Official EASTER Community Featured Contracts Submissions [CLOSED]

Hello everyone - It’s time to be creative! :egg:

With Easter right around the corner, we are looking for 5 Eggcellent Contracts to be featured this month.

I’m super excited to kick off the first Official Community FC Submission thread in Y2, and what a way to do so, with the awesome theme of Easter! It’s time for your inner Easter Bunny to shine.

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last time, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by Easter, to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:
Contract ID:
Submitter name:
Contract Title:
Brief Description:
And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, April 11, 12 PM CEST.

Good luck :hatching_chick:



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Hunter for Eggs Dinozafr 1-29-4222669-68 Epic
2. Easter Blake Hunt Peterchu 1-22-2252819-86 Epic
3. Call Me Mr. Rabbit bgyorok 1-33-0038076-10 Epic
4. Holiday Hunting: The Tokens mkSolas 1-21-6969946-03 Epic
5. The New Yorkian Bunny PapaLevy 1-24-6275159-42 Steam
1-24-5956105-53 Epic
1-24-9501458-13 Stadia
6. Down The Rabbit Hole Baffin_Island 1-33-0038076-10 Epic
7. The White Rabbit Is Back Dinozafr 1-24-3682147-68 Epic
8. The Firearm Elusivity Level 2 Kevin Rudd 1-07-9239706-04 Epic
9. Attack From The White Rabbit Dinozafr 1-22-1297958-68 Epic
10. Poacher And Poached Georgikens 1-09-3494493-89 Epic
11. The Tinamou Retribution Tetrafish_21 1-31-0573628-21 Epic
12. Resurrection! Georgikens 1-03-6343005-89 Epic
13. Easter at the Carlisle’s lukedotpng 1-28-0047808-24 Epic
14. Research & Development Welark 1-11-0257237-81 Steam
15. Rabbit’s Revenge Dinozafr 1-24-5341972-68 Epic
16. The Filigree Heist Georgikens 1-26-1501085-89 Epic
17. The Golden Yolk THAT 1-24-5814524-67 Steam
18. Pride Of Carlisle Dinozafr 1-28-9927921-68 Epic
19. Trouble in Flamingo Town bgyorok 1-11-2519259-10 Epic
20. The Easter Flamingo’s revenge piko1311 1-11-0803418-62 Steam
21. Domain Defense Dinozafr 1-21-0534285-68 Epic
22. Easter Egghead Hunt Monwil 1-03-5000948-82 Steam
23. Egg Hunter:Berlin Quartz Tan 1-29-9072158-27 Epic


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Make them believe Jokerj 2-24-0563854-19
2. He Is Risen… For Revenge! Axwage 2-21-5304767-60
3. Double Flavored Delight lukefsje 2-30-6915872-79
4. Rabbit’s Arsenal Switcher 2-29-5018578-10
5. Poached, Scrambled and… Choped?!?! Gamerthron 2-28-4303423-77
6. Zealous And Jealous Axwage 2-03-3639250-60


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Saving Easter Zebulaus 3-33-3628355-79
2. Good Heavens! linux_penguin 3-13-3563533-02
1-13-9826026-43 Steam
3. Chocolate Teapots linux_penguin 3-11-4431686-02
1-11-4670901-43 Steam
4. Easter Eve Eggmergency Eggxterminations kesington019 3-15-2183323-19
5. The Great Filigree Egg Heist Crewdy 3-27-9335765-20
6. The Legend of E. Bunny Speedrunner1390 3-22-7948854-84
7. Goo Goo G’joob Axwage 3-27-8693710-04
8. Nominative Determinism Crewdy & AgentSnail47 3-08-6457573-71

Contract ID :1-29-4222669-68
Platfoorm : PC , Epic Games
Submitter name:Dinozafr
Contract Title : Hunter for Eggs
Briefing :Eliminate five targets only suit .
Brief Description : There is an egg collecting competition going on in Berlin right now. The client asked to eliminate all his participants. There are five of them in total. And he asked them to eliminate them with different objects. Eggs themselves, a sharp fire axe and scrap sword. As always, good luck.
Location :Germany, Berlin
Photo :


Contract ID:1-22-22-52819-86
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Peterchu
Contract Title: Easter Blake Hunt
Briefing: Charles Blake the Third is attempting to cancel Easter. The Easter Bunny has called upon Santa 47 to stop his well-meaning tyranny.
Brief Description: Targets are Charles Blake III, his guard and his advertiser, you’ll have to find a letter opener somewhere in the level and figure out how to kill everyone without being spotted(completely optional though).
Location: Whittleton Creek
Picture: One of Charles Blake III’s promotional posters with 3 bullets in it.


