Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Contract ID: 2-34-4989000-62

Platform: Playstation 4

Submitter name: mightymassari

Contract Title: The Durian Deviation

Briefing: “For his inauguration menu, Sheik Omar Al-Ghazali illegally sourced a lot of Durians, native only to Ambrose, poisonous in raw form, but a delicacy when baked.
Durians are Ambrose’s only tourist attraction! His smugglers will kill tourism income, and affect the locals. Our client wants his team poisoned by raw durians, then drowned in any way.
Ambrose is run by pirates, so we can only get you in and out, ironically, as a tourist, without gear. Scout the island, take care, and don’t get caught!”

Brief Description: 47 delivers justice to fruit poachers for the rich! The idea is to start with no gear, and kill all 3 targets by poisoning them with durians, drowning them afterwards. Ambrose offers everything for the job and getting to know the island is crucial. SASO is encouraged. You can’t swap suits, nor get caught, but by all means, several approaches can be used within these restraints. Everything so you can be a nice tourist to the eyes of everybody and the island (and save them while at it!).

Location: Ambrose Island

Featured Contract Image suggestion: An ominous shot of 47’s hand holding a Durian, in a nice lit area like Farah’s bar for impact.


Contract ID: 2-26-7465440-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Wrong Island 47

Briefing: 47 you absolute idiot! We said Ambrose not Haven. How the hell are you going to get your targets now? Well whatever might as well take care of some targets here before you go to the right island. They are people who helped get one of Akka’s pirates guard duty here. Eliminate Basak and the people who sheltered him here to send a message to Akka. Good luck 47. You dullard.

Location: Haven island

Brief Description:



Image suggestion

this image but with the stop blending in prompt removed.

hopefully i submitted this in the nick of time.

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Contract ID: 1-34-3629472-40
Platform: PC (Steam).
Submitter name: Sniff, Fragqing, and Reljve.
Contract Title: Dramatic Chiron-y.


Good evening, agents.

After Chiron negotiator Lance Hsu was killed in militia custody, one of Crest's soldiers drunkenly gave Hsu's status to the local barkeep, Farah, who happens to be a close friend of Akka. Akka sent out a contract on two of Noel's men as a means to justify Hsu's unfortunate death.

Unfortunately for Akka, a dead man's switch implanted into his brain alerted Chiron, where they assumed Akka's role in his death and sent out a retaliatory contract on two of Akka's top lieutenants.

Good luck, agents.

Brief Description: A well-rounded contract that can be undertaken from multiple angles. Whether you favor disguises and point-blank kills, or you prefer sniping from a distance all in your suit. Four targets spread out decently, it can be quick or savored.

Location: Ambrose Island, Andaman Sea (Shadows in the Water).

Image suggestion:


Easy to say for someone who has gotten picked. One shouldn’t expect to get picked all the time or even most of the time but it does take a little of the “fun” out of it when one never gets picked.

That said, I mostly like to submit when I have what I think is a worthwhile idea or two. I obviously have to learn how to understand what @Clemens_IOI (and whoever else selects FCs) is actually looking for if I really hope to get picked one day but, you’re right, this is all in good fun. At least as much as the fun, I personally want to submit things I like and feel proud of and that wasn’t the case this time. Though I do feel it from time to time, especially in particular circumstances, in general I (mostly) play up my disappointment.

My main problem this time was that I had two ideas but one would have been FAR too easy and I couldn’t find the right set of targets to go with the conditions I wanted for the other. Probably a simple case of not knowing the map well enough just yet…

Anyway, good luck again to everyone! (As always) I hope to rebound for the next batch.

well good luck to everyone (and me)
submissions closed now so

easy or not just do it, once there was a fc that needs you to become a dumpling cook in chongqing and kill the cooks in the noodles place with a cleaver, pretty easy but still accepted

Wow, so relateable, I have an hcce contract idea I didn’t made into a contract because I don’t think anyone would like it, the targets were Isolated Construction Worker, Doubloon Lady and Hippie, all 3 with makeshift explosive, it might be fun to route but it’s alot to run around, ditched the idea.

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The submissions won’t close till Clemens shut it down, you can still submit contracts

wasnt there a time limit of 1pm cest

yeah no one wants a contract that requires too much running around, for me i like to do a group of people of the same disguises depending on the topic with different kill conditions

Yet, Clemens announces the closing of the thread every time

well hes horribly late

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Mine would have been even easier than that, like mind boggling my easy, like so easy it’s hard because surely it must be a trick…

It was supposed to be a suit only, (likely) no pacification, (probably) suit only contract in Sapienza targeting the hippie. Then I remembered players would be able to completely ignore the cameras in the main square AND the console in the church by starting in the main square tower (don’t ask me how 47 gets there). To top it all off, the hippie not only has a bathroom in his apartment but he also leans out the window in his bathroom unprompted (ruining drowning and fall eliminations). I was hoping to get a falling object kill going to offset the lack of difficulty but it went the other way (for me at least) and I couldn’t get it to work. :man_shrugging:

Long story short, like I said in my previous post, first and foremost I want to submit something I can be proud and the hippie wasn’t it in the end…

I have an idea that might get it to work, but I’m not sure it would

as a hint, theres a chendelier in Brauvumous office

No way! :scream: Next, you’re gonna tell me there’s a solar system rig in Caruso’s mansion or a bell in the church! :roll_eyes:

I guess it was too much to ask to read the whole comment and put two and two together…

also id like to say that you shouldve said poisonous variant because other countries has durian (ik im being nitpicky just sayin)

killing the hippie with a coin

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I DO enjoy the lethal coin trick but then I’d have to theme it and- Actually, I think I’ve come up with a nice little story to justify it just now!


I’ve been told before that, because it’s a glitch or exploit or some such nonsense, that sort of contract would likely be immediately disqualified from consideration. :man_shrugging:

Contract ID: 1-13-4477335-10
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: Tourist Tendencies
Unfortunately, we cannot continue our journey across the Andaman Sea because the local travel agency in Mumbai has been unwilling to give out ferry tickets to us. Complaining will do no good for us, so as a form of vengeance, we ask that you ruin the business of this agency by eliminating its current customers in “accidents”.
Good luck.
Brief Description:
It’s a simple 3-target contract with accident kill conditions. There are numerous ways to eliminate the targets along their path. They are all being led by a non-target tour guide across Mumbai.
Location: Mumbai
Featured Contract Image Suggestions:

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