Old games had better humor

The new games have this cornball stuff only a toddler would think is funny. "Haha he’s dressed like clown like in Blood Money(which was the only time it was even funny, new games recycling that humor isn’t).

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Hard disagree. Add all the funny moments from every pre-WoA game together, multiply them by 2 and you still don’t get close to how funny lines like:

“Should I be worried?”
“I’m not.”


“If I am who you say I am, do you really think this was your best course of action?”
“It’s five-against-one.”
“Yes, see your mistake?”

are. WoA has comedy chops the older games can only dream of.


47 showing Cassidy the Smith house was pure gold.


100% agree.



“Dr. Livingston? Excuse me.” (pushes Franco)

It’s funny because nobody was even around, 47 was making that joke purely to amuse himself, which makes it funny on context alone.

“I’ll consider her dead when I leave here.” (in response to the butler warning the “detective” not to divulge the fact that Alexa Carlisle is still alive)

“In my experience, Mualim, life is a straight line with a sudden end.” (after Nabazov tries to “enlighten” 47 on his bullshit about the cycle of life and death)

And when 47’s in disguise as the barber in Mumbai, and has this exchange with one of his patrons who mentions the Kashmirian being in town:

Patron: “Just imagine, a world-class hitman, right here in Mumbai!”
47: “Sounds plausible.”


47: “Paging Miss Knox. Paging Miss Sierra Knox. The doctor will see you now.”

Musician: “Thanks for waking me up, compadre.”
47: “No problem, compadre.”

47 as a painter: “Can you look up a bit, please?”
Dawood got shot by the Kashmirian
47: “Thank you.”

Counselor: “What do you do for a living, Mr Rieper?”
47: “I am in the retirement industry.”

Marcus Stuyvesant: “Have you ever tried to gut an animal?”
47: “Yes.”

And of course, 47: “Ho-ho-Ho.”


In H2, when Rico Delgado says, “Do what you do best” to 47 right before 47 proceeds to kill him is the first time Hitman made me laugh out loud at all…So I respectfully disagree


I’m interested to hear what you find funny in the older games and what you don’t find funny in the trilogy.

I always found that the trilogy was funnier because all the jokes and such were littered in a smart way, obviously you have the normal “it’s so die for” one liners but then you have on the other hand phrases like “Dr Livingstone?” Or the abundance of comments about your various outfits, different ones for different mapd too!


That moment when you have Rangan sniped by The Kashmirian and 47 goes ahead and adds a targeting reticule to Rangan’s portrait. The entire with Sierra Knox also qualifies as well.

“Isn’t that poisonous?” “Yes” “Should I be worried?” “I’m not…”


They might as well have 47 go with the old joke on one of these.

Target: “Are you sure this is safe?”

47: “Of course it’s safe. It’s not going to hurt me one bit.”


Reminds me of a funny moment from the old games where the Russian General is torturing Smith and the general foes “If I do this wrong it might hurts a bit… If I do it right then it will hurt a lot.”

Oh Smith! You human punching bag, you.


Yeah, Absolution had a lot of humor because the entire game was a joke.


Argh, you almost had it, man.

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