Contract ID: 2-24-0563854-19 (PS)
1-24-2842639-53 (Epic)
1-24-7475960-13 (Stadia)
Platform: PS
Submitter name: Jokerj
Contract Title: Make them believe
Briefing: Word has spread throughout the bank that a certain few no longer believe in me, the Easter Bunny. I say we teach these a little lesson and take a few treats for ourselves. (The Golden Sawed-Off Bartoli will sure please me well).
What do you think, 47?

~ The Easter Bunny
Brief Description: All targets are in basement. Using the shotgun from the vault is the main idea but idm as the two melee items are found in the vault. Required exit (armoured car), targets only and no disguise change are the three complications that’ll fit most if there can be any. (Aldo is any disguise in my contract but that was by accident lol, it should be bank robber).
Location: New York
Photo: Bank robber walking out of vault with golden bartoli





Now we can use any of the locations in WoA? Not just H3 ones?


As I understood, preference is still for H3 locations, but yes you can create a contract in any WoA location


Contract ID: 1-33-0038076-10
Platform: PC, Epic
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: Call Me Mr. Rabbit
Happy Easter, 47.
Our targets are the leading roles in The Network: an organization whose only goal is population control. They will stop at nothing to achieve this. Your primary target is Mr. Rabbit. The person who runs under this codename controls The Network and has since found Janus, a deadly serum made up by the insane Philip Carvel.

Our client, who runs under the codename of “Pietre”, has told us that the chocolate eggs in the supermarkets are infused with it.

We may be able to stop it.

Brief Description:
After hearing about this, the first thing that popped up in my head was something “rabbit”. For some reason, Utopia came to mind with one of the characters being “Mr. Rabbit”. So I twisted the story of it to fit the Easter theme.
Talking about the contract itself, this is closer to being a puzzle contract. None of the targets have a clear way to take them out, so you have to find a way yourself (maybe even by using “distractions”) in order to get a clean kill. You couldn’t eliminate Dean Paris discreetly for example. Everything around him is low enough so that you can’t just lure him there and kill him (but high enough that his body would be hidden)
Headshots only is a complication to discourage players from using the Sieker in any way. No bodies found is there just for the sake of encouraging others to go for clean(er) eliminations:
The kill conditions are also related to the characters in the show (spoiler):

Location: Dartmoor, DGS
Featured Contract Image suggestions:


Contract ID: 1-21-6969946-03
Platform: PC (Epic Games)
Submitter name: mkSolas
Contract Title: Holiday Hunting: The Tokens
Easter has arrived at the Isle of Sgàil and for their special event, they are having an Easter egg hunt but with tokens!

Our client, the Easter Bunny, is unhappy with this and wishes nothing more than bloodshed upon this disgrace.

Eliminate the participants and the mastermind behind this and you’ll be rewarded nicely.

Brief Description:
The first thing that came upon my head was thinking about how some movies use the Easter bunny as a slasher. Another thing about Easter is about collecting “eggs” and I figured the Isle of Sgàil was a perfect fit for this idea.

The idea here is for melee (in general) kills for the first three targets and the freedom to take care of the last target.

Location: Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic)

Feature Contract Image Suggestion:
Token with these 5 eggs at the gallery

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I have a cool contract in Sgail I’m working on but kept failing my own freakin contract and had to go to work… here’s hoping the doggo and missus will allow me some time this evening to actually complete my own self-imposed challenge, haha.

The New Yorkian Bunny

Contract IDs:
Epic: 1-24-5956105-53
Stadia: 1-24-9501458-13
Steam: 1-24-6275159-42
Playstation: 2-24-9297087-00

Submitter name: PapaLevy

Contract Title: The New Yorkian Bunny


The Easter Bunny has found its way to New York, but sadly it has realized that there are two others trying to impersonate themselves as the Easter Bunny.

We all know that there is only one Easter Bunny, and that is our very own Agent 47. Your task today is to infilitrate the security room on level -1 and collect the Bartoli 75R and kill the targets. Be cautious agent, as the firearm is very loud.

