One last tango (mendoza fanart)

hey First post… Sorry if ive posted this the wrong way!! ive never used a forum similar to hmf or anything soo
i didnt wanna do something wrong in the main creative corner topic (?) so yea… i would do a lil art dump but my accounts too new to embed more than one image soo ill be posting some old art the next few days (if i dont get too nervous and chicken out… or ill just post them in this topic?? idk we’ll see)

ok thats all :saluting_face:


There is a fan art thread. Cool pic though.


Blame me :sweat_smile: I suggested he make it a single thread :joy:

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Always search in the search bar here before you make a new thread, trust me

True doe also aint you in school rn?

Erm no :3

Uh huhhh… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Defo big dog

ahh sorry!! i thought i shouldve posted there but got nervous so :') thank you though!!