Official Community WRATH Featured Contracts Submissions [CLOSED]

Here is my submission:

Platform: Epic Games
Submitter name: Urben
Contract Title: Mauersturm
Location: Berlin
Contract ID: 1-29-1182083-28

IDs on other platforms

Playstation: 2-29-5257759-00
Stadia: 1-29-6435992-13


Them on the wall and us down here. We are not meant to be separated! It can’t go on like that and our anger reached it’s peak! If the soldiers are not on our side then we have to be the Freedom Fighters!
It is time, pick up whatever you need to get us us up there and to tear it down.
Some of us may not survive this night, but no matter how this ends, we will live on in the people’s minds…

Brief Description:
I decided to make a loud contract. There are two pairs of targets, one has to be killed with Accident Explosion, the other with an Explosive Device. So it is a puzzle contract as you want to get them together. They are roughly in hearing/visual range and as there are no other restrictions like disguises or complications you have plenty ways to do this. It is also worth to consider multiple starting locations. And if you want, slap extra complications on it! You won’t be able to do it without loadout but other than that, anything goes! Though I am not sure how fun it is to do it without pacifications. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I did well to align it to the theme. Went all in with a German title fitting to the location that in itself sounds like wrath and a briefing with some historic context of the Berlin Wall. Have fun! :grin:

Image suggestion: (cropped to fit the ingame tile)

Uncropped version