 Platform: Xbox Name: Too Much Fun in The Sun Breifing: Hello Agent, People attending The Dartmoor Garden Show wanna have Fun, Let’s make them get sunburned Image Suggestion:

Submitter Name: Mr.Matty

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Contract ID: 1-21-5348218-99
Platform: PC Epic
Submitter name: WINNODD
Contract Title: The Axe of Ice and Fire
Location: Isle of Sgail

Our client Blake Nathaniel learned that two newly exhibited artifacts, the Axe of Ice and the Axe of Fire, were actually stolen from The Lord of Heat.
The Ark Society has no choice but to sacrifice their members and offer their blood. Praying that it will calm the wrath of The Lord of Heat.
Good Luck.

Brief Description:
I believe some of you already get the reference here… But that’s not the entire point of this contract. So this one is a rather challenging puzzle, which is how to carry the axe all the way to the top floor, and do it fast.
Don’t worry though, there’s no glitchy trick this time. As I realized it’s not what fc really aimed for.
I’ve completed it in less than 1:40 so try daringly.

Oh by the way ica axe is the reward for completing 15 escalations in H2 locations.

Image suggestion:

yes it’s ray tracing


Contract ID: 2-24-2050192-61

Platform: PS4 (Pro)

Submitter name: GrEEK AGENT

Contract Title: Sweating Bankers

Hello Mr.Jackson…meet the real me.
Anxiety’s attacking me…And my air is getting thin…
I’m sharpening the axe…And my palms are getting wet…
Sweating bullets \m/
Damn the sweater.I’ll put some water on my face,roll up my sleeves & finish the job.Athena has to descend her throne.The security guard has to get up.The market accountant needs a short break.The investment banker has to throw away illegal stuff.Once I Fire them all,I’ll open the window.It’s Heat,man !!!

Brief Description: Inspiration for this one is “Sweating Bullets” song from Megadeth that peculiarly deals with the impersonation of an anxious person.Starting line “Hello me,meet the real me” from Dave Mustaine is iconic !!!
Ok,about the contract.It serves the heat theme as the sweater-fired banker is suffocating and needs some water (drowning).The impersonation of him can be done fast enough with Kalmer equipped as Janitor starting point but someone might leave it for later using the basement IT Kalmer.There is quite a challenge for the 4 other targets,but once you locate the 3 needed nearby Axes you will do the trick.The hints on the decription will help Agents but they ll have to think a bit “out of the box” to determin which boxes to use to hide them :stuck_out_tongue: I hope everyone trying this will have the same fun I had while creating !!!

Location: Bank (New York)

Suggested Image :