Option to keep weapons

What would be really good is if there were an option to turn off losing weapons why you die or fail the campaign. Now I know the ‘git gud’ crowd will rail against this but, for me, half the fun is building the collection and finding them all, along with choosing what I take on the mission. I get zero pleasure from losing my fav guns and more often than not, quit, feeling like I’ve just wasted a precious hour or so gaming (I have a job and family!).

Devs - Please please make ‘no weapons loss’ an option. Why curtail our fun?!

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a mod or cheat so you don’t lose your gear, please let me know!! :pray:


Yeah honestly I don’t understand why they made a harder mode for Freelancer but not also an easier one considering the base game already has a “casual” difficulty choice :x


I don’t think anyone enjoys losing progress while playing a video game, but the risk/reward component is a big part of the freelancer experience. I don’t want to be a “git gud” jerk, but they already made a compromise with having collector guns that you keep.

If you get a silenced pistol or a lockpick, those change how you play the game because they will make the mission a lot easier. You risk bringing them in with you to make the mission easier knowing that if you fail, you’ll lose them. So you don’t bring them in out of fear of losing them or you take the risk, adding stakes to you making sure you don’t make mistakes. it’s a big part of the mode, which is supposed to be a hitman roguelike. I get it if you don’t like roguelikes but its what the mode is.


I think you’re agreeing with me then. If there was an option to lose guns and one to keep them, you could play the way you enjoy and so could I.

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I really see no reason why this couldn’t exist as “casual mode”, it would make the game more fun for those that dislike this feature and for those that do like this feature they could feel superior knowing they’re playing big boy mode


Maybe as a “compromise”, the Casual Freelancer mode could give lower XP/Mastery, and the harder one could give more XP/Mastery.

I personally would still just play on Regular difficulty as I like it as is so far, but it’d be a nice option.