Official Community LUST Featured Contracts Submissions [Ended]

Ladies and gentlemen, The Season of Lust is well underway and now it’s time for some tough love, and see if you can make the cut, for this months Community Featured Contracts.

We’re happy to kick off the Official Submission thread for the Lust inspired Featured Contracts. So find your velvet blazer, bathrobe, bunny slippers etc. and get creative.

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last season, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by the Lust Seven Deadly Sin and be on a HITMAN 3 location, to be taken into consideration.

Are you up for this desirable challenge? :smiling_imp:

How to submit:
Contract ID:
Submitter name:
Contract Title:
Brief Description:
And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image ingame, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, August 23 10:00 AM CEST.
Good luck creators!

(FYI: Always a great idea to check this OG thread by @Urben, on how to perfect your contracts game)


Contract ID: 1-31-7671793-29
Platform: PC(Epic)
Submitter name: Hamushi
Contract Title: Box Fetishism Temptation
Briefing: Boxes. Boxes fascinate people. There are some people in the Viñedo Yates grapefield who are fascinated by boxes, so let’s put them in the boxes.
Brief Description: Usually, “Hide All Bodies” is not a favorite complication, but sometimes it can be a fun puzzle element that attracts people. Fortunately, the grapefield of Mendoza have many boxes that people can enter. Enjoy the “Hide All Bodies” puzzle.

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-33-9531052-29
Platform: PC(Epic)
Submitter name: Hamushi
Contract Title: The Rusty Garden
Briefing: The familiars of lust lurks everywhere, sometimes bringing deadly misfortune to people. Of course, this garden is no exception.

Brief Description: The spelling of “Lust” and “Rust” are similar, and I sometimes mistake them. This was the inspiration for the creation of this contract.
By the way, a rusty chain can’t hang heavy objects. If it is subjected to impact, the suspended object will fall.
Location: Dartmoor Garden Show
Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-33-5694226-51
Platform: PS
Submitter name: Hichkas47
Contract Title: The Graveyard Massacre

Briefing: Good morning 47. A threat has been reported in Dartmoor, a
group of men pretending to take care of a graveyard but actually trying to lure women. you know what you should do. I will leave you to… kill.

Brief Description: No complications, just kill them with mansion guard disguise while using unique items for each.

Location: Garden Show


Contract: 3-29-4800647-01

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter Name: Pootis.exe

Contract Title: The Casanovas

Full Briefing (in-game one can be seen in the top image; click to enhance):

Good evening, 47.

Your targets are Rüdiger Bäcker, Lasse Danegod, Witold Schuchert, Gustav Reuter, and Otto Kerper: a group of online romance scammers calling themselves ‘The Casanovas’. True to their name, the group has a sordid history of preying on young, impressionable women for personal gain.

The members of the group fabricate an online persona using stolen images (often fashioned as a wealthy young man seeking love), which they then use to emotionally, and oftentimes financially, manipulate their target. Their invented persona is used to engage in romantic interaction with the victim via online communications; initially starting out as harmless flirting or image exchanges.

Over the course of a few weeks however, the group is able to use these interactions to construct a profile of their victim, which they can use to manipulate their thoughts and behaviour. As the victim becomes more affectionate, the group then begins to make more extreme requests, such as getting the victim to perform sexual acts via image or video (which, intel suggests, the group will occasionally leak online).

However, their lust is not limited to mere promiscuity. Once the group is satisfied with the media content elicited from the victim, they will then fabricate a scenario in which their avatar requires financial assistance; common stories including being arrested and requiring bail, or needing money to obtain a passport. The still infatuated victim is more than likely to pay up. Once the money has been wired, the group then unceremoniously severs all communications with the victim; leaving them heartbroken and, more importantly, penniless. Intel suggests that, between them, the group has scammed millions from victims all across Europe and the United States; their lust for women and wealth seemingly insatiable.

The group is currently on a night out at Club Hölle on the outskirts of Berlin; providing us with a rare opportunity to engage them in person. Our client, one of the group’s victims, has hired us to enact her revenge; requesting that you “break their necks like they broke my heart”. Indeed, it’s high time that these promiscuous playboys were taught a lesson.

Good luck, 47.

Additional Intel: The client is offering a bonus if the eliminations are performed while the targets are still conscious.

Brief Description:

The contract is themed around a group of young men, operating as online romance scammers, who manipulate women into performing sexual favours for them over the internet (and then rob them blind). A contract has been issued by one of the group’s victims to “break their necks like they broke my heart”. Her actions are perhaps not an act of altruism, but more likely a personal vendetta comparable to that of a jilted lover.

