On the Photos you take with the Camera

Does anyone know if it’s possible to access the photos I’ve taken in a mission, in-game?

I feel like this would be a great feature for all the passwords you find scribbled down on whiteboards and whatnot, but if it’s possible I haven’t been able to figure it out.


no you cant access them in-game. they actually dont get saved on your pc anywhere


Really? Damn.

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What a shame. I even took a picture of one of the passwords because I thought this was an obvious feature and then got confused when looking for the photo. :confused:


I think the idea is you take the photo, then hide the menu & take a screenshot


Yes its sad that photos are not saved anywhere.
I walked on Spectre inauguration and I was amazed with the view of a woman standing on table
Captured photo with camera, but later learned they are not saved anywhere.

Sure, but what I was expecting was actually something like them winding up under the Intel tab for the playthrough you took them during, to be potentially used when playing, for instance for saving passwords.

Ah well.

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Yeah the camera is an odd one. I think it’s a neat idea and it’s better than the ‘photo mode’ I’ve been using on PS4 for years. But it still limits the player to:

  • Taking the photo from 47s standing eye level (47 will stand up when aiming the camera)
  • Places 47 can stand (you’re limited to where 47 can go, no free cam)
  • Quick reflexes (you can’t pause gameplay, you just have to hope you press the button at the right time)

So while it is a step up from having to press the camera against walls to cut 47 out, it’s still considerably worse than photo mode in other games

I’m just curious if these were a decisions IO made for narrative purposes (i.e. so they can explain the camera in-game) or gameplay purposes (i.e. IO couldn’t/didn’t want to let players have those abilities)

TL;DR: Camera is an improvement but I still have Ansel jealously :sweat_smile:


We can walk around with the camera and pretend it’s a first person mode like the older games, and then we cry.

Sounds like the camera isn’t really a camera feature but more a story-bound keycard.


Ansel is buggy in this game, I wanted to take some really nice high resolution screenshots but it’s not possible.

I managed to accidentally glitch into first person by taking a lot of pictures randomly rapidly

Probably both. The game is very much built around solving puzzles and having any kind of third person freecam would not be a good idea as it could become abusable on speedruns and affect leaderboard results. It already is even in 1p, as you can pause time by taking a photo and inspect it for clues, so imagine that from a freecam.

Having said that, Carpathian Mountains literally gives you the camera as your only thing in your inventory, simply for the purpose of taking pictures.

I’d like some more options too like, say, a selfie cam mode (wink wink) or more filters/ stickers. I have a feeling we’re not gonna get more customisation of that ilk anytime soon.