Brief Description:
The targets are the two bank robbers that are hiding in the bathroom. The complication is No Pacifications, so you need to infiltrate the security hub in level -1 to retrieve the kill method which is the Bartoli 75R. There is no disguise complication, so there is room for routing and creativity.

Location: New York

Image suggestion:


god thats a fucking awesome reference and art


Down The Rabbit Hole
Contract ID: 1-22-9445584-81
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Baffin_Island

Briefing: These guards have been poking around the White Rabbit’s holes! Teach them a lesson: don’t go digging where you’re not supposed to!

Brief Description: Considering rabbits like to dig holes, I thought it would be fun to have a contract involving the holes on Whittleton Creek! Even if you don’t have explosives unlocked it’s still doable through the use of the C4 block in the corner of the map and the car bomb in the secret passageway.
You can kill several targets at the same time if you plan right

Location: Whittleton Creek

If this is chosen, it would be cool to have some version of this image as the thumbnail. (it’s hard to screenshot during an explosion so yall would probably need a better image if you want)

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Well, that took longer than I’d wanted, but here we go:

He Is Risen… For Revenge!

Contract ID: 2-21-5304767-60
Platform: Playstation
Submitter: Axwage
Location: Isle of Sgàil


This Easter, inhabit the role of everyone’s favorite legendary figure whose 5-letter name begins with J and ends with S… Janus, of course.

It’s a miracle! You’re back from the dead – and NOT happy about it. Your targets, once loyal subjects, were more than ready to move on and benefit from your death. The Resurrection is a New Testament tale, but these members of the Genesis-inspired Ark Society deserve that famous Old Testament treatment. Time for a deluge of vengeance.

Rebirth. Revenge!

Brief Description:
Like some of you, my first thought with Easter was “eggs”, then Sgàil. Once I made the realization that Sgàil’s story focuses on a dead figurehead, and that the name of the Ark Society is a biblical reference, the pieces came together nicely.

Kill the targets as Janus with the Burial Dagger. It’s pretty straightforward with the added (but optional, always optional) complications that you’re a ghost or something and must leave no trace of your shenanigans. This means, for example, that you can’t tranq guards to get the Burial Robes. You also cannot throw the dagger. The contract is only three targets and contained to one area of the map, but it takes a fair bit of sneaking and timing.

Also, I had a longer description, but reached the word limit. I had wanted to add the following:

Grab a flare, because in true thematic fashion you need to exit by ascending to the heavens. Be the best ghost you can be and leave no trace behind. Bonus points if you exit the level with eggs in your pocket.

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Thanks for playing, friends.


Contract ID: 2-30-6915872-79
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: lukefsje
Contract Title: Double Flavored Delight
Happy Easter, 47. Despite calling themselves “cooks”, these individuals have no plans to make an Easter feast. This has made the Easter Bunny most displeased, & he has hired the ICA to help them see the error of their ways. He has also left you two treats to find: the vanilla flavored Tanto and the chocolate flavored Scrap Sword.

I know this is an odd contract 47, but offers of lifetime supplies of chocolate were enough to convince the board. Their minds are neutral, but their stomachs aren’t.

Brief Description: This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to make a Featured Contract submission so I hope this is at least decent to play. For me, the best part of Easter (outside of Jesus’ resurrection) is gathering together with family for a big feast. That’s how the idea came to take out chefs who don’t want to cook a feast comes from, and I picked Chongqing for its high number of “cooks”. I wanted to use the scrap sword and say it was chocolate flavored, and it was just today I found out there’s a Tanto you can get in Chongqing so I incorporated that in too, with the puzzle being focused on obtaining the weapons and dealing with NPCs who move on routes once you get near them.

Location: Chongqing, China
Image Idea:

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For future PC submissions please specify what platform your contract for: Steam, Epic, Stadia.

It will ease the life for all of us, because those PC contracts not cross-platform as well


Contract ID : 1-24-3682147-68
Platform : PC , Epic Games
Submitter name : Dinozafr
Contract Title : The White Rabbit Is Back
Brifing : Eliminate five target in Bank Robbery disguise .Kill targets only fire axe .
Brief Description : The White Rabbit went to New York to make another daring series of murders. But so far, Interpol has not been able to catch him. That it is the White Rabbit who is involved in seven murders in Berlin is for sure. But his corpse was found in his place, but it was his twin. Now Interpol is trying to find him in New York. However, they do not suspect that he will commit a series of murders in the Bank. But, Interpol introduced its agents there too.
Location : USA , New York
Pthoto :

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