The player is required to eliminate their five targets using a neck snap; a neck snap that will need to be done while the target is still conscious if they wish to retain Silent Assassin. However, they are all located in highly public areas, meaning that the player will likely be spotted if they attempt to engage them out in the open. As such, the player is required to find ways to isolate their targets, which can be done in multiple different ways. The requirement for the player to lure their targets away before engaging plays into the themes of the contract. The player manipulates the behaviour of the targets before going in for the kill; a fittingly ironic death for a group conniving romance scammers.

I also added a ‘No Pacifications’ complication so that players are forced to snap their target’s necks while they are still conscious if they wish to retain Silent Assassin. This also means that players will need to consider whether or not the loud neck snap sound is going to draw unwanted attention from nearby NPCs. The complication also makes it a little more challenging to isolate the targets as it reduces the number of ways that problematic NPCs can be dealt with.

I refrained from adding any disguise requirements as I want players to be able to experiment with different routes and strategies.

Players will also need to be mindful of the ICA agents that patrol the areas near the targets, as they are not able to pacify or eliminate them without losing Silent Assassin. Incidentally, Silent Assassin is achievable within a reasonable amount of time; my personal best being 3:49.

Location: Berlin

Image Suggestion:

I was thinking maybe an image of 47 strangling and/or snapping the necks of one of his targets. From behind could look pretty good. I’d get an image of that myself, but it’s not really possible on Xbox. Failing that, perhaps an image of a couple of the targets lying on the ground dead. I did take a few photos with the in-game camera (since that’s about as cinematic as your screenshots can get on Xbox). The one below is my personal favourite, but there’s a few more hidden in the drop-down.

More Photos


Welcome XBox maniacs!!!

The Rev is pleased to announce my Lust Contract for Hitman III (Rated M for Mature)…


Contract ID: 3-29-2196904-55

Platform: On XBox One, where else?

Creator: JD REV 813

Title: Pussy Control

Briefing: As seen in pic above

Description: Hendrix Laurenz is a scumbag drug dealer who wants to bang any chick in a ski mask, even if he has to hook them on dope to do it.
My briefing is riddled with innuendo, and I’m sure you all get it. I added quotes for emphasis to aid in the narrative. Phallic symbols, sexual positions…and yes, I even threw in some lines from Jim Morrison’s “Horse Latitudes” that fit quite well.
This contract fits the Lust theme damn good and I’m proud of it. If this one isn’t picked, I can only wonder if the judges are afraid of it. Obviously, my cojones are the size of cannonballs to have posted this. The question is, dear Clemens and friends, how big are yours?

Location: Berlin


There any no restrictions on this contract except the murder weapon, so it’s accessible to all.

Cue the Prince music…

Aaaaahhhh! Pussy Control


Contract ID: 1-31-4386995-01
Platform: PC
Submitter name: AlGumer
Contract Title: Velvet Touch
Location: Mendoza

Our agency was contacted with an unusual request - to carry out a fact-check before making a full-fledged contact. However, it was not difficult to find a clear illegal motive for eliminating some people.

The targets are two women: Brooklyn Bush, a former senior researcher of the Virology department of the company Ether, and Amaya Leonard, a simple person with an interesting “feature” - her mental deviation is clearly expressed in a change in behavioral type. She becomes almost uncontrollable in her attraction to men, and the general patterns of her behavior can be described as a vivid nymphomania.

One can ask a clear question - why such a person is at large, and not under the supervision of doctors? The answer will be the cunning of your first target. Amaya was discharged under the medical and research supervision of Brooklyn Bush to test “new biological treatments for nervous system disorders.” Through connections, it was not difficult to provide references with which Amaya could be among the people who had been helped to harm.

Amaya’s episodic lust is a lethal combination with the development of Bush, the prototype “Velvet Touch” virus transmitted by tactile pathways. Rumors about him more than once shook the public against the backdrop of trials about Bush’s suspicion of organizing several murders at the hands of Amaya.

Communication with the leadership of Ether did not give us anything - the company denies its involvement in the development and closed the ways of financing all projects, Bush was listed for the role as the leader against the background of “public rumors that are slander towards the company’s social policy.”

However, CCTV footage from the plaintiffs, Amaya’s medical history from the clinic where she previously received treatment, and a bit of deductive work have helped to make a full picture: Bush is using Amaya’s mental instability and business openness to orchestrate the assassinations of people.

We don’t usually do additional investigations, but Mr. Slater provided a large upfront payment. After additional negotiations, the elimination contract was nevertheless drawn up and handed over to you for execution.

We must warn you that Brooklyn Bush itself should not warn of danger - she is just a coordinator and a classic “team brain”. Extreme caution should be exercised in relation to Amaya Leonard - her unpredictable behavior, combined with effective tools, can weaken vigilance and the consequences will become unpredictable.

After such a long time, it seems that Amaya herself has already come to terms with her mental state and gives vent to desires for moral and material benefits. Human sin is the worst motive for crime.

Good luck, agent!

Brief Description:
For me, in-game contracts are a way to get creative with gameplay and storytelling. Therefore, it is important for me to strike a balance between these two elements.
The contract comes with a great briefing and off-the-shelf stories in the form of biographies of the main characters. The basis of all problems is the human sin of one of the goals, expressed in a justified psychological illness.
The terms of the contract are balanced for several ways of passing:

  • Starting from different points will give a different advantage, depending on the tactics chosen.
  • The contract was tested on speedrunning, no bugs are required for walkthrough.
  • The balance of conditions and asynchronous target timings allow both calculating players and skillful speedrunners to pass it.

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 3-31-5978788-09
Platform: Xbox One
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: Sudden Malbec Games

Lust is something that everyone encounters in their life. The Lust for love, power and life. However for these 4 at Mendoza, their lust seems to be in the wrong places at such a bad point in their life. They’ll then be suddenly dead in the messiest way by the most attractive person in a wet suit. Remember to grab plenty of Malbec and the initials weapon of choice. Exfiltration will be difficult without it. Good luck 47, you’ll need it.

Brief Description: Did somebody just unlocked a SMG? Well here is a fun contract where you’ll need to take these targets out with a SMG but you’ll need to wear the Wet Suit. 47 looks really attractive wearing it, especially when he dives to exit the contract. There is only two complications to note about; Required Exit, and an [Optional] Do Not Get Spotted. Apart from that, enjoy murdering the targets and also throwing wine bottles at plenty of heads. Why is it called Sudden Malbec Games? Well, initials weapon of choice. Simple.

Location: Mendoza, Argentina (The Farewell)

Featured Contract Image Suggestions:
Option 1)

Option 2)

Edit: Yes. I did change the images. Did a little bit more work getting these two to work just right. Something just felt off when I first picked it. And yes, I did collect a lot of bottles just to make the second option. Feel free to pick whichever one. Just get rid of the dot if you’ve decided to go with the first option.


My image submissions:

Contract ID: 2-31-8566031-54

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: GlogolZ

Contract Title: Romeo & Juliet


Good evening, 47!

Today you need to eliminate two lovers. Elliot, well-known wealthy producer and Alicia, the actress who sued him to harassment. In fact, they are head over wheels in love with each other, and while Elliot’s goal is to retire, handing over millions to his beloved, Alicia wants to be more popular than she is now. An acquaintance of Elliot knows about scam, and wants to thwart their plans and asks ICA to eliminate both targets.

Good luck, 47!

Brief Description:


The two targets are standing next to the bar by the dance floor. Both must be killed with poison, the main difficulty is that both lovers must be hidden in a box. To do this, naturally you need to stand behind the bar and poison both of them with vomit. Then they will go to the toilet (the box behind the door), where there are two unwanted witnesses, there the puzzle begins. It is necessary to get rid of both witnesses, while not neutralizing them. Of course, they can be neutralized, since the mission will not fail, but there will be no 5 stars. Most likely there are many solutions, but I only present it with the correct use of Sieker. The plot is funny and interesting. But the question may arise, why can’t he just give her money? It would be impossible to do this quickly due to the too large amount.

Location: Mendoza


Contract ID: 3-31-0644600-20
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: Crewdy

Contract Title: Three’s a Crowd
Location: Mendoza

Love is in the air 47, and head of security Juan Cortazar is not happy about it.

When the new waitress Geraldo was hired to work the Asado bar, he didn’t realise she would cause such a fuss.

Now 3 of his finest security guards are always lusting over her and trying to win her affections, so much so that they are always daydreaming about her and neglecting to do their jobs properly!

Cortazar’s patience with these 4 has run thin, and he doesn’t want to fuss around with paperwork - he wants them all ‘fired’ with immediate notice.

Brief Description: A puzzle contract with 4 targets that makes use of the suit stashed on the map.

Suggested image:


There is a very strange bug in this contract. If you use a crowbar on the door behind the target who stands at the entrance counter (Magdalena Hauer), she will instantly teleport to a different location on the map :thinking:

sorry, forgot to add the extra info so the brief description is VERY brief.

Suggested Image:


Suggested Image:
Perhaps micro explosive could be a demo block?


Weird… I used a lockpick in my dry runs before creation. Try that instead. My best time was around 3:19. No bugs in any of my runs. Berlin IS full of bugs however, and that’s why it’s my least favorite map. I have a few Berlin contracts I can’t finish because the delivery guy exit freezes whenever I use it. I personally will not do my own contracts and post times on the leaderboards anymore. They are for all of you to enjoy :sunglasses:

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A lot of fan-created contracts are broken. Remember Mendoza early on? Now, I’m finding a lot of the newly created contracts can’t be played in Mendoza again. It says the contract can’t be found and I get kicked offline and have to reconnect, so that bug has returned. Some work, a lot don’t. Lots of land mines in the contracts unfortunately. :see_no_evil:


I’d recommend reinstalling Mendoza. Fixed it when Whittleton Creek contracts broke for me.


Contract ID: 3-30-0947278-04

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter name: Teallen96

Contract Title: You Give Love A Bad Name

Woah! You’re a loaded gun!
Woah, There’s nowhere to run!
No one can save you, the damage is done!

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame!
You give love a bad name!

Brief Description: The ideal way that this challenge is done, is by grabbing the sniper from the rooftop, and sniping the targets from the sign area. The name and description are a play on the Bon Jovi song, with the sniper kill representing being shot through the heart, and giving love a bad name representing lust.

Location: ChongQing

And Featured Contract Image suggestion: A shot of someone being shot by a sniper and flying over a railing.


Contract ID: 3-33-3935239-02
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Viv
Contract Title: Slay It With Flowers
Full Briefing (in-game briefing seen in the image):

Hmmm… a vindictive quarrel.

Good afternoon, 47. Welcome to Dartmoor. Your main target is Cornelia Stuyvesant, owner of the Stuyvesant art foundation and daughter of the late Marcus Stuyvesant. Voted as one of the world’s most beautiful woman, it is no surprise that she’s caught the eyes of men and women from afar. Unfortunately, her Dutch charm has caught eyes of our client, British stockbroker Edward Coleman.

Coleman has been pursuing his dream of dating the young artisan for months after her initial sighting at the Burj-al Ghazali in Dubai, and has been trying every cliché scenario in the book. He’s dropped papers in front of her, accidentally made her spilled coffee on his blazer, to even sending secret admirer letters. He is currently attending the Dartmoor Garden Show–in which Cornelia is judging–and has ran into an issue. Two issues to be exact; famous film critic Stephen Burns and upcoming artist Farrell Thorpe. Both men have excelled in their roles and seems to have a higher chance to catch Cornelia Stuvyesant head over heels.

This has left a bitter Edward Coleman in disgust. His heart burns and aches every day for Cornelia, and he has reached his limit. He plans to be a love martyr in the finance world, wanting to send a message to anyone who doesn’t want to pursue the one they love. He wishes death upon Cornelia, both of his competitors, and himself. He’s specified that he wants both Burns and Thorpe cut from the competition permanently, but wants you to let both him and his angelic-bride-to-be down gently.

Unfortunately, 47, you must act upon this insatiable and unforgiving act of lust, no matter how inhumane Coleman’s judgements are…

…Just remember to say it with flowers.

Brief Description: The main premise of the Dartmoor Garden Show is in fact the gardens! These gardens have potential to be a playing ground for the agent, so that’s what I exactly did. All four targets can be seen in various gardens, and will show off the main point of the level! The agent will have to visit at least two gardens, and there are various opportunities to isolate all four targets, so it adds some creativity and some brainstorming while running the contract!

Of course, after some playtesting, attempting to melee kill Coleman (the original idea of the contract) seemed to totally ruin the flow of the contract, so I left it only on his competitors per the briefing.

Featured Image Suggestions:

There’s quite a lot of images I took, so I really hope you decide a good one for this contract! The main focus is that one of the other targets is watching Cornelia do her bidding. Enjoy!

Featured Image Suggestions


Oh boy. I remember that issued happened a few months ago back when the 7 Deadly Sins has just started. I couldn’t play one of my contracts in Mendoza, it was A Grape Travesty, something that I might have to redo in making again since I decided to transfer my Hitman 2 profile into Hitman 3 a few weeks ago. Is that issue popping up when you played my contract - Sudden Malbec Games?

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Haven’t played it yet, but it’s in my favorites. If it was glitched it would tell me it was unavailable and kick me offline. That was the original bug, so it looks like you’re fine. Good luck!