Omar Al Ghazali is dumb

So playing Hitman 3 yesterday was pretty fun. I decided to do SASO for the thirtieth time in Dubai, and I was up in the area where the server room is, right at the stairs.
I guess I got off task, because the Sheikh started walking up the stairs, I nearly had a heart attack.
But he looked my dead in the eyes and said “Hello”
Aren’t you the building owner? Wouldn’t you know I wasn’t allowed up there???


He wouldn’t know what guests, his guest Ingram would invite up there.


Some people reach a level of wealth where they greet death with a welcoming “Hello”, but he’s obviously not bored enough to run a ‘Squid Game’ first. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is the same as Novikov that doesn’t care about you’re trespassing on the backstage of the show. But Dawood Rangan is even weirder: he will be alerted about your presence if he’ll find you near the movie set, but he will absolutely ignore you when you’re at the last floor of his building, the one where the mole is kept prisoner.
Or Zaydan that won’t care about your presence inside the underground tunnel.

There are other similar cases of Npc, especially vip ones, that won’t be alerted by your presence on trespassing areas: while I’m not complaining about this, it should looks odd.

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