Original Music


Getting a definitely Trentemoller vibe from that one man. Well done!


Thanks quinn! That’s a Nice compliment! I love trentemøller’s stuff.

When are you getting some studio time? I’m looking forward to hear your New music


Thinking about it, i’m pretty sure I discovered Trentemoller after you linked a video on the old forum!

We’re heading in on Monday for 4 days. Going to record 3 songs and focus on getting them sounding really swell. Hopefully it’ll come out good. I’ll be sure to post them here once it’s all done.


Looking forward to it.


Finished our first of four days in the studio today. We’ve tracked bass and drums for three songs. Gotta say, I’m really pleased about how it’s shaping up. Even the scratch guitar tracks sound great.

Tomorrow, guitar day! And probably some synths and keys as well. Feeling inspired.


Synth and keys? What kind of band is this?


Sounds like something straight out of an alpha build of Contracts.


Awww thanks man. I read your words with great pride. :heart:
Contracts is my favorite Hitman soundtrack.


Mine too and that’s why i loved your track! Contracts would have instantly crossed my mind even if i hadn’t known the title of your track. Great work Pissfloyd! 10/10


Honestly, I don’t even know how to describe it without sounding pretentious. All I’ll say is that the songs are lyrically and rhythmically intricate, yet unashamedly melodic. We’re influenced by bands such as The Dismemberment Plan, Thursday, REM, The Smiths, etc. It’s poppy in places and you can sing along to it, but there’s also a lot of odd timings and complex guitars.

Anyway, our second day went well - We tracked guitars pretty much all day and they’re finished now (though may need some pickups). Tomorrow, keyboard and vocals.


That sounds exciting!


Well done. It gets really good around 1:37, but I actually like the whole track. I could definitely see this style in Hitman.


I think you’ll like one of the songs we are doing - We go heavy on the electronic elements. Programmed drums, sub bass, synths, keys mixed in with a live rock band setup. The others are a bit more straightforward but I’m having so much fun recording that song!

Sadly it’s looking less and less likely were going to be able to track all of the vocals and still have time for mixing - Our singer is bunged up with a nasty cold and probably won’t be able to perform to his usual standard on some of the higher parts so we may have to postpone it. He’s maxed out on lemsip and paracetamol though so he’s gonna do his damn best. Fingers crossed!


I made odd, atmospheric electronic music. It’s pretty video gamey.

https://soundcloud.com/kanehay/sleep-patterns (how do you embed? lol)

This really captures the essence of the old soundtracks quite well, great work!


Fuck, that track you made is awesome! Really great and nice atmosphere. It definately took me to another dimension at around 1:30. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Could you do me a great favor? Make the bassdrum hit 4/4 and alter that with the beat you have now every 8 bars or so. That would please my ears so much. I was expecting it the whole song but it never came. Only do it if you feel like it though. It’s still an awesome song.

Thanks man. :two_hearts:


Very nicely done! Really like them a lot, think I might actually play some of these as I’m playing Hitman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It Definetly gives me that Contracts vibe. Contracts really did have the best soundtrack IMO anyways, with Hitman 2 next on my list.


Here you go. Quinn presents - The worst Teaser Trailer Ever™


Aaaaand we are done - All songs are tracked! We’ve finished mixing one song and we’re halfway through another. Had to book an extra half day to finish the rest, but it’ll be worth the wait.

I have to say, when I was sat in the control room listening to the finished mix of the opening song, the hairs on my arms stood on end during the third verse. Very very happy with the recording and the performances from my bandmates - Especially the singer who knocked it out of the park despite having a nasty cold.

@Pissfloyd - Since you’re my music bro on this forum I could probably share the song with you later on - But it’ll be for your ears only and streamable only! We’re going to get it mastered and it won’t be “officially” released for a while, but I’m really happy with this and want to share it with some people ASAP


Good to hear that the singer managed to perform despite the cold. Still can’t wait to hear it, the teaser was very much a tease haha. Share it soon!


Very happy to finally be able to share these. Here’s two songs by my band which we recorded a few weeks ago.