Official HMF Colorado Playthroughs thread


@Spods I was fucking the ram thing up too you have to complete the training exercise properly by shooting all the dummies cracking open the door with the crowbar to take the documents then hitting the button to the left. once you do that they will line up properly but you have to knockout the guy to your right before you hit the button to ram them or he will see you.


My run is not short, but it combines String Quartet with SA/SO. I doubt that anyone is pulling this method off in 3 minutes or less.



Hardest level (to date) in the game has the easiest fucking Sniper Assassin. This shit is a joke.


Never trust a big butt and a smile! That girl is POISON!


Freedom Fighters SA/SO - Accident killing spree


SA, SO, No KOs (9:18)

My full criteria also include:

  • No assistance (all gameplay options set to ‘off’, original starting point)
  • No guns or explosives
  • No Loads

I have playlists for all levels SA SO in Hitman 2016, Absolution, and Blood Money.


So, I don’t really know where to put this. Not a playthrough, but a Colorado video. :slight_smile:


Freedom Fighters - Silent Assassin (1:35)

Whirl rekky boys!


Fibre Wire Kills Only/No interaction with any other NPC’s/All Bodies hidden… My best ever playthrough I have done so far in the latest Hitman…


Completing Colorado by killing all targets with nitroglycerin that was made to fall by their own actions.



Hahaha amazing, just amazing, well done @GuLe :+1:.


Doesn’t work anymore hueheuheuhe, rip frontal KOs

They should reset the leaderboard



I’m usually playing pro but I did something in a contract that made me realize this route/strat was possible. I think it came out pretty cool as things nicely lined up as it’s not possible in pro mode.

Silent Assassin, Point Man, Accident(x2), Poison(x2).



I’ve been messing around on the H1 maps with H2 unlocks and enjoying them muchly.

Heres something SO/FW for Colorado:


Someone on Reddit was having trouble doing Col SA/SO on master with following MrFreeze’s walkthrough so I made it for them. I made it much more easier and all done while in the house and they got it done in 3 tries. Also added the body count challenge on top of it. Very easy strat with a little waiting if anyone needs it.