Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

can someone test my contract lol

Which one is it? My friend

in the wiki page theres a contract called rebellion: metal piracy, thats the one
if you want, you can do another one i made called masterchef: ambrose island

I understand the principle itself, but it’s too long and boring. Perhaps you have a nice, quick solution? Why didn’t you complete it yourself?

second opinion needed



Thanks for playing my contract so fast :racehorse:

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Contract ID: 1-34-0864205-07
Platform: PC (EGS)
Submitter name: Mebiusdore
Contract title: 5 Bullet Special
Briefing: Hello agent, make sure to conserve your bullets and make sure that you do not miss a shot, otherwise this mission will be impossible, good luck.
Brief description: Bring in a custom 5mm pistol and kill all the targets with it, make sure to not waste a shot!
Optional restrictions: No pacifications
Location: Ambrose Island
Featured contract image suggestion:


Save your ammunition. Great idea, well done! I played with pleasure. In my opinion, a complication could have been added - don’t change the starting disguise. Don’t know if you’ve thought about it or not, but custom 5mm can be put in a smuggled item and destroy the cameras with a regular gun.

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Folks is still submitting contracts when the submission deadline is [CLOSED]. :cowboy_hat_face:

Also, it’s still stickied in the main index… Which might be why them there folks is still submitting. :thinking:

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lol the point of the contract is to not smuggle in and doesnt matter if you change disguise, just kill them with 5mm, too bad if you miss the target’s head, thats the main point, dont miss

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you can submit until clemens says not to

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also i made sure the standard route does not require an extra gun, and the kill requirements is custom 5mm and its 5 targets in an enclosed areas, so if you miss good luck

Clemens already said the submission cutoff was this past Monday. So he kinda already said not to.

Did you use HCCE for this contract creating?

No one from IO (@Clemens_IOI or @Travis_IOI) has said so in this thread, which they tend to do on the day of the deadline. Granted, the FC release dates don’t usually change a few days into the contest so… Who knows? :man_shrugging:

yes, took me a while to figure it out

no, besides clemens still hasnt even commented that it is over, he will always do it for every community fc submissions, it usually always follows that pattern

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the submissions was supposed to end 5 days ago, but clemens was last online 3 days ago so

He can be online whenever, and take care of things ahead of time in order to be efficient.

Just because he isn’t popping in every 5 seconds doesn’t mean what he’s already posted is deemed null and void.