Official: H3 Freelancer Closed Technical Test feedback Thread (CTT)

It’s like I never commented at all.

You didn’t mention that objective in your post as far as I can tell, and it’s an interesting challenge to figure out a route that doesn’t involve breaking doors open, which seems to be what 47saso47 is interested in.

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Yeah, that one’s going to be interesting for me. The HPP steps 5 and 6 respectively allow for lockpicks (5) and using the keys lying around to unlock doors (6), but encourages finding other paths that avoid opening doors at all, or following NPCs through doors that are otherwise locked before and after they go through them. I wonder if following NPCs through locked doors counts toward this challenge.

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During the CTT at least, doors opened by NPCs that you “unlocked” from the other side didn’t make you fail the challenge :slight_smile:

Excellent. That will come in handy when that objective is given. God, IOI made this mode annoying with these objectives.

Yes it is cuz you may have to use a bomb to open a door to chase after a fleeing target which you had plans to use that bomb on the target.

So the planning aspect is also affected.

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Honestly if you have to chase after a target it means you messed up somehow, and by that point completing objectives and keeping SA will be the least of your concerns since you’ll need to try to eliminate the target quickly, then get out of the level alive :x


NPC’s already have different rules for doors anyway (a Glacier engine limitiation >:/), and as @Melusca points out, your target running away from you isn’t affecting your plan before you go in, it’s affecting your ability to think on the fly, which isn’t the same thing.

So no, the planning aspect is not all that affected, and the context for that quote (that the entire game mode still relies on planning ahead to some extent) still holds up.

I planned it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (in my special little way)


Part of the apeal of Freelancer for me is that it feels like an actual mission, and having all doors unlocked would not only make it significantly easier, but would completely shatter my disbelief. It made sense for Ghost Mode to do that because it was a timed competitive multiplayer mode. Honestly, I don’t see the issue you have with the doors being locked in the first place, and I watched your video when it came out lol.


*all lockpick-able doors. My gripe is not with keycard doors.

You do see the issue, because you just explained why you think it’s not an issue; you just disagree with my viewpoint.

A good way for you to get on my nerves is by ending an otherwise well thought-out paragraph with “lol”. Kinda ruins the flow of the moment, yknow?

Force of habit, but a pet peeve of mine is disregarding a valid point because of something as innocuous as a “lol”. After playing freelancer a good but last night I still fully standby what I said, it’s a non issue. You find a key like in the main game, wait for npcs to walk through doors, use an smg, ar, shotgun, or crowbar to open the door, or when you inevitably unlock the lockpick, you’re good to go. Hitman is a puzzle game, and figuring out how to get through an obstacle, whether it’s enforcers in your path, or a target behind a locked door, is part of that puzzle, and unlocking a majority of the locked doors would diminish that for me.


I agree with you. Locked doors isn’t a problem, it is part of the puzzle. A bigger “problem” for me is that you lose all your tools when you fail a level. Losing what you have with you and money is perfectly fine.
It’s extra annoying when some NPCs can see through walls and destroy what you’ve been fighting for over an hour and suddenly get attacked by guards snd dies when cornered. One thing if I make something illegal visible, but not in a closed room or area.

No, you only lose them all if your failing the level also terminates your campaign. You must have either been doing a showdown, an alerted territory or both.

First off, I wasn’t disregarding your point at all, I just found it annoying and childish to end a paragraph like that. I accept you have a different viewpoint, but you act like as if I was ignoring that./…which I wasn’t? Come on man.

Second, there are still many other aspects of Freelancer that are puzzle focused, what you are disregarding is the fact freelancer has more puzzle elements than the base game anyway; Finding keycards, looking for targets within showdowns by checking their tells and looks, avoiding assassins and lookouts, working out what gear to take, and so much more I could list here. It’s not gonna break your immersion by having doors with traditional locks be unlocked; you just don’t agree that it should be like that. Which, again, is fair enough.

Also, this thread should probably be locked now @Urben (sorry for the ping); the CTT is long over, and we have a proper freelancer thread now.

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My bad then @Dribbleondo, misunderstood you’re tone, text-based speech is a horrible way of having nuanced conversations about conflicting ideas, not looking to get into an argument over a game. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, locked doors haven’t impeded me at all, and have a reasonable challenge to them, and just because there’s already more puzzle elements in freelancer, doesn’t mean I want lose an arguably core mechanic from the main game.

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You’ve got to be kidding :x

Aside from the who’s who showdown thing that’s a deliberate design choice from IOI, the randomly generated Freelancer content will never have more puzzle elements than a carefully crafted contract (something like Schizophrenia, or even most SONKOs to a lesser extent). I mean I like Freelancer for what it is, but if I want puzzles, I’ll play contracts, not Freelancer.

…Right, but the showdowns are still a part of Freelancer, you can’t just ignore parts of the puzzle that don’t suit your argument. As much as I dislike traditionally locked doors, they still contribute to the game modes’ puzzle.

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Well locked doors work the same way in a contract that blocks some of your loadout slots to prevent you from using lockpicks or access cards (or in those no-loadout ETs), it’s not something that’s specific to Freelancer just because there’s an objective dedicated to it :x

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