Official Community PRIDE Featured Contracts Submissions

We’re back!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re super proud to bring this back! It’s time for Community Created Contracts :heart: Are you ready? I am!

How to get your Contract Featured: Well there are many ways, It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by the Pride Seven Deadly Sin and be on a HITMAN 3 location, to be taken into consideration.
Are you up for this challenge? Let’s go!

How to submit:
Contract ID:
Submitter name:
Contract Title:
Brief Description:
And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image ingame, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, June 7 10:00 AM CEST.

On the last IOI Insider Stream, I said we’re doing something a bit different regarding the “picking” process. And we are. Stay tuned for more info on how that’s going to work exactly :wink:

Good luck creators!

(FYI: Always a great idea to check this OG thread by @Urben, on how to perfect your contracts game : Contract Creation Guide (original by @urben) )


Wow! Love that those contracts are getting their own images!


Where are you @TheContractor? The community needs your help.


Not sure if you can submit contracts you’ve created before this was announced. But I’m quite proud of this contract so i’ll submit it.

Contract ID: 1-30-3569492-30
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Khakiasp
Contract Title: Erudite Pride
Briefing: 47, the peacock calls once again. he wants you eliminate head researcher sister lei and her goons as they have been taking too much pride in their stolen work. I trust youll do this without them being found.
Brief Description: A contract, that requires 3 different methods of killing 5 different people. I wanted to make a contract focused around the block and somewhat unique npcs.
Location: Chongqing
And Featured Contract Image suggestion: hui hou (one of the targets) getting impaled by the proud swashbuckler


Platform: PS4

ID 2-29-6755642-56

Location: Berlin

Title: The Berlin Pride Test

Briefing: Show your pride to the ICA by respecting those conditions, we’ll llave you to prepare.

Short brief: There are different ways to complete this contract, restrictions are only targets, no camera and suit only. Optional restrictions are no ko, no body found, no spotted. We thought to make a contract enjoyable by speedrunners and immersive players, making it look cool as a proper mission. Let’s show some pride to the ica agents instead killing them, all this using unique targets like: Hirschmuller(shotgun), Florida Man(gun execution), Udo The Guy With the coat at the entrance(explosion accident), the naked dancer(fall accident) and the pusher(melee cutter).

Submitters: WinstonPeroni and MontezumahCHP

Immage sugestion: The naked dancer potrait with 47 standing on his back.

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Title: Does Your Pride Still Spark Joy?
Contract ID: 3-28-8718237-69
Platform: Xbox
Submitter: Canucklehead
Location: Dartmoor

Children are suppose to be a mother’s pride and joy. Aside from her daughter Emma, Alexa Carlisle can barely tolerate her other children and her grandson, and she sees them unfit to inherit her empire. As she moves on to the next stage of her life, she has taken recent advice from a friend to heart and instructed her mansion staff to discreetly remove the things that do not spark joy in her life in a timely fashion.

Why is should be featured:
I decided to see if submitting contracts still sparks joy. Good news, it does. Unfortunately, so do my targets at their time of death for this contract. I am quite proud of this contract, a slight puzzle element with notes of death and a smokey aroma.

I wanted to play on the term “pride and joy” with this month’s theme of Pride and with spring cleaning going on in my house, decided to see which targets spark joy and make those who don’t, spark joy with electrocution. With pride and joy being a term for children, I kept going back to basing a contract on the children of Alexa Carlisle, in particular the ones she does not like (which means Emma is safe, this time), during my development as it had better flow and I could craft a narrative around this compared to other ideas. The complications add a nice challenge but don’t hinder people from completing the contract.

And that, my fellow agents, is my pride and joy.

Image Suggestion
I went with 47 (mansion staff) witnessing the last family meeting about to carry out the family matriarch’s orders.

Briefing Screenshots


Tittle: Media Silence
Contract ID: 3-30-1310802-69
Platform: Xbox
Submitter: Canucklehead
Location: Chongqing

A team of hackers from [REDACTED] has infiltrated the ICA data facility in Chongqing and are interfering with our operations worldwide. Eliminate them before they further disrupt ICA missions and harm our reputation.

Why is should be featured:
I don’t expect this to be a contender, however I think it would be an excellent Bonus Contract selection.

Media Blackout was a very divisive contract in the HMF community due to the Jeremy exploit to get a 5 star SA rating (whether this was intended in unknown). Which is a shame, as I still believe underneath is a really good contract.

I made a tweak in removing the disguise requirement while keeping the other conditions, which really opened up the contract. This can now be completed with a 5 star rating from any start location, in fact a SASO NKO run can be done for those that use that play-style.

In a way, this contract fits in well with the theme of the Sin of Pride. The HMF community takes great pride in their submissions for the Featured Contracts. The fact that a member would rework one of the sponsored Featured Contracts, thinking that we can do better, shows that the HMF community is guilty of the Sin of Pride.

Image Suggestion:
I went with 47 in his suit and one of the SMGs from the armoury by the targets. In part, to show that it can be done SASO without the Dak SMG in your load out.

Briefing Screenshots:

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Seriously though, very excited to see what this will be. I might not submit myself this month but I’m so glad to see Community Featured Contracts back, especially with more focus on fewer (but hopefully equal or greater quality) contracts :green_heart:


Beat steady, my heart :heart_eyes:


Contract ID: 2-29-6375323-35
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: SilentWraith
Contract Title: The Silent Wraith


(Inside a log cabin in a snowy forest)

47 sips his coffee

47: The pact is done. The past, dead."

Diana: “Don’t you long for the good old days, when the rules where as strict as they were simple?”

47 glances at the comically large loadout menu

47: (sighs) “More than anything”

Diana: “Show me you still have what it takes to be the Apex Predator, The Silent Wraith”

47: (smiles) "It’s good to be back

Brief Description: I embraced the theme of Pride in a way that slightly mirrors the Pride escalation. It tasks 47 with a traditional Fiber Wire Suit Only contract (optional no KO’s objective). This return to the basics reflect 47’s pride by showing that he still has what it takes to function as the worlds greatest assassin without the aid of all of the gear he has acquired in the last couple of games.

I think I may have another completely unique spin on Pride, I ended up being quite proud of my contract and that’s where the idea of naming it after myself came from. The name also works to great effect with the briefing, cementing 47’s legacy as a legendary ghost-like figure

Location: Berlin

Image Suggestion: A shot of 47 garroting someone, ideally wearing either the Pride suit or the Signature suit.


The image could be this, or something similar:

Credit to @TheContractor


Very, very cool that custom images are going to be standard on features. I love how each of the level-specific challenges has an image that can subtly nudge you towards a certain approach to take or angle to investigate, and I can’t wait to see how this is utilized by creators. Even if just to make it look “more awesome”.


Where is your pride, you should be submitting! We’ve been waiting so long for this moment.

I’m looking forward to see what is submitted, and ultimately selected. I think we were getting close to cracking the code Clemens uses for selection, so he had to change it up.


Aren’t you people supposed to… post an image with the submission? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a contract but will remake it to fit the theme better. Also later after installind my new SSD to hopefully fix this computer. :joy:


Won’t be submitting this time around since I got contracts on the back burner that I wanna keep for more appropriate season.


just made this now that this thread is up. so glad you guys are doing these again! should i post the ones i made from Contractor’s thread?


this ones a bit of a puzzle because you’ll have to get a consumed/injected poison from a target since you can only bring 3 things

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I have to go back in game tonight. I have a couple of ideas to capture to help provide a guideline for my submissions. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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yeah I’m a bit confused on this too.

by “Image Suggestion” do you mean we suggest/describe a picture to take, and IOI does that for us, or, we take a picture ourselves and include it in the post?


Contract ID: 3-29-8345228-07

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Supreme Commander Ike

Contract Title: The MulletPride Carcolepsy

Briefing: These targets wear their mullets with unbelievably embarrassing pride and boast about it all the time. The club owner is sick of it and wants us to take them out. Good luck 47!!

Brief Description: A 3 target any/any contract that can be approachable by all kinds of players.

Location: Berlin

Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image ingame, to make it look more awesome): 47 drowning one of the targets as the club owner.

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Contract ID: 1-27-6456438-61
Platform: PC
Submitter Name: Mreverything107
Contract Title: No Pride in Your Work
Briefing: Omar Al-Ghazali is rich, and has gotten to this point through the exploitation of workers in the more poor parts of the world. These people often don’t have enough water for themselves, while Omar and his associates enjoy life up high in the sky drinking their fancy wine and living their lavish lives. Since they love their water so much, go ahead and give it to them.

Oh, and be prideful in your work 47, do not get caught on camera.

Brief Description: the contract is in Dubai and involves drowning Omar Al-Ghazali, Kelly To, In’aam Mahdavi, and Lucy Philips. Basically it would just be poetic justice for Omar and his associates to go down by drowning when their workers don’t have enough water. There are no disguise restrictions, and the only additional complication is that you can not leave without deleting the evidence/not being caught on camera, you need to have pride in your work.

Location: Dubai

Image Suggestion: the image could be either Omar feeling the sieker shot effects on stage, or him in the middle of being drowned by 47 in the bathroom.

Something like this perhaps? maybe more cinematic