Overall opinions on the location starting suits?

Dubai: Personally my least favourite due to it being a re-colour of the undying/phantom suit but without the driving gloves until you get the level 20 mastery version.

Dartmoor: A nice turtleneck complimented with a nice jacket for the setting, with full gloves as the mastery unlock.

Berlin: The same nice turtleneck complimented with the high-collar coat suits the mood of the mission with full gloves as the mastery unlock.

Chongqing: The suit fits the aesthetic of the map to a T, the best pick for this map. The level 20 mastery version with the gloves is even better.

Mendoza: What can I say? The James Bond inspired white jacketed tuxedo is my favourite location suit in the game, not even it having driving gloves at mastery 20 can ruin it.

Carpathian Mountains: I want more shirtless 47. Pls IO give us this as an unlock.


Absolutely amazing with the exceptions of Dubai; looks like a sad knock-off of The Undying Look, and Chongqing; a poor man’s Terminus Suit

H3 definitely has the best overall starting suits of the whole trilogy

Absolutely :pray: (no driving gloves)


These are the best suits and we have almost no driving gloves so it’s a win win.

The Dartmoor and Berlin outfits will get a lot of use out of me.

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I love turtlenecks, I love coats, I love high collars. So Dartmoor, Berlin, and Chongquing are a win to me :hugs:

Mendoza is nice too.

Dubai suit, sadly, is just another boring reskin we’ve had enough in H2…


The Mendoza suit is already the best of the trilogy for me :heart_eyes:


Neon City Suit with Gloves is my absolute favorite. love the Collar.


Baring Dubai, They have all been really good with the White Tux and Neon City being the best and will likely use them the most.

Number Six one has good infiltration and night vibes which will make me use it every now and then. While like the Dartmoor suit, Map usage maybe a little more limited with theme and setting.

Now wonder what new Suits ETs will bring?

Dubai: yeah, this one is nothing special. Could maybe be better if it was something similar to Sheik Zanzibar’s suit?

Dartmoor: perfect for the setting and the first and only 47 suit in tweed fabric.

Berlin: nothing special, casual undercover type of suit… IMO it missed the opportunity to give 47 his first and only leather jacket in the trilogy. Even if just a rough re-skin of the Club Hölle or biker’s jackets.

Chongqing: very cool suit and fitting for the location, good choice as the main suit used to promote the game and menus as it sets the tone of the game. However, the deluxe Chinese suit works so much better in Chongqing that I prefer to use this one

Mendoza: amazing white tux, top suit

Carpathian mountains: nice suit too, or lack of suit, perhaps. The escaping the human experiment outfit reminded me of an old Wolverine game (Wolverine’s Revenge)


coughs in Colorado Starting Suit


Shirtless 47 please.


Thank you for reminding we can’t use the superior hatless version.


Damn, that’s correct! Forgot about this one. So forget the first thing, but I still think another leather jacket for Berlin would be optimal :laughing:


Hey, I like the Ashen Gray suit. It’s probably the most “wearable in public” of the bunch.

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I love the first-in-line bucket hat raver starting outfit in Berlin lmao.

  1. Berlin
  2. Dartmoor
  3. Chongqing
  4. Dubai
  5. Carparithan
  6. Mendoza - if only IO relaised those driving gloves are literal eyesore on tuxedos, and used normal ones, it wouldn’t be worst one ony my list. Seriously IO, get it together.

Same lol.

Also I loooooooove the Ashen Suit. The Undying look was weird (blue doesn’t really compliment grey) . I can finally finally finally pretend I’m Vincent from Collateral. Any ET’s in Berlin will have me wearing that suit there.


Thats a great movie. need to rewatch it.


Ashens suit is for me a decent, nice, pretty much everywhere to go suit. It also doesn’t have driving gloves, which suprised me, as Absolutions suit reskins tends to have it, but I’m glad that it has normal ones.


Weirdly enough I think the Mendoza suit is the one Tuxedo actually looks alright with driving gloves

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They really oughta do something about that…

:+1: :heart:

Also, Kane says Hello :grin: