❄ Official Community Winter Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

The name you want to be credited with : Faiz51
The contract title : Golden Present For Lonely People
The contract ID : 1-34-0892917-05
The System : PC (EPIC GAMES)

An Image suggestion :

Additional Information
  • The briefing :

  • All objectives :

Yes, only him. Nobody else. No other complication. It’s because retrieving the Shashka A33 Gold and using it is the main hustle of this contract. Shashka A33 Gold is unsilenced weapon so only 1 target is enough. Why I pick him as the target is because he can be shot from almost anywhere on map as long as you can snipe-rifle him. This contract give you a freedom on where to shot him and planning your escape plan because guards will come to the source of gunshot sound place. His position is also at the top of tower so it’s unlikely for his dead body to be found.

Note that Santa 47 Suit is not compulsory. Any suit will do. So roleplay anyway you like.

  • The target locations :

  • .json :
{"Author":null,"MissionId":"0862d67a-e7a5-4092-a47d-6d3d57c83e37","MissionName":"LOCATION_ROCKY_DUGONG","TimeLimit":660,"ExitId":"59897578-7001-432e-b4e6-0f4a58d10c23","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"Golden Present For Lonely People","Description":"It must be lonely to work alone at the top of a radio tower. Therefore, we will give you a present to appreciate your hard work. We will give you keywords about the present. It is a holiday, golden and permanent... ","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"79b48d90-26aa-4b17-9332-599ed8e0bd7f","KillMethodBroad":"assaultrifle","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"assaultrifle"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"31ac5259-ff59-46e0-ab0f-8ddeaf296a36","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":true},"RepositoryId":"b0848f7d-adfe-4410-a34c-00d5e9197c31","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":[],"ContractId":"b2c06984-61f0-4b23-9bca-5f6a9efc7c23","ContractPublicId":"134751140205"}}}

Recreated it on Epic under ID : 1-22-8442542-05

Targets location info:

The 2nd target face doesn’t match with their description. She is a mobile target, often circle the party house with a guy


my time to shine boys

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Interestingly, I reported Ida Pagel and she was fixed some time ago, but when the serial killer ended up in the ET arcade she broke again.


Contract: Texan Elf
Theme: Christmas
Location: Japan, Hokkaido

Gardener: Dexter - Shotgun
Nails: Dexter - Shotgun
Yuki Yamazaki: Dexter - Shotgun
Paitent: Dexter - Shotgun

Gardener: Fixing The Broken Railway
Nails: The Helicopter Guy
Yuki Yamazaki: Main Target
Paitent: Chilling in the Sauna

No Bodies Found (Optional)
Hide all Bodies (Optional)

To: Amos Dexter

Merry Christmas, Dexter. I know you’ve not been good in the past year, but I’ve decided you give your your wanted shotgun!

There’s a catch tho, you will be assigned as my little helper, and you’re going to help me kill these naughty children.

If you decline this assignment, I will take away your striker, your shotgun, and your life. DO NOT let the bodies be found, so I suggest you hide them either on a container, or at the bottom of the map.

From: Santa Claus

Credit Name: Iamblue17
System: Playstation
Contract ID: 2-10-8385293-45

Contract: Toxic Thrills
Theme: New Year
Location: China, Chongqing

NPC: Suit - Explosion (Accident)
Facility Guard: Suit - Consumed Poison
Street Guard: Explosive Device
NPC: Suit - Poison
Homeless Person: Suit - Accident

NPC: Female. Outside the apartment
Facility Guard: Inner Courtyard
Street Guard: Outside Laundromat
NPC: Male. Front of the kareoke place
Homeless: Beside the Uzhong Square stairs

No Pacifications (Optional)

Last year was a disaster. Apparently, fireworks has an acid rain ingredient, so almost half of the population in Chongqing died due to acid rain last year. Because of this, the government banned fireworks.

Which is quite sad, because not only because we can’t celebrate the new years, but we also can’t celebrate the third anniversary of Hitman III which is in January 20.

Did I say “can’t”? Who cares about the people dying, go start the fireworks!

