Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


The idea behind this thread is quite simple, it’s to gather all Playthroughs in once place. Right now we get 100’s of new playthroughs from different forum members, each of them creates a new thread for every single video. Which does not much for discussion, here you will be able to share your videos and discuss them in once place.

I have taken the liberty to collect some of the many and already existing videos and post them here. Also giving credit to the original poster. Please use this thread to upload and constitute with your videos.

There is a similar thread for ‘The Showstopper

by @GuLe

by @AlexNiedt

by @MrFreeze2244

by @Fortheseven

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The only runs I’m recording right now are the special weapon speed runs so I will keep posting them there. The special weapon and also the normal speed run threads have lots of posts and discussion. I guess we do need a more general thread though if we didn’t already, if I post any normal playthroughs I will post them here :slight_smile:.


I don’t fully agree with this, we got 2 active threads atm concerning playthroughs: 1 for general speedruns and one for sa/so special weapon runs. If all of them come together it will be like searching a needle in a haystack. Besides last few post new runs only get posted in one of those 2 threads, no new topics are being made. I for one very much like the sa/so special weapon thread, and im gonna keep posting my runs there.


Yeah this thread is ok for normal playthroughs though that aren’t speed runs. Like I said the same as you though my speed runs and special weapon runs etc I will still post in the threads we already have :slight_smile:.


That is up to you, the problem is that this forum get’s flooded with many threads, for each play through that exist. It feels like reading through junk mail. So i rather create a play through thread, where people in general post their videos. Instead of creating new ones, 90% of the threads never receives a comment and is forgotten quickly. This is a way to counter this.

Also i’m not saying special playthroughs like yours “special weapons”, does not deserve it own thread. But the normal run of the mill playthrough does not need it’s own thread.


Yep i agree a general play through thread for runs that aren’t speed runs was needed IMO.


I get ur point, but most of the flooding is caused by threads with the same question or bug report. For normal walkthroughs its a fine idea!


That’s a very good point @Mads47. Let’s think of this thread as a “magnet” for playthrough video posts, not a ban on playthrough video topics.

Although I agree, ideally we would have one thread per specific discussion (which admittedly is a fuzzy concept)

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Sniper Assassin (Cafe Tower)

Silent Assassin, Suit Only - Error Plane


There are some fantastic ideas in here. This was just my take on the suit only, silent assassin and no evidence challenges


Although I am not a fan of explosion exits I think the Silvio kill is worth a video, also new spot to shoot at the virus!, I like this one because you can one-shot it for sure, as it is closer than the other one. (however, if you miss the guards below will start to shoot you, so keep your face close to the screen when aiming xD)

Make sure to hit the virus through the MIDDLE glass, the other two are bulletproof (they also make different sound when receiving bullet impacts).

The shot to kill Silvio is super precise, you need to stand above the flowerpot and aim at that specific point, also, his guards will go to investigate and find his body after a while, but I end the mission before that happens.

1:02 - That coin stops the scientist from coming down (and finding the duck), he’ll just pick up the coin and turn around.


Haha awesome! That shot looks alot easier :smiley:


You can actually see the virus without instinct from there! heuheuehe

However, this spot is only better if you plan to destroy the virus first, if the only thing left is the virus the other spot is better as it’s closer to the exit.


Post moved =(

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Your post was moved because there already is a topic for playthroughs.


Is this thread also for speedruns or just slower-paced “normal” playtroughs @Mads47 ?

Im asking this because we also have a separate thread dedicated for Speedruns only.


This thread serves the purpose of collecting all kinds of playthroughs, normal, speed, special, guns blazing and so on. This thread was created to combat the entitlement of creating a new thread for each playthrough one might do, which is the case on the forum at the moment. So instead of having hundreds threads with one video and 0-2 comments, with few views taking up space and making the browsing experience of HMF daunting. At the moment it feels like reading through spam mail, click and delete.

I hope this answers you question.


I second that much better to have them all collected together so they get the views they deserve.


Ye for general playthroughs. Speedruns and other special stuff should still always have their own threads, so 2 or 3 threads in total.