Credit Name: Iamblue17
System: Playstation
Contract ID: 2-30-3394752-45


Thanks! I’ve forgot about that nVidia Experience have such a tool. And if comes to photoediting that doesn’t problem for me, I got right tools for that

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Theme: Holidays (its not winter everywhere…)
Contract ID: 2-26-2606393-09
Title: Holiday Hex
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island
Submitter: Steynkie69

Vetrova has assigned 5 people to make the holidays on Haven a nightmare, with unexplained accidents and bad luck. This will turn clients away and bankrupt the resort, giving her chance to escape. They must be stopped, but do it discreetly. Manipulate them into accidents, or simply make them vanish. Turn the tables on their Holiday Hex, 47.

This is a fun contract, where you can manipulate 2 targets into an amazing SILENT double explosive kill that will make players jaws drop when they see it. I was so thrilled when I discovered this! Can also be done seperately, with one easy and one tricky target. Then there is a cool triple electrocution (first time in a Hitman contract) with one roaming target, which is quite satisfying. Can also be done seperately. SONKO is optional. No glitches were used, tested it several times with 3 different methods, and I got SA in 3:07 mins.

Target locations:

  1. Vetrova’s bodyguard:
    Explosive device.
  2. Guard patrolling Turtle hut:
    Explosive device.
  3. Jet Ski rider (roaming):
  4. Turtle hut entrance guard:
  5. Sitting in pool:

Suggested Image:


That Nvidia experience is awesome! So many methods do make a photo!

@Urben I’ve updated my Image cover :smiley:

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Name: AshleyJS13
Contract Title: The Naughty List
Contract ID: 3-10-1797330-60
System: Xbox

Location: Hokkaido


While going over his naughty list, Santa was shocked to find that five of his own employees appeared on the list.
After a thorough investigation he found out that they are stealing presents and burying them in the Hokkaido gardens.
They have hidden their true identities by disguising themselves as gardeners.
If Santa had the time he would deal with them himself but has instead decided to let you handle them anyway you see fit.
Good Luck 47.

Objectives & Target Locations
The targets are the five gardeners on Hokkaido. Three are in the main garden near the restaurant, one is near the snowmobile exit near the spa, and the final target is near the helicopter exit.

I had made the contract to be played multiple ways. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Any Method, Any Disguise. In my opinion these are always the most fun contracts.

Picture Suggestion

Not great at taking pictures. This was taken on the Snow Festival level, but it fits the theme nicely.


What name is it? You did two, might confuse Urben there

I will paste what is given for the name 1:1. I won’t put in deeper thoughts about it. :smiley:
If two people made one contract, it could look like that yeah.

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Sorry use AshleyJS13 cause me and my brother created it. He only has use of one hand so I helped him create it. So use his name AshleyJS13.

Edit: I have changed the name in the original post :+1:t2:


The Dead of Winter
Default Hokkaido background

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Submitter name: plantspeaker
Contract title: The Ninja That Stole Christmas
Contract ID: 1-10-5019152-07
Platform: PC (Epic Games)
Brief description: You accidentally went to the GAMA hospital in a hurry during Christmas Day instead of Whoville (somehow), you must make a quick escape to the snowmobile.
Suggested image for thumbnail:

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terrible contract, this will age like milk if this is picked

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Platform: PC (Epic)

Submitter name: Phylocode

Contract Title: Rieper the Gold-Gunned Hitman

Contract ID: 1-12-2096651-67

(Content is same as the previous Gold-Gunned submission, but with a clearer briefing and more relaxed complication)

Contract Title: Warm Welcome

Contract ID: 1-10-1753179-67

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Submitter name: plantspeaker
Contract Title: Santa’s Elves’ Helpers
Contract ID: 1-24-8552802-07
Platform: PC (Epic Games)
Brief description: You must kill Santa’s business associates in the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank in New York using a shotgun.

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Submitter name: plantspeaker
Contract title: The Naughties’ Termination
Contract ID: 1-22-7921546-07
Platform: PC (Epic Games)
Brief description: Become an exterminator and use an explosive device to kill 3 of Nolan Cassidy’s bodyguards in his house.
FC Image suggestion:

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I didn’t bothered with Yuki and Nails since they are well known unique NPCs, you all probably know